What Is Chi Energy?

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The Chinese call chi energy the life force (Prana) of all matter. Chi (qi) energy is vital to all feng shui applications. The feng shui goal is to create and maintain this natural prana or chi energy flow. By keeping chi energy balanced, harmony maintained in homes, offices, businesses, and other manmade venues.

Yin Yang Halves of Chi

Chi energy is composed of equal opposite energies: yin (female)and yang (male). The yin yang philosophy explains the complexities and patterns of life through this yin yang framework. The negative (yin) and positive (yang) energies work in unison to move creation forward. If one is missing, there can be no life.

Yin Energy

The feminine side (yin) of chi energy. It is the passive form of chi energy that is nurturing, giving and restive. Yin provides the necessary balance to active yang energy. Without the balance that yin energy provides, yang energy would create only chaos and destruction. In feng shui, yin energy is necessary for a restive feng shui bedroom design. For this reason, water and plants (yang energies) should never be used in bedrooms since both are yang energy.

Yang Energy

The masculine side (yang) of chi energy drives creation. Unlike the passivity of yin energy, yang energy is aggressive. In feng shui, yang energy can be generated from activities. For example, yang energy is generated in kitchens from the fire element used to cook food. Living rooms are where the family is most active, and this activity generates yang energy.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Chi

The function of chi energy is demonstrated by its infinite cycle of life. Yin and yang energies attract and repel each other. This interaction generates one complete energy - chi. In perfect balance and harmony, chi energy creates, multiplies and grows in abundance. It has a rhythm that ebbs and flows. The goal of feng shui is to create and maintain this vital balance between yin and yang energies in order to capitalize on its powerful framework. Feng shui offers principles that remedy and assist the chi energy to flow freely throughout your home or office.

Sheng Chi

The sheng chi is known in feng shui as positive energy or auspicious. The word sheng means upward moving energy. This is what you want to incorporate into your home; the sense of energy moving upward and lifting your spirit with it. Sheng chi generates a feeling of well-being and health. Sheng energy can take many forms easily identified by the way it makes you feel. For example, you sense the healthy wholeness of sheng energy when communing with nature, such as at a waterfall, forest, mountainside, or beach.

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In feng shui, the goal is to replicate that sense of well-being and positive uplifting energy flow. This is achieved through the use of feng shui principals, such as:

  • Clutter free: Get rid of all forms of clutter inside and outside your home.
  • Compass directions: Use compass sectors to activate specific elements for each sector.
  • Reinforce auspicious chi: Select colors, furniture, art, accessories and other aesthetics to layer into the room design to reinforce auspicious feng shui energies.
  • Light: Play up natural light in rooms and add artificial lighting to attract sheng chi.

Si Chi

The si chi is the opposite of sheng chi. It is a decaying form of energy. Unlike sheng chi, the vibrational level of shi chi is very low. With this low level energy, life cannot be supported. Si chi slowly eats away its surroundings. Matter decomposes. The types of this energy include, dust, clutter, debris, dirty carpets/rugs, cobwebs, clogged drains, leaky faucets, and any stagnant energy, especially clutter. All of these examples share a low level energy that slowly erodes and breaks down matter.

a messy desk drawer is negative chi energy

This is the easiest of negative chi energy to eradicate. It only requires cleaning and repairing to remedy the destructive force of decaying energy. A few of the simple ways to combat typical household si chi include:

  • Organize closets, cabinets and drawers.
  • Don't allow trash to accumulate.
  • Paint to refurbish and create clean fresh energy.
  • Repair leaky faucets, toilets that run constantly, torn screen windows, broken glass panes, locks and appliances.
  • Keep walkways, paths, porches and sidewalks swept.
  • Manicure lawns and trim shrubberies.

Sha Chi

The sha or shar chi energy is called the "killing energy" and is often referred to as the death energy. This could also be called negative chi (not to be confused with yin chi). Sha chi can be natural land formations, manmade buildings, objects, or places such as a street, cemetery, or bridge.

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  • Stagnant chi: This form of sha chi cuts off the natural flow of chi energy and literally kills it. The sha chi blocks all auspicious benefits of chi energy before it can reach your home. This can be natural or manmade blockages that cause chi energy to pool and grow stagnant.
  • Poison arrows: Some forms of sha chi travel a straight line created by streets, sharp corners, edges, columns, utility poles and rooflines of neighboring homes and buildings. These sharp angles produce what's known as poison arrows.

A few examples of sha chi include:

  • Exterior poison arrows can be something as simple as a road that dead-ends at your driveway The deadend road creates a poison arrow that forcefully sends chi energy in a straight line up the driveway into your garage or front door.
  • A cul-de-sac stops the flow of energy, where it pools and becomes stagnant chi that cannot reach your home.
  • Clutter inside and outside creates stagnant chi (sha chi).
  • A interior column or furniture with sharp edges/corners create poison arrows.

Three Divine Luck Chi Energies

The trinity in Chinese metaphysics are the Tian, Di, and Ren chi energies.

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Tian Chi

Tian chi energy is defined as the sky or heaven luck. Chi energy is bestowed to the Earth from the heavens. Tain chi is said to be the yang principle that goes beyond just the sky. It also encompasses all of heaven, such as the moon, sun, stars, and all celestial bodies beyond. The tian chi has a direct influence on planet Earth and all its inhabitants since it generates chi energy to nourishes the Earth.

Tain chi provides the aggressive action required to generate life through the joining of the yin principle that is Earth. The Four Pillars of Destiny can be used to reveal how the movement of these celestial bodies influence your earth luck and guide you to taking advantage of auspicious energies.

Di Chi

Di chi is known as Earth luck that provides a framework for chi energy on the planet. The Earth chi is known as di chi and is the yin response to the yang energy of tian chi. The yin energy of Earth completes the tian chi (yang) by giving it a framework within the Earth dimension. Together, these two energies form a complete cycle of chi energy - creation. This makes the earth and heaven chi a manifestation of the yin yang cycle of life that is a constant interaction, dependent on each other and never-ending. One energy cannot exist without the other.

Di chi provides for all life on Earth as a result of the direct influence of tian chi. A simplistic example is that from the sky comes rain that falls to Earth and nourishes all life on the planet. In feng shui, an Eight Mansions Luck Map can be used along with other feng shui tools to capitalize on earth luck.

Ren Chi

The mankind (human) luck is called ren chi. Humans can use the chi energy defined by Earth and its tools. Ren chi is human energy. It moves between heaven and Earth and can bring auspicious energies/luck to the individual. It cannot exist if it isn't supported by di chi. In feng shui, especially for a home, the energy (chi) of the residents is an important consideration. Ren chi is reflected in how you act and the choices you make.

One way that family members can capitalize on ren chi is to use their individual kua numbers. The kua number defines four auspicious and four inauspicious directions for each person in the home. Each family member can utilize their kua number for the best directions to face when sleeping, eating, studying, working, and relaxing.

Balancing Chi Energy in Your Home

The best way to achieve balanced chi energy in your home is to follow basic feng shui principles. While chi is invisible, when you take advantage of auspicious chi through the use of feng shui, you'll soon see the visible effects. This powerful energy manifests through abundance, career advances, improved health, and accumulation of wealth and blessings for your family.

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What Is Chi Energy?