Feng Shui Health Tips for Everyday Use

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There are several everyday feng shui practices and principles designed to promote good health. By instituting these as part of your regular home maintenance and general habits, you can increase your health, well-being, and longevity.

Clutter Is the Enemy of Good Health

Clutter is the enemy of good health and a happy lifestyle. Clutter creates stagnant chi which in turn can produce illnesses and disease to those living in a stagnant environment.

Daily Challenge to Reduce Clutter

There will always be clutter since you're moving things in and out of your home, such as mail, trash, shoes, clothing, shopping bags and other items. The key to reducing and stopping clutter is to form a habit of doing specific things on a daily basis.

There are several daily chores that can reduce clutter, such as:

  • Never allow trash to build up in any room and empty trash cans before they overflow.
  • Don't discarded shoes, mail, newspaper and other items at the entrance to your home. This will create stagnant chi and prevent fresh chi from entering.
  • Create a place for everything you bring into your home every day, such as keys, purse, shoes and coats. Make it a habit to place each item in its designated spot the moment you arrive home.
  • Return items to their place after using.


There is a strong connection between the kitchen and fostering good health. Create daily routines to ensure using the kitchen produces only healthy meals.

Clutter Is the Enemy of Good Health
  • Wash dishes after each meal and never allow them to pile up in the sink.
  • Clean the stove range after each use. This will prevent a build up of grease and grime.
  • Sweep and/or mop the floor regularly to keep dust, dirt and debris from accumulating.


Dirty windows create clutter and stop the flow of chi in and out of your home.

  • Set a regular window washing schedule for inside and outside.
  • Unstick any windows painted shut so they can be opened.

Ensure Air Quality for Good Health

You want to ensure the air quality in your home is healthy.

  • Replace HVAC filters regularly.
  • Open windows periodically to allow fresh air to enter and move through your home.
  • Smudge rooms with incense or sage to clear stagnant energy from the room.

Enhancing East Sector for Good Health

There are many ways you can enhance and activate the east sector (health sector).

  • Activate the governing wood element with plants and wood furniture.
  • Add a water feature, such as an aquarium or desktop water fountains flowing in the house.
  • Rectangle shapes are wood symbols and will enhance the auspicious chi energy.
  • There are several good luck charms and symbols you can use to for afflicted health sectors.

Tien Yi for Daily Health

Tien (heaven) Yi (doctor) is your health and longevity direction. Take advantage of this direction whenever possible to ensure good health or to improve poor health. To ascertain your best directions, including your Tien Yi, calculate your kua number to determine your four best directions and four worst directions.

Tien Yi for Daily Health


To take full advantage of your Tien Yi direction, position the oven/range in this direction. The auspicious energy from your health direction will flow into the stove, bolstering healthy properties of any food you cook.

Dining Room

The dining room is also an important room for good health. Whenever you sit at any dining table, be sure you are facing your Tien Yi direction.

Sleeping for Health

Every night you should sleep with your head pointed in your Tien Yi (Health) direction. If this isn't possible, then try moving your bed so you sleep with your head pointed in your Sheng Chi (Wealth) direction. If neither of these are feasible, then try one of the other two directions, Nien Yen (Love) or Fu Wei (Personal Growth). These positions ensure you receive the auspicious energies they generate.

Children's Health Tips

If you have children, you can protect their health with a few feng shui tips. You will need to calculate your child's kua number to determine the four best directions.

Children's Health Tips

Bed and Desk Placements

If your child's bed or desk are not in their best directions for sleeping and studying your child's health can suffer. Assess which directions he or she faces when working at the desk and which direction their head is pointing when sleeping. If either direction isn't in the child's best directions, rearrange the furniture to these two directions.

  • Position the bed so your child sleeps with her/his head pointed in their Tien Yi direction.
  • Children should sit facing their Fu Wei position because it is excellent for education energies.

Good Feng Shui Home Design for Health

Designing your home based on feng principles sets up conditions for optimum chi energy flow and activation of sectors. This process ensures good health on a daily basis as long as other feng shui rules are incorporated into everyday routines.

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Feng Shui Health Tips for Everyday Use