Feng Shui Tips to Attract and Keep Love in Your Life

SW compass direction and love concept

Everyone wants love, and feng shui tips can assist in attracting love and romance into your life. Using this ancient art form and science, you can easily activate the love sector of your home to attract and keep love whether you're currently single or in a relationship.

Use Feng Shui to Attract Love in the Southwest Sector

In feng shui, the love luck sector falls in the southwest compass direction. Whether you desire to attract a new love into your life, infuse romance into your marriage or simply wish to fortify the existing romantic love in your life, there are all kinds of symbols and items you can use to activate this sector.

The southwest sector of your home may fall in any room of your home and that's okay. If your bedroom happens to fall in the southwest sector, that can be beneficial. The first thing you want to do is to activate this sector with its governing element.

Earth Element Activates Southwest Sector

In feng shui, each compass direction has a specific governing element. The element for the southwest (SW) sector is earth and of the three earth directions (Southwest, northeast, and center of home), the SW is known as the symbol for Big Earth. These rules apply to both those currently in a relationship and those seeking love.

  • Crystals - Rose quartz and amethyst are associated with love. Display natural crystals and man-made crystals to activate the southwest energies. Carved heart-shaped rose quartz is a special symbol utilizing the natural quartz energies. Place in a bowl set on a coffee table or nightstand.
  • Clay pottery - Several pieces of clay pottery are aesthetic additions to most home decors as well as serving as a subtle element to activate this sector. Locally made pieces can add interest and an artistic flair to your decor, while serving a feng shui function. Choose pieces that appeal to your personal style and taste.
  • Ceramics - A display of a ceramic collection in a curio or on a bookshelf is a subtle way to activate the love energy. You can also highlight pieces that represent love, marriage and romance.

Earth Element Shapes and Colors for Southwest

While colors can't directly activate an element, they certainly can support and reinforce the chi energy you wish to attract.

  • Earth element shapes - The energy of the earth element is represented by squares. Since the SW sector rules love, romance, and marriage, you can add a few square shapes to this sector. Don't go overboard. Feng shui is first and foremost about maintaining balance and harmony.
  • SW colors - The colors to use in this sector are browns, reds, and yellows. By using these element colors, you can reinforce the auspicious love energy in this area of your home.

Feng Shui Symbols Attract Love Luck

These objects and symbols can be placed in the southwest sector and also the master bedroom. Some of these include:

  • Place rose quartz on coffee table, shelf, or bedside table.
  • Other crystals can be used in the southwest sector.
  • A pair of ceramic mandarin ducks or cranes can be displayed in a dining room or nightstand.
    Mandarin Duck Figurines
  • A pair of framed paintings of peonies and/or pair of framed peach blossoms, both symbols of love.
  • The double happiness symbol uses the Chinese character for joy placed side-by-side. These are used to adorn wedding gifts and as wedding ceremony motifs.
  • The mystic knot is a symbol of eternal love and made of six figure eight knots.
  • Red candles can be burned in the SW sector since in the productive cycle fire creates (feeds) earth (SW element).

Feng Shui Love Luck to Attract New Love

For any single person wishing to attract new love, try the peach blossom animal luck. This technique remained hidden from the world until recently. It has become one of the most popular tools for attracting love. Anyone married shouldn't undertake this powerful technique since it can lead to infidelity and break-up.

Horse souvenir

Find Your Peach Blossom Animal Luck

Before you can begin, you must first know your Chinese astrological sign that's based on the year you were born. Once you know this, you can use the chart below to find your Peach Blossom Animal.

Peach Blossom Animal Luck
Zodiac Animal Peach Blossom Animal Peach Blossom Sector
Ox, Snake or Rooster Horse South
Tiger, Dog or Horse Rabbit East
Dragon, Rat or Monkey Rooster West
Rabbit, Boar or Sheep Rat North

Place in Appropriate Sector

You will probably want to purchase your Peach Blossom Animal. Just be sure that an animal figurine is in pristine condition, absent of flaws, such as scratches, nicks, cracks, or chips. While many people prefer a figurine/statue, you aren't limited to this. If you're an artist, paint or sketch your Peach Blossom Animal.

  • Be sure that the figurine animal or painting is something you absolutely love!
  • Place it in the corresponding sector of your home in a prominent place where you can see it often and admire its beauty.

Taboos for Romantic Love Luck

There are a few taboos when it comes to love and committed relationships. Steer clear of these if you wish to have a long-lasting love relationship, especially marriage.

Use Water Features Outside Front Door Cautiously

Never place an outside water feature to the right of the front door, especially one that's in the ground. The right side is determined by standing inside the front doorway and looking out. In feng shui, this placement is said to generate inauspicious energy that leads to the man's infidelity.

Bedroom Mirror Taboo for Love Luck

The biggest taboo for love is a mirror or TV that reflects the bed. Some feng shui practitioners believe the soul astral projects during sleep and if it sees its reflection in the mirror, it will startle and disturb your sleep. Others believe the mirror invites ghosts into your bedroom. The more commonly held belief is that the mirror or TV reflection invites a third party and infidelity into the couple's bed.

taboo reflection of bed

Sleep on Correct Side of Bed

Assist the energy of love by sleeping on the correct side of the bed. Women should sleep in the yin side (right) and men should sleep on the yang side (left). Lie on your back to determine the correct right and left sides of the bed.

Twin Box Springs for King Size Beds

Most king size beds have a pair of twin bed size box springs. While these aren't visible with the top king size mattress, nonetheless, feng shui rules state this subtlety creates a division in the relationship. To remedy the separation, a pink king size fitted sheet should be placed over the box springs to unify them as one support mattress.

The Yin (Female) and Yang (Male) Sectors

In feng shui, there are many ways to ensure a happy healthy marriage. The two directions southwest (SW) and northwest (NW) also represent the female (yin) and male (yang) energies. While feng shui addresses the relationship of a woman and man as marriage, the same principles apply to any committed relationship.

Chinese Couple
  • Southwest: Represents the wife, matriarch or mother
  • Northwest: Represents the husband, patriarch or father. A NW sector that is prominent in the home will bond the husband/father to the family.

Lillian Too advises the NW and SW sectors should be well-lit, uncluttered, and attractively decorated. A well-appointed NW will support the yang energy (husband) of the home.

Rooms You Don't Want in NW for Love Feng Shui

Keeping the welfare of a marriage in mind, there are several room designations you don't want placed in the NW sector of your home. These include:

  • Toilet: A toilet in this corner is highly inauspicious and should be moved. If it can't be moved, hang a wind chime made of six hollow metal rods outside the toilet area.
  • Kitchen: Relocate. If the breadwinner's kua number places the NW as an auspicious location, this overrules the negative aspects.
  • Storage room: If possible, open up storage area as part of another room. Chi energy stagnates in storage areas and not an auspicious room for the NW.

Missing NW or SW Corners

According to Feng Shui Master Lillian Too, if either or both of these corners of a home are missing the marriage and family are compromised. L-shaped and other irregular shaped homes are typical examples of missing corners. In other words, if a home isn't a square or rectangle shape, it will have missing corners. The only missing corner exception is a step construction (three or more segments).

For example, when the NW corner is missing, so is the husband. The causes can be abnormally long working hours or infidelity. The biggest danger is he could leave the family and begin another one.

If the SW corner is missing the marriage and home will be incomplete. The wife will be unable to offer the needed nurturing to create a happy and complete home and family.

Remedy for Missing Sectors

The only real remedy for a missing NW or SW corner is an addition to the home to create a corner in these sectors. Until this can be done, you can install a bright light at the missing corner with the light shining upwards.

Feng Shui for Love Energy

Whether the southwest sector of your home is in the den, bedroom, or another zone, you can apply feng shui principles to optimize your luck in love. Add known cures for afflicted areas and reap the benefits with a happy love life.

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