10 Places to Declutter and Instantly Feel Happier

Updated May 7, 2019

Declutter to Feel Instantly Happier


If you're feeling unhappy, restless, imbalanced, or dissatisfied in any way, then the first feng shui technique you can use to feel instantly happier is to declutter. In feng shui, clutter is inauspicious because it blocks chi energy flow and causes it to stagnate. Fortunately, decluttering can create instant changes in your energy, allowing you to feel happier and more balanced.

Clear Away Laundry Room Clutter


Overflowing clothes hampers and laundry baskets of folded clothes are both considered clutter. You can avoid this common problem by immediately putting folded laundry into closets, on shelves or in drawers. Keeping up with washing your laundry so it doesn't pile up prevents this form of clutter.

Organize Your Files


File cabinets and drawers that are crammed with papers and other items need to be cleaned out and organized. Get rid of any papers you don't need or consider long-term storage or digitizing them. Maintain other documents in neatly organized and labeled files.

Organize Messy Electrical Wires


Electronics bring much clutter with necessary electrical and connection wires. Bundle these together using one of the many concealing wire kits on the market.

Empty the Trash


Maintain good trash collection practices within your home and regularly empty trash cans before they overflow. Outside trash cans should be kept out of sight and never allowed to overflow.

Make Your Bed


Something as simple as an unmade bed contributes to clutter in your bedroom. Test for yourself by walking into your bedroom when the bed is unmade and again, with the bed made. Which version feels better? The made bed creates order that allows chi energy to flow freely without getting entangled in the layers of disarrayed bedding.

Organize Paperwork and Clutter on Your Desk


Stacks of papers and folders should be returned to proper storage when not being used. Disorganized work and other forms of clutter such as desk drawers can impede your work.

Wash and Put Away Dirty Dishes


Wash and put away all dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and pans. Don't allow dirty dishes to accumulate in the sink or dishwasher. Once dishes are washed, place into cabinets and drawers.

Keep Bathrooms Clean and Organized


Bathroom disorganization creates chaos. Get organized and free all that trapped chi energy. A practical advantage is you'll spend less time spent searching for items.

Sweep Away Dust and Debris


Dust and debris are the biggest culprits of clutter. Be sure you sweep, mop, vacuum and dust regularly to prevent chi from becoming stagnant in your home.

Remove All Clutter Outside Your Home


Outside clutter is created by overgrown shrubbery, leaf-covered walkways, unkempt yard, chipped house paint and torn window screens. To ensure free flowing chi energy, trim the shrubbery, mow your lawn, keep pathways and walkways cleared, repaint when necessary and replace torn screens. Make sure the entrance to your home is clutter free and inviting.

Clutter Busting Boosts Happiness


Any place you have clutter, you also have stagnant chi energy. Even things that may not seem like clutter, such as dust or cobwebs, hamper the flow of chi. However, by tidying up and removing clutter, you can instantly feel happier.

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10 Places to Declutter and Instantly Feel Happier