Feng Shui Good Luck Quotes for Every Situation

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Pearls of feng shui wisdom are often found in quotes by feng shui gurus and other reliable sources when examining the different types of good luck. Quotes on activating good luck sectors for a home or office become valuable nuggets for solving feng shui issues.

Feng Shui Quotes About Wealth Luck

Wealth luck is activated in the southeast sector of your home or office. Various methods activate this very important sector.

  • "There are thousands of enthusiasts, politicians, entrepreneurs, multi-national companies all over the world, all using Feng Shui to enhance their wealth, business and other aspects of their life." Feng Shui Store
  • "A Feng Shui wealth vase is one of the objects people may use to activate the chi in the wealth section of their home." Ken Lauher, Feng Shui Consultant
  • "It is important to note the 'wealth luck' in Feng Shui does not refer to 'money falling from the sky' or sudden windfall gains." Joey Yap, Feng Shui Practitioner
  • "Also known as a Jade Plant, this plant is also used as a 'money tree' in Feng Shui." Jennifer Emmer, Feng Shui Style

Good Luck Tips for Selling/Buying Homes

Everyone can take advantage of feng shui tips to aid in buying or selling a home.

Selling Luck

Try one of these tips to help move your home:

For sale sign on house lawn
  • "However, under the Feng Shui/Chinese Astrology, a Geomancer can find a 'good' date for a person to 'sell' the house." Cecil Lee, Center for Feng Shui Research
  • "Create a metal 'Helpful People' box and place it in the Northwest section of the home or in the area to the right of the front door." International Feng Shui Guild Contributors

Let Luck Guide Your Home Purchase

Draw upon luck when it comes to selecting the right place:

  • "A single level home is luckier than a split-level home." Susan Levitt, Feng Shui Practitioner
  • "In most cases a house that has remained unoccupied for a long time will signify that something is wrong with its energy (not attractive to people)." Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch., Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Charms and Symbols

Scattering a few charms or symbols in a home with a good feng shui design will enhance the auspicious chi energies and luck. Feng shui experts understand that symbols are an important part of life and serve to reinforce their clients' beliefs and goals.

  • "A simple symbol in a good environment can be very powerful." Feng Shui Master Aaron Lee Koch
  • "The implementation of correct and most effective feng shui career aides is crucial to opening up and activating a person's career luck." S.BS. Surendran, the Sundaily
  • "Now you don't need to create an army of feng shui symbols to enhance good luck." Fengshui-tips.org

Peach Blossom Luck

The Peach Blossom Luck technique was a closely guarded secret of the Chinese aristocracy. Even when feng shui broke free, not everyone was privy to the powerful Peach Blossom love luck application. Classical feng shui practitioners and masters gladly share this knowledge to help clients find their soul mate.

  • "Peach Blossom luck is a special application of feng shui for those who are looking for serious love relationships." Marites Allen, Asian Journal
  • "To activate this romance luck, you need to know your Peach Blossom animal and display that animal sign symbol in a specific direction." Chit A. Tribiana, The Manila Times

Deal With Obstructions to Luck

Negative chi, also known as sha chi, obstructs the flow of positive chi. There are many types of negative chi that range from natural to man-made but can be remedied with Feng shui applications.

  • "Poison arrows can interfere with everything from sleeping well to developing good study habits." Ann Bingley Gallops from Green Child Magazine
  • "Houses at the end of a t-intersection, where a street with oncoming traffic points directly at the house, are not considered auspicious (good luck) in Feng Shui." Ken Lauher, Feng Shui Consultant

Overall Good Luck

There are several feng shui techniques that can be applied to generate overall good luck for you and your family.

Number 6
  • "If you get it right, feng shui always improves your living and work condition." Lillian Too, Renowned Feng Shui Guru
  • "The number six sounds like both 'flow' and 'good luck' in Chinese, so it's an auspicious number, especially for business." Ann Bingley Gallops, Open Spaces Feng Shui.
  • "The feng shui masters of old simply used the Five Elements, colour, shape, light, sound and natural materials such as plants, water and stone, all of which you probably have in your home already." Feng Shui Institute
  • "When three ranges of hills form a perfect horseshoe shape with the home in the center, (especially if overlooking flat land), feng shui luck will be excellent for at least five generations." Lillian Too, Total Feng Shui: Bring Health Wealth, and Happiness Into Your Life

Quote Inspiration for Feng Shui Luck

Finding quotes about feng shui luck can be inspirational as well as educational. Quotes can sometimes offer a fast solution to a feng shui issue.

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Feng Shui Good Luck Quotes for Every Situation