Vastu for a Home Entrance Facing Any Direction

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Vastu for home entrance design refers to the main entrance as the archway to victory and progress in life. This is the entry point for positive energy moving into your home and your life.

Vastu for Home Entrance Tips

The Vastu Shastra principles for your home entrance mandate the best directions for your home site. If you can't site your home in this compass direction, you can make adjustments to lessen any negative effects.

Direction of Main Door in Vastu

The best compass directions for your home entrance are north, east, or northeast. These directions are considered the most auspicious in a Vastu designed home. As important as the home facing directions are, the front door is perhaps more important since the ideal direction is the northeast. This means for a north facing home you will place the front door on the eastern portion of the wall.

Avoid Northwest Home Direction and Front Door

You should never position your home for a northwest front door entrance. In Vastu Shastra, the northwest quadrant is ruled by the gods, Roga and Naga. These gods are known for wreaking havoc with disease and jealousy.

Main Door Vastu Tips

Vastu principles place the front door off center of the wall instead of centered. The best material for your front door is wood. The front door entrance into your home should always be the tallest of all the doors in your home to let the auspicious energy inside. Your front door should always open in a clockwise movement of left to right.

Front Door Color for Vastu Home Entrance

The best Vastu color for your front door is green. However, you can use other colors as long as you keep them light. This means instead of a dark brown front door color, a Vastu color would be a pale tan or beige. In Vastu Shastra, you never want to paint your front door black.

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Hang a Toran Over Front Door

In Hinduism, a decorative hanging known as a toran is placed above the door. Also called a Bandanwal, the Toran features marigold flowers and mango leaves. The most auspicious colors for this hanging decoration are red, green, and yellow.

Buddha Statue Auspicious for Front Door

You can place a Buddha statue at the front door to offer protection from negative energies. The best location for the statue is to place it facing east. You should never place a Buddha on the floor. A wall niche or pedestal is ideal to place the Buddha statue at eye level. A popular placement for a Buddha statue is directly above the door.

Wind Chimes

Metal wind chimes are excellent Vastu tools to attract positive energy to a north direction front door. If your front door faces the northwest or west, you can use the metal wind chimes to ensure happiness and peace within your home.

Metal wind Chime

Keep Shoes Out of Way

Never leave shoes at the front door or main entrance. Don't set up a shoe rack or storage area in the front door area.

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Vital Front Door Dos and Don'ts

There are specific things you want to avoid placing or featuring at your front door. These things can interfere with the positive energies entering your home. Some of these include:

  • An arched door is considered inauspicious. The arched door distorts the energy entering the home.
  • The entrance area should always be free of any clutter.
  • Unlike feng shui, Vastu Shastra advises against using any kind of water feature outside your front door.
  • Don't place a bathroom near the front door/main entrance of your home.
  • Keep lights turned on at the front door, so the door can be clearly seen at all times.
  • A road intersection across from the front door/main door is inauspicious.
  • Churches, temples and other religious buildings are inauspicious when directly across from your main door.
  • Avoid any type of obstruction to your view from the front door. This includes utility poles, power lines, shrubbery, and trees.
  • You don't want to place animal figurines or statues in the front door area.

Things to Avoid in a Vastu Shastra Home

As you design your home and front door area, you need to keep several Vastu Shastra rules in mind. You can plan your home around these Vastu rules to avoid negative energies or blocking positive energy from entering your home.

  • Don't place any kind of trashcan on the outside area of the front door.
  • Your front door should not face any type of wall.
  • The front door should be free of any kind of building shadows, tree/plants or other types of shadows.
  • Your front door should never face a neighbor's main door.
  • Vastu Shastra addresses the main issues many people have with the front entrances to their homes. You should try to remedy any negative energy surrounding the entrance to your home.
  • Keep shrubbery and yard manicured.
  • You don't want the opening of your front door entrance to be circular, slanted, or feature sliding doors.
  • A cistern or septic tank should never be located underneath or near the main entrance.
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Vastu for Main Entrance of Your Home

In Vastu, the main entrance of your home is vital to you and your family's health and wealth. The main Vastu concern for a front door is to keep it free of clutter and in good repair.

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Vastu for a Home Entrance Facing Any Direction