Vastu for the Kitchen: Tips for Creating a Positive Space

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Vastu for kitchen design addresses the fire and water elements commonly used in this room. You can use Vastu Shastra for kitchen guidelines when placing kitchen appliances and other kitchen features.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Layout

When you start planning the layout for your kitchen, you want to consider the compass direction of the room you intend to designate as the kitchen. You will also use the compass directions to determine where each major appliance, door(s), windows, and small appliances are placed.

Best Compass Direction for Your Kitchen

The best location for your kitchen is the southeast. The fire element rules this quadrant, and you want to make sure you have everything organized and planned for optimum use of this direction. However, you can successfully place your kitchen in the northwest for a second best choice.

Stove, Oven, and Range Placements

You want to place the stove in the best area of the kitchen. You should place the stove in the southeast area of the kitchen, so when you use the stove, you face the east direction. If you cook facing the west, you can create health issues/problems, while facing south will result in financial loss. Avoid having the stove, range or oven across from the kitchen door entrance into the kitchen.

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Sink Placement

The ideal placement for the kitchen sink is the northeast direction. You never should place the sink and stove close to each other since the water and fire elements don't mix and conflict with each other.

Refrigerator Placement

Where you place the refrigerator in your kitchen is another significant appliance placement. You should keep the refrigerator at least one foot from any corners. The Vastu Shastra direction for the refrigerator is the southwest area of the kitchen.

Kitchen Small Appliances Placement

Vastu Shastra principles are very specific about the placement of kitchen small appliances. A microwave, mixer, toaster, and other small appliances should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. You should avoid placing any small electrical appliances in the northeast direction.

Pantry and Cabinets

The south and west walls are the ideal directions for kitchen cabinets, pantry, and other storage options. When planning your kitchen layout, you want to avoid placing any type of storage cabinetry or pantry in the north or east walls/directions.

Kitchen Doors and Windows Placement

The location of kitchen doors and windows is vital to your overall Vastu Shastra kitchen design. You don't want to place the door(s) or windows in a corner. The door leading into the kitchen should be located in the east, west, or north area of the kitchen.

Window Placement for Releasing Negative Energy

The window placement should be made by keeping in mind that the windows will serve as an exhaust system for the negative energy. You want to place the windows so this spent energy can easily escape the kitchen. This means that the east direction is the best direction for any windows in the kitchen.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Color

You can use Vastu Shastra to select your ideal kitchen color(s). You can choose from red, various color values of red, orange, coral, tangerine, peach, and different greens. You can use any combination of these colors to create a colorful and modern looking kitchen. You should avoid using the color black in your Vastu Shastra kitchen décor.

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Helpful Vastu for Kitchen Tips

A few helpful tips for a Vastu kitchen can prevent you from making harmful mistakes. You can also follow the guidelines to correct any existing Vastu Shastra kitchen mistakes.

  • A kitchen dining table can be placed in the west or northwest area of the kitchen.
  • Don't place the kitchen above or underneath a bedroom.
  • Don't place the kitchen on the floor above or below your prayer/mediation room.
  • Don't place the kitchen either above or below a bathroom, specifically the toilet.

Vastu Shastra Rules for Kitchen Designs

There are several Vastu Shastra rules to guide you about what not to do in creating your kitchen design. The basic principles of Vastu Shastra can help you to include all the beneficial design features to attract positive energies to flow in and out of this important room.

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Vastu for the Kitchen: Tips for Creating a Positive Space