How to Increase Yang Energy in Your Home

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You can increase yang energy in your home with a few feng shui remedies and applications. Yang energy can be added to any sector in your home that needs balancing of the chi energy.

Increase Yang Energy by Feng Shui Sector

The first thing you need to assess is where you need to increase the yang energy in your home. Not every room should have a great deal of yang energy, such as the bedroom where you want more balanced chi energy or one that leans a little more to the yin side for a restive retreat. Once you know which sectors need an increase in yang energy, you can decide on the best way to introduce this robust energy.

Yin and Yang of Elements

Each sector is governed by an element and each element has a yin side and yang side. For example, the yin side of water would be still water, such as a pond while the yang side would be a rushing river or ocean surf.

South Sector

The south sector is governed by the fire element. If you need more yang energy, you can fuel it by adding the wood element. This can be with furniture, art objects or simply adding a couple of potted plants. Just make sure the plant leaves are round or oval. Pointed leaves will create poison arrows. You can also add a fireplace in this sector for a blazing fire. A candle fire isn't typically considered yang energy, but if you need more of the fire element to stimulate yang energy, a few burning candles will help.

Southwest and Northeast Sectors

The southwest and northeast sectors are governed by the earth element. To increase the yang earth, you can add crystals, geos or any type of rock. Mountains are considered yang energy, so photos or painting of mountains is a good way to introduce more yang energy, just avoid photos of sharp-peaked mountains.

West and Northwest Sectors

The west and northwest sectors are governed by the metal element. You can add yang metal for that needed yang energy. Yang metal is destructive to the wood element, such as an ax or saw. A sword or knife is also yang energy. Metal that contains or holds liquid is considered a yin metal.

North Sector

The north sector is governed by the water element. You can add a water feature in this sector as long as the bedroom or kitchen doesn't fall in this sector. Moving water, such as a tabletop fountain or an aquarium with swimming fish both generate yang energy, but choose only one water feature to prevent a yang energy overload.

Southeast and East Sectors

The southeast and east sectors are ruled by the wood element. If you need more yang energy in the southeast or east sector, you can add a yang wood element with a houseplant or tree that has several stems or branches. Add a water feature to nourish the wood element.

Generic Forms of Yang Energy

If you don't want to add a yang element, you can do a few things that will add yang energy to your home. Some of these will need to be recreated periodically while others are a permanent addition. There are several ways you can attract or generate yang energy. These methods can be used in any room or sector.

Music Is Yang Energy

Music and wind chimes are renowned for generating yang energy. You can leave music playing in your home while at work to keep the yang energy active. Turn an oscillating fan on a suspended wind chime in a corner to stimulate yang energy inside your home. You can also, play an instrument, sing and/or dance to generate a little yang energy.

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Hand Clapping Works

You can also simply clap your hands to create yang energy. This can be done in each room. Be sure to clap in the corners of the room to free up stagnant chi that accumulates in these areas of the room.

Children and Pets

The laughter and sound of children at play stimulate yang energy. Active house pets also introduce yang energy into your home, especially when they play.

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Invite Guests Over

Hosting a dinner party or barbecue is a great way to infuse yang energy into your home. The activity a party generates creates yang energy, especially when there is music and laughter.

Sunlight and Lighting

Let the sun into your home. If you have windows covered with heavy draperies, it's time to pull back the fabric and let the sunshine into your rooms. You can also leave a light on in the room to stimulate yang energy. Leave the light on for at least five hours each day.

Easy Ways to Increase Yang Energy in Your Home

It's easy to increase yang energy in your home. Be sure that you don't overdo and create an imbalance in the chi energy. Balance and harmony are always the first goal of feng shui and chi energy.

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