Koi Fish Names Inspired by Feng Shui

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koi blowing bubbles in fish pond

Choose koi fish names that are inspired by feng shui symbols, principles, and applications. These names offer unique representations that further emphasize the art of feng shui.

Use Koi Fish Names Inspired by Feng Shui Principles

Feng shui principles offer many choices for naming your koi fish. Select one that best represents your feng shui ideals and your fish's personality.

  • Yin: Name black or dark colored female fish this name since yin is feminine and is the black half of a yin yang symbol.
  • Yang: You can name light colored male fish this name since yang is masculine and is the white side of the yin yang symbol.
  • Sec, Sect or Ector: These are abbreviations for sector.
  • Bagua or Bag (pronounced as "Bog": The bagua is an integral part of feng shui analyses.
  • Comp or Compass: Classical feng shui relies on accurate compass readings.
  • Ausp or Aus: This can be used as a nickname for auspicious, a desirable factor in feng shui.
  • Ina: This nickname can be used for inauspicious, that is the opposite of auspicious.
  • Star: There are annual, monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly Flying Stars.
  • Luo: The Luo Pan is the Chinese magnetic compass.
  • Dege (Degee): Degrees in compass directions are vital to calculate the accurate facing direction for a home or building.
  • Arrow: This nickname is for harmful poison arrows.
  • Poi: This is another nickname for poison arrows.
  • Cy: This can be used as a nickname for a feng shui cycle, such as productive, destructive and exhaustive element cycle.
  • Chi: Keeping the chi energy in balance is one feng shui goal.
  • General: General Kwan Kung was a god of war but later transformed in feng shui use as a god of wealth.
  • Clutter: This tongue-in-cheek koi fish name pokes fun at the thorn in feng shui's side - clutter!
  • Fuk, Luk or Sau: These are the three gods of wealth, used as a feng shui cure. Choose one name or select three fish to represent these wealth magnets.
Koi framed by maple leaves in pond

Names Using Feng Shui Elements

You can choose a fun name to represent a specific feng shui element. Consider the five elements and any objects you might use or a different word for a specific element. A few nicknames for elements include:

  • Ele or Ellie: Elements
  • Red Hot: Fire
  • Flame: Fire
  • Sparky: Fire
  • Dusty: Earth
  • Clay: Earth
  • Drip: Water
  • Wave: Water
  • Curl or Curly: Water
  • Woody: Wood
  • Splinter: Wood
  • Twig or Twiggy: Wood
  • Forest: Wood
  • TinTin: Metal
  • Rusty: Metal
  • Tray or Trey: Metal

Fun and Whimsical Koi Fish Nicknames

You can also create nicknames for your koi fish from various feng shui related objects and practices. These can be cute, funny, whimsical or catchy.

  • Gram: This can be a nickname for trigram.
  • Hex: You can use this as a nickname for the hexagram.
  • Wu: Use this as a nickname for the Wu Lou, a gourd used to ward off illness and evil.
  • Lou: Another nickname for Wu Lou.
  • Flow or Flo: This nickname comes from the flow of chi energy.
  • Goldie: A cute nickname for a Goldfish or to represent a metal color
  • Mysti: The Mystic Knot is created by six infinity knots to represent a happy fortunate life.
  • Lucky: Good luck and luck sectors are feng shui points of focus.
High angle view of Golden Koi

Gemstone and Crystal Names

Gemstones and crystals are used in feng shui to attract specific chi energy. Gems and crystals can activate the earth element.

  • Aggie: Agate
  • Amber: Amber
  • Amy or Ame: Amethyst
  • Blackie: Black onyx, black tourmaline or black obsidian
  • Emma: Emerald
  • Jasper: Jasper
  • Peri: Peridot
  • "Q": Quartz
  • Smoky: Smoky quartz
  • Soda or Sodie: Sodalite
  • Topaz or Topy: Topaz
  • Trine: Citrine

Names of Auspicious Fruit Symbols

There are many fruits that are considered auspicious feng shui symbols. Choose one or two to use as cute pet names for your koi fish.

  • App: A nickname for apples. Apples and other food items are displayed as symbols of abundance.
  • Peaches: This is a symbol of longevity.
  • PomPom or Grant: Pomegranates are placed in the west to enhance descendants' luck.
  • Pi: Pineapples convey hospitality and welcome.

Nicknames From Auspicious Flowers and Plants

There are many aspects of nature that are considered auspicious symbols in feng shui. You can use these to create names for your koi fish.

  • Cherry: Cherry blossoms are a symbol of health and happy marriage or love relationship.
  • Bamboo or Boo: Lucky bamboo plants and bamboo flutes are used as feng shui remedies.
  • Lottie: The lotus blossom is a symbol of purity, health, and harmony.
  • Chrys: Chrysanthemum is a symbol of happiness.
  • Maggie or Nolia: Magnolia blossoms and trees are auspicious welcoming feng shui symbols of abundance and wealth.
Two koi carps in Monet's pond

Koi Fish Name Inspired by Feng Shui Animals

There are many animals considered auspicious in feng shui applications and remedies. You can use some of these to create names for your koi fish.

  • Deery: The deer is a symbol of abundance.
  • Dragon: The dragon is prominent in feng shui and represented the royal family.
  • Toad: The 3-legged toad is a good luck symbol.
  • Ladybug: BTB feng shui includes the ladybug as one of its lucky symbols.
  • Crane: This is a symbol of good health and long life. Definitely something you want for your fish!
  • Foo or Fu: Foo or fu dog statues guard the temple palaces.
  • Mandy: A male and female pair of Mandarin ducks represents a happy marriage for a woman and man.
  • Tiger: The tiger is a symbol of bravery, strength, and leadership that's used as a career enhancer.
Koi fish in pond

Black Koi and Other Black Fish

Before you begin naming and getting attached to your koi fish as pets, understand that in feng shui black koi or any black fish are used to absorb negative chi energies. It's believed the black fish prevent the inauspicious energies from bombarding you. This could possibly mean a shorter lifespan for these beautiful fish when compared to other colors of fish in your aquarium or koi pond.

Create Koi Fish Names Inspired by Feng Shui

It's easy to create fun nicknames for your koi fish when you use various feng shui principles and good luck symbols. Choose a name that best fits each koi fish and enjoy watching them swim about the aquarium or koi pond bringing auspicious chi energy into your home and life.

Koi Fish Names Inspired by Feng Shui