Perfect Poses for Feng Shui Family Pictures

Family laying on grass pose

A few rules can help you obtain perfect poses for a feng shui family picture. The family portrait is a powerful feng shui tool that can attract abundance, wealth and success for the entire family.

Optimum Composition for Your Family Portrait

Feng shui rules can help the composition of a family portrait and may determine what you want to do and what you should avoid. The main rule is not to have your family sitting or standing in a straight line. The best composition for a family portrait begins with the parents. The ideal position for the parents or parent to be seated in the center of the portrait. The children should then stand around their parent(s).

Triangle Composition Has Its Points

If your family number is three, you'll want the photo to have what is known as a triangle composition. This can be two parents and one child or one parent and two children, although other numbers of people can help create the shape.

  • The parents should be seated together in the forefront with the child standing behind or is younger in front of the seated parents. The goal is to create a triangle shape with their placement, while adhering to all the good aspects of a close-knit family filled with love, harmony and happiness.
  • A single parent should be seated in the center with one child on either side behind the parent, forming the triangle shape. If more than one child, the parent can be seated with the children grouped around the parent, whether in front, behind, or beside them
Triangle composition pose
  • Larger families can also use this type of composition since it isn't limited to just a family of three.
  • If your family is just two, then you can still use the triangle composition; just make sure bodies are posed so they create the triangle shape.
Two people triangle composition pose

Square Composition Is Good

A square composition is also auspicious. In this case, the two parents should be seated with the children standing behind them. (Younger children are seated on the parents' laps). The goal is to create a square shape with the placement of the family members. This composition can be used for a family of four and more. If your lifestyle isn't formal, you may prefer an informal composition.

Four people square composition

Create a Family Circle

If you want to get really creative with your family portrait, you can opt for a circle composition. Keep the two parents (or one parent) in the center as the nucleus of the family that will then surround them so that the overall shape is a circle.

Multi-generational family circle composition

Portrait Setting and Background for Composition

The setting and background featured in the portrait is very important, too. You want to select a setting that conveys abundance, prosperity, happiness, harmony, wealth, health and status. All of these properties create positive chi energy and attracts more of these very things to the family.

Follow Feng Shui Rules for Setting

It's important that you avoid basic feng shui problems within the composition of the photo. For example, if you choose to take the photo in your home, make sure that the adjoining spaces of your photo shoot are clutter free and radiate auspicious energy. Just as you would adhere to other feng shui rules, you'll want to watch for them in your photo. For example, if you see poison arrows, you want to eliminate them within the photo and make sure they are not aimed at the family while taking the photograph. Keep in mind that whatever is in the photo will be reflected back into your life.

  • Windows should be spotless.
  • Rugs should be vacuumed.
  • Floors should be swept, dusted and shiny.
  • Furniture should be dusted, polished and clean.
  • Any plants should be healthy.
  • Make sure the lighting is perfect. You want a bright and cheerful portrait (no dark shadows).
Mother and daughter in family portrait

Tips for Portrait Placement, Size, and More

Follow these tips for placing, sizing, and styling your photo for auspicious results.

  • The ideal place for this family grouping is the family room. In feng shui, it's believed that this type of family photo or painting when well executed can elevate the family's social standing as well as the family fortune.
  • Make sure every family member is in the portrait. If you leave a family member out of the portrait, it will have a negative impact instead of a positive one.
  • Creative poses are fine but make sure they follow feng shui guidelines. For example, placing family members around a tree can create a triangle pose.
Creative family pose around tree
  • Be sure there is enough room for everyone. Don't have one member sitting on the arm of sofa, demonstrating there's no room for them to be with the rest of the family.
  • Dress everyone in their finest, with well-groomed hair and makeup.
  • Select the best portrait by focusing on the expression of each family member. Their faces should have an expression of genuine happiness. Smiles are very important.
Smiling family portrait in triangle composition
  • You want this portrait to be larger than any other photos in your living room, so it isn't competing for attention. It should command the room.

Choosing the Perfect Poses for Feng Shui Family Pictures

You have many options when it comes to creating the perfect poses for feng shui family pictures. By keeping the feng shui rules in mind when composing your family portrait, you'll end up with a great addition to your family room that will attract powerful auspicious chi energy.

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