Feng Shui Cures for Six Backyard Poison Arrows

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A backyard poison arrow is anything straight and long that is pointed at your house. The effects it has on your life is determined by how long and how straight that arrow is. The backyard is often overlooked when addressing possible poison arrows. There are some specific things you can look for and remedy using feng shui principles.

Single Tree or Utility Pole

A lone tree, utility pole or tall outdoor light pole are poison arrows that can harm the chi energy entering your home. There are a few feng shui remedies that will counter the negative energy generated by a single tree or pole that forms a direct line to the back of your home.

  • A water fountain that sprays up into the air is a great way to disperse the sha chi sent toward the back of your home by a tree or pole.
  • A hedge or bermed area with a grouping of tall to medium plantings can create a buffer to poison arrows.

Trees Too Close to House

Trees planted too close to your house will create too much yang energy. Remedies include:

  • Cut back the branches to help remove some overpowering yang energy.
  • Plant trees away from you home, this way they can provide protection for sha chi energy, such as poison arrows.

Wall or Hedge Poison Arrows

When planning the landscaping for your backyard be careful where you place features, such as walls and hedges. You don't want this type of feature to create a straight long line pointed at your house. Cures include:

  • Plant shrubbery or trees between a backyard wall or hedge and your home.
  • Place a spraying water fountain between your house and the hedge or wall.

Tree in Front of Back Door

Just as you don't want a tree planted in front of your front door, you don't want one in front of your back door. This creates a poison arrow and also blocks auspicious chi energy from entering your home through the back door.

Tree in Front of Back Door
  • Fortify the feng shui of the back door area with the governing color and element for that sector.
  • Make sure your back door is substantial, so it isn't overwhelmed by the oppressing presence of the tree.
  • Hang a multi-faceted crystal ball between the tree and house.

Straight Walkways and Garden Paths

Walkways or garden pathways in the backyard should be designed with curves. A meandering pathway through a garden is auspicious while a straight pathway that leads to your back door creates a harmful poison arrow. The same can be said of a sidewalk or walkway that leads to the backyard from the driveway or front of the house. Feng shui cures include:

  • Soften the harsh lines with plants that cascade over the walkway to interrupt the straight line.
  • Place a potted plant or two along the walkway.

Roofline Poison Arrows

A neighbor's house or a neighbor's storage building can create poison arrows directed toward your home, as can the roofline of your own garage or outbuilding. The roofline itself creates a long and straight line, and the end of the roofline forms a triangle. The triangle roof shape is known for killing fire energy. This negative energy can be very powerful and can destroy wealth, careers and overall abundance. Feng shui remedies include:

  • Hang a large (one-foot long rods or longer), bamboo, five-rod wind chime near the back door. The ideal location is above the door. If this is not feasible, hang the chime as close to the back door as possible. Make sure the placement isn't intrusive and is aesthetically appealing.
  • Plant two or three trees between your house and the troublesome roofline(s). Choose tall trees that produce a lot of leaves. Avoid planting trees with pointed leaves since these create poison arrows. Instead, choose trees with leaves that have soft edges, such as round or oval leaves. The foliage acts to deflect the poison arrow.
  • Plant a grouping of three or more tall shrubberies or trees, preferably evergreens, between the poison arrow(s) and the back of your home.

Backyard Poison Arrows Have Cures

The most effective cures for poison arrows is to avoid creating them. However, you can counter poison arrows in your backyard with these feng shui cures.

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Feng Shui Cures for Six Backyard Poison Arrows