7 Feng Shui Tips for Balancing a Busy Schedule

balance work and home life

Feng shui can help you maintain balance in your life, especially when you're juggling a very busy schedule. Feng shui fits all lifestyles. It doesn't matter if your lifestyle is that of a single woman or a mother of three children, these seven feng shui tips can help you create a balance your busy schedule between home life and work life.

#1 Declutter and Organize

Most people understand that their lives improve dramatically when they live in an organized environment that is free of clutter. These are fundamental feng shui principles. Clutter at home slows down the flow of chi energy, which is the life force for all things. When your lifestyle is hectic or at the least very busy, you draw on that life force more than when you are simply relaxing at home.

Oranization Means Energized Chi Energy

By keeping your home decluttered, the chi energy you tap into will be abundant and energized. When you're organized, life flows easier. You can achieve this optimum lifestyle with incremental tasks to declutter specific areas of your home.

Grid Plan for Decluttering

Start decluttering by creating a plan of action. Create a grid for your home and tackle one grid at a time to clear out all clutter. This includes drawers, closets, and any stacks of papers and books. Be ruthless and get rid of items you haven't used during the past year. By dividing your home into a grid, you won't become overwhelmed and can see instant progress. Tackling a little at a time will see you through until your entire home is decluttered and organized to reduce your daily stress.

#2 Add Moving Water for Balance

Busy lifestyles benefit from momentary escapes achieved with subtle enhancements, such as the sound of moving water. The presence of moving water has a calming effect and affords you a way of taking a quiet break from a hectic day. Relaxing to the sound of a tabletop water fountain or watching the movement of fish in an aquarium are great ways to destress. Be sure to add a bubbling feature to your aquarium.

Either water feature (fountain or aquarium) can be used as an ideal feng shui choice for the southeast sector (wealth) and/or the north sector (career) of your home. Place a comfortable chair near this feng shui enhancement so you can spend a little time each day enjoying the soothing benefit providing by moving water. Your wealth and career will also benefit from these feng shui boosters.

#3 Balance Auspicious and Inauspicious Sectors

Imbalanced sectors can impact your life negatively, making a busy schedule and lifestyle worse than it should be. You can remedy many of the ill side-effects of an imbalanced sector or two by adding the proper elements to reverse the negative influence.

Balance Auspicious and Inauspicious Sectors

Kua Number

You'll want to know which directions are your auspicious and inauspicious ones determined by your kua number. Use the kua formula to calculate your kua number to discover if you're in the East or West group. You can then activate your auspicious sectors and weaken your inauspicious sectors' influences on your life.

Ways to Activate and Weaken Sectors

Some examples of activating or weakening sectors include:

  • South (fire sector): Add lights and candles if this is your auspicious sector. For an inauspicious sector, add a water element, such as a painting of gentle water or a water fountain or aquarium and earth elements, such as pottery and crystals.
  • Southeast and East (wood sectors): Auspicious sectors can be activated by adding wood elements to your décor. Inauspicious sectors can be weakened by adding metal (decorative objects, candle holders, etc) or fire elements (candles, bright lights, etc).
  • Northwest and West (metal sectors): Auspicious sectors can be reinforced with metal objects. An inauspicious sector can be weakened by the water element or fire element.
  • North (water sector): For an auspicious sector add a water feature or painting of a lazy flowing river that flows into the room not out. For an inauspicious sector, you can add a wood element or earth element.
  • Center (earth): The center of your home is governed by the earth element. If this is an auspicious sector for you, add pottery, crystals and other earth elements. If the center is an inauspicious sector for you, add wood or metal elements to weaken the earth energy.

#4 Add Yang Energy for Abundant Life Force

The yang energy is the creative and active chi energy. It is a highly prized energy source for anyone with a busy lifestyle. You can achieve a greater balance in your schedule and life when you have ample yang energy at your disposal so you don't end up exhausted.

Woman covered in sticky reminders

Generating Yang Energy in Your Home

Chi energy is comprised of yang (male) and yin (female) energies. The two opposite energies are necessary to create a balance within chi energy. You can create an abundance of yang energy to compensate for the amount of energy you would otherwise be depleting. Generate yang energy by creating movement within your home and office.

Chi Energy Movement Suggestions

Ways to create movement for chi energy revitalization include:

  • Open windows to allow fresh chi energy to enter.
  • Small pets moving about your home freely stimulate yang energy.
  • Keep interior lights on a minimum of five hours each night.
  • Leave music playing when no one is at home.
  • The energy of children playing and moving about your home generates yang energy.
  • Happy activity in your home, such as laughter, playing games, and entertaining friends all generate yang energy.
  • Turn on an oscillating fan to re-energize the chi energy in your home.

Keeping yang energy moving throughout your home and office will ensure you don't become exhausted and have a reserve amount of yang energy to use.

#5 Cultivate a Harmonious Relationship

The love and marriage sector is in the southwest. Romantic love relationships are often neglected by couples with busy lifestyles.

Add Symbols

Boost your love luck by activating the southwest sector of your home and bedroom with elements and love symbols.

  • An amethyst geode placed in the southwest sector will activate the love luck.
  • Display the double knot of happiness in this sector or southwest corner of the master bedroom.
  • Place a pair of mandarin duck figurines on a nightstand.
  • Set a rooster figurine next to the amethyst to guard against infidelity, often a symptom of a neglected spouse due to a busy lifestyle.

Take Advantage of Personal Love Luck Direction

The love and marriage direction is called Nien Yen. You can find identify this direction by using the kua formula to calculate your number and find your Nien Yen direction. Once you have established this love luck direction, you can sleep with your head pointing in this direction to keep a steady flow of love energy to your marriage or love interest.

If your schedule becomes busier than usual and you worry that your relationship is suffering, face your Nien Yen whenever possible to promote greater understanding and harmony.

#6 Seek Career Balance at Work

If you have crammed too many activities and obligations into your life, you may find your career suffering. You can restore balance to your career with a few feng shui cures.

  • Power and authority: Prevent your corporate power and authority from being undermined while you're engaged in a busy schedule. Place a ru yi in the northwest sector of your office. This powerful symbol of power and authority will ensure your position within the company is solid.
Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Auspicious Words
Golden Ru Yi Scepter
  • Office gossip and politics: Place a rooster figurine in the west sector of your office for protection against gossip and politics.
  • Support: Maintain support at work by placing a photo or painting of a mountain behind your chair or in the northeast sector of your office. Be sure the mountain peaks aren't jagged and sharp.
  • Advancement: If you're seeking a promotion, but working with a stressful schedule, increase your luck with a symbol of recognition. The horse figurine is a powerful feng shui cure when placed in the south sector of your office.
  • Water fountain: Keep your career luck flowing with a six or eight tier water fountain. Make sure the water flows into your office and directly toward you.

#7 Balance Life for Children

The west sector governs descendants' (children) luck. You can use a symbol in this sector to ensure your children don't suffer from a busy family lifestyle.

  • Protect your children's scholastic luck with a crystal globe placed in the west sector of your home. You can also place one on the west corner of a child's desk.
  • Place a seven-tiered pagoda statue in the west sector to aid with your children's education luck.
  • A laughing Buddha with children statue will help maintain harmony, happiness and balance for children when placed in the west sector of your home.
  • Fu Wei is the personal growth direction. Use the kua number formula for each child and have them sit facing this direction whenever doing homework.
  • If you're having discipline issues with your children, arrange their beds so they sleep with their heads pointing toward their Nien Yen directions. This position will reap the benefit of a more obedient child.

Feng Shui Tips for a Balanced Life

You can use these feng shui tips to help you achieve a more balanced life, especially if you feel you're constantly going from one activity to another. When you follow feng shui principles, you can tell a difference in the flow of chi energy the moment you correct an imbalance of energies within your home and office.

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7 Feng Shui Tips for Balancing a Busy Schedule