What Is the Golden Ratio Used For?

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Have you ever wondered, "What is the Golden Ratio used for?" You may be surprised to learn that the Golden Ratio is found in almost every aspect of life, nature and the universe. It is used in the practice of feng shui, the creation of the arts and the planning and building of architecture.

The Golden Ratio

Also known as the Divine Proportion or Golden Section, the Golden Ratio is an infinite irrational constant number often referred to as nature's perfect number. That's because the ratio found in natural objects matches that of the Golden Ratio. This number is 1.618 and is also known as Phi.

The Golden Ratio is the basis that most people use in determining what they perceive to be beautiful. This is often done on a subconscious level by the person viewing the object, but the creator, such as an artist or architect, purposefully designed the object to reflect the mathematical proportions of the Golden Ratio. The perception of the object's beauty is the result of the symmetry created by using the Golden Ratio measuring rod. This means that the proportions of the subject fall into the same measurements as those of the Golden Ratio. The closer the subject's measurements match those of the Divine Proportion (Golden Ratio), then the more it's perceived to be in balance and symmetry. The examined subject is deemed to be closer to perfection and therefore, more beautiful.

Golden Ratio, Balance and Feng Shui

In the practice of feng shui, achieving balance is essential. The balance of the universal energy of life, called chi, needs to flow unobstructed throughout your home. The balance of the five elements within your space can impact the balance of these two opposing, yet dependent forces of yin and yang, which form chi energy. When balance between the elements exists, it creates harmony and balanced chi energy, which reflect this fundamental feng shui principle.

The yin yang symbol of two teardrop shapes, one ascending and the other descending, is flawless in its balance and symmetry. One half cannot be complete without the other. It's only when these halves are together, forming a circle that's whole and perfect, that the yin yang energies become complete and in perfect balance and symmetry.

What Is the Golden Ratio Used For?

When used by feng shui practitioners, the Golden Ratio balances the yin and yang in a space. This is accomplished by placing certain objects in specific areas of your home or office. The purpose of these objects is to restore balance to the elements of your home and promote free flowing chi. The objects that a feng shui practitioner introduces into a living or working environment can include things made from natural elements as well as manmade objects fashioned into specific representations of feng shui symbols. Many different types of objects can be used including:

  • Candles
  • Coins
  • Flower pots
  • Fountains
  • Vases
  • Wind chimes

When an architect designs a building following the principles of feng shui, she utilizes the elements of the Golden Ratio to achieve balance, harmony and symmetry. The architectural elements could include the use of:

  • Columns
  • Overall design of building
  • Pillars
  • Windows

Arts and Architecture

Throughout history, the Golden Ratio has played a very important role in the creation of art, sculpture, monuments and the architectural designs of various buildings.

  • Athena Parthenos statue
  • Borabudur Stupa
  • The Mona Lisa
  • The Statue of David

Since ancient high-civilization periods, the Golden Ratio has been used to design and build many architectural structures including:

  • Chartres Cathedral
  • Mexico City Cathedral
  • Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
  • Porch of Caryatids in the Greek Acropolis
  • Pyramids
  • The Parthenon
  • The United Nations Building

By exploring the various ways that the Golden Ratio is used within the context of feng shui, when someone asks, "What is the Golden Ratio used for?" you can now explain. The Golden Ratio is certainly one of the most important tools used in feng shui as a way to keep the elements and forces of chi energy within your house or workspace, in perfect balance and harmony.

What Is the Golden Ratio Used For?