How to Use Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Good luck in Chinese lettering on stone

Feng Shui principles dictate where to place good luck charms in your home decor, but there are other ways you can use these timeless pieces. You can always choose to customize any of these symbols to use in your home or car or to carry with you to create auspicious luck.

Education Good Luck Charms

You can use good luck charms to assist you or your kids in educational pursuits.

Good Luck Charms
  • Attach a crystal globe to a key chain. You can also attach this to backpack or purse.
  • Carry a photo or put a sticker on your backpack of your favorite scholar in your field of study.
  • Some feng shui masters advise you hold a crystal quartz in the left hand while studying to amplify your ability to retain information.
  • Take this crystal with you and wear as a necklace or hold in your hand to draw powerful energy boost.

Wear Colors for Symbols of Good Luck

You can also wear the colors assigned to each luck sector to imbue you with their powerful feng shui energy.

  • Wear yellow clothing to enhance a positive outlook.
  • Don white clothing when you need to be seen as authoritative.
  • Red is a yang color that represents the fire element. If you need a spark in your enthusiasm or to energize those around you, this is the color to wear.
  • If you want to add power to your career persona, then wear black and/or blue.
  • To assist any need for healing, wear green to get that healthy feng shui boost.
  • The need to feel centered can be overwhelming. To feel centered, you can use yellow/ochre for the centering earth energy.
  • Select colors to wear based on your kua number.

Symbols of Feng Shui Good Luck

There are several feng shui symbols for good luck that you can use for fashion statements or as tokens or reminders.

  • The peach is a symbol of longevity and protection. You can use jewelry, tote bags, and bracelets with this symbol.
  • The three-legged money frog and the koi (carp) are symbols of wealth that can be worn or displayed on a notepad or laptop.
Koi fish ornament
  • Running horse is a symbol of success. Use this symbol on your computer case, talisman, or pendant charm.
  • The Wu Lou (gourd) is one of the symbols of good health and longevity. Use one on a keyring or clipped to your purse.
  • Chances are that you didn't know that pine cutout deodorizer hanging from your rearview mirror is a great good luck feng shui symbol. The pine tree is a symbol of longevity and having strength against all manner of adversity.
  • You can display the lucky feng shui number 8 in various ways, such as a desktop wallpaper or a key fog to remind you it is a very auspicious number that brings prosperity.
  • You may prefer to display your personal kua number to reinforce the good luck it imbues.

Your Chinese Zodiac Animal

Keeping a symbol of your Chinese zodiac animal is considered an auspicious pathway to good luck.

  • Paint your animal on a potted plant and place it in the east sector to boost health luck.
  • Wear t-shirt with your zodiac animal in the color of the luck sector you wish to activate.
  • Use your zodiac animal as a hang tag tied to the clapper of a wind chime.

Good Luck Charm Tattoos

Some people prefer to keep their good luck charms with them 24/7 and opt for a tattoo. A few of the possible tattoos you might want for feng shui good luck include:

  • An elephant with its trunk raised in triumph heralds good luck.
  • Your Chinese zodiac animal can be used for a good luck tattoo.
  • Any of the Chinese characters that express the luck sector you wish to activate, such as love, health, wealth, etc can become a favorite tattoo.
  • Choose from any of the feng shui animals, such as a pair of swans or mandarin ducks to bring romance love and marriage.
  • Go for a symbol of longevity with a deer, peach, or crane tattoo.


It is debatable if the ladybug is actually a feng shui symbol for good luck, but many people use this insect in their feng shui decor.

  • You can wear clothing featuring this iconic symbol.
  • Ladybug jewelry is another great way to keep this symbol with you.
  • A ladybug sticker on a backpack or the refrigerator is a nice reminder of this bringer of good luck.
  • A keyring fob or a purse with this adorable insect may bring you good luck.

Create New Ways to Use Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

You can create original art or redesign an existing charm for a specific use. Decide on the symbol that best fits your personality, lifestyle, and luck sector you wish to activate and then customize it.

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