Feng Shui Tips for an Auspicious Backyard

Published July 4, 2018
Feng shui compliant backyard design

You can have an auspicious backyard by following a few simple feng shui tips. These guidelines are practical and easy to implement in your existing backyard design to help improve energy flow to your home.

Feng Shui Backyards

In feng shui, the outside of your home is far more important than the inside. The auspicious energy that enters your home is generated from both the front yard and backyard. No amount of interior feng shui remedies can counter a lack of outside chi energy.

Sloping Lots for Ideal Feng Shui

The ideal backyard should be slightly higher than the front yard. A yard that slopes away from the house is considered inauspicious since all chi energy flows away from the home. Feng shui offers several remedies for downward-sloping backyards, such as weathervanes, spotlights, tall trees, and boulders.

Poison Arrows and Afflicted Areas

Identify any backyard feng shui issues that need remedying before creating a feng shui design. For example, a utility pole creates a poison arrow, but you can plant a grouping of bushy plants as a cure. Once you've identified all obstructions and afflictions, mark these on a drawing of your backyard layout to guide your plan.

Use a Bagua

Place a bagua over the layout of your backyard to identify each sector. You'll design the backyard the same way you would the interior of your home by using the compass directions of each sector.

North Sector for Career

The north sector is governed by the water element and the colors blue and black.

  • Select a water feature, such as a small koi pond, a faux or real stream, a fountain, or even a swimming pool (never larger than the width of the house).
  • All running water should flow toward the house to carry good fortune to you.
Water feature for the north sector

Northeast Sector for Knowledge

The earth element rules the northeast, represented by the colors brown and yellow.

  • Create a reading area using a stone or concrete bench.
  • If you need a wall in this sector, build it with rock or brick.
  • A masonry patio with lots of decorative clay pots filled with yellow flowers is ideal.
Garden patio with earth elements

East Sector for Health

The east sector is ruled by the wood element and the colors green and brown.

  • A wood deck is excellent for this sector.
  • Plant life, such as shrubbery and evergreens, belong in this sector to border a green manicured lawn.
  • If you need screening from your neighbors, opt for a hedge or grouping of evergreen trees.
Friends socializing on wood deck

Southeast Sector for Wealth

The wood element rules this sector with the assigned colors of green and brown.

  • Enhance your wealth luck with generous plantings of shrubbery, trees and flowers, especially evergreens for year-round auspicious energy.
  • Add a wood gazebo, pergola or deck with lots of potted plants and flowers.
  • Include plants with round or oval leaves (representing coins), such as a jade plant.
  • A water feature placed here generates auspicious yang energy with the water element feeding the wood element.
Much greenery in the southeast sector

South Sector for Fame and Recognition

The governing fire element is represented with various values of red.

  • Wood feeds fire so add as many plants as you'd like.
  • Plant a flower garden of brilliant colors, such as red, pink, purple, and orange.
  • Add a wood deck and/or a fire pit.
  • Highlight a (wood) dining table and chairs with strings of patio lights (fire).
Backyard fire pit and seating area

Southwest Sector for Love and Relationships

This sector is ruled by the earth element with the colors yellow and brown.

  • Build a stone or brick patio in this sector.
  • Add a statue depicting a happy couple or a pair of cranes.

West Sector for Descendants

The west is ruled by the metal element and represented by gold/yellow, silver/gray and white.

  • This children's sector can support metal playground equipment.
  • Plant lots of white and yellow flowers. Peonies are considered very auspicious.
  • Metal yard art is great in this area, especially depicting children.

Northwest Sector for Mentor

The metal element also governs this sector with assigned colors gold/yellow, silver/gray and white.

  • The metal element is fed by the earth element. Create a winding path in this area and pave it with pebbles, stones or bricks.
  • Plant yellow and white flowers along the path.
Winding brick path in backyard

Balance of Yin and Yang Energies

Just as interior feng shui design needs a balance of yin and yang energies, so does your backyard design.

  • Yin energy is passive and dark, so create shaded areas in your yard.
  • There should be a layering of lighting contrast, such as a pergola and bright flower beds.
  • Landscape around a water feature (yang) with layers of tall and short trees, and various shrubbery for pockets of shaded areas (yin).
  • A cozy shaded reading nook easily establishes a yin area.
A balanced backyard design

Decorating Ideas

You can decorate your yard with various statues and ornaments made from materials that represent the elements of the sector. These don't need to be Chinese designs. Wind chimes, wood and stone carvings, and decorative flowerpots and urns are just a few of the feng shui objects you can use.

Feng Shui Touches for an Auspicious Backyard

You can add many features to your backyard using the bagua as a guideline. Layering various elements, colors and features in your design will ensure you create an auspicious feng shui backyard.

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Feng Shui Tips for an Auspicious Backyard