Define Luck as It Applies to Feng Shui

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The feng shui definition of luck is different from the western world's definition. In feng shui, luck is used to describe the three different forms of energy that affect every individual's life. Balancing energy in the spaces you work, live, and play can bring luck to various areas of your life.

Trinity of Luck

Feng shui addresses two of the three basic forms of luck referred to as the Trinity of Luck. These include:

  • Heaven Luck (Tien): This luck is also known as destiny or karma. It is dictated by the date, time and location of your birth. Feng shui cannot negate heaven luck, but it can assist individuals in taking advantage of all Earth Luck opportunities to enhance their lives.
  • Earth Luck (Ti): The energy (chi) that governs Earth can be utilized to manifest a better life for yourself. Through the application of feng shui principles, these energies can help you get the most out of all areas of life, such as career, love, and health.
  • Mankind Luck (Ren): This form of luck is subject to individual choices and philosophy.

Earth Luck and Feng Shui

Feng shui was invented to take advantage of the Earth luck and incorporate its benefits into everyday life. This is accomplished through the art of placement and calculating an individual's best and worst directions to receive Earth luck.

Chi Energy for Earth Luck

The invisible energy that is active in all life is called chi. It is composed of two opposite energies: yin (female, negative energy) and yang (male, positive energy). The goal is to achieve a balance between these two energies to create harmony.

Attracting Chi Energy

Feng shui can help you attract auspicious chi energy to specific areas of your life. The eight sectors of your life are defined by compass directions. These are referred to as luck sectors.

  • Career luck (north): By activating this sector, you can attract chi energy to revitalize your career and boost career goals, such as a new job or promotion.
  • Education luck (northeast): Activate this sector to aid in education goals, such as passing exams, gaining admission to a desired college, or graduating with honors.
  • Health luck (east): Activate this sector to improve health or use a feng shui cure to improve or prevent illness.
  • Wealth luck (southeast): Those wishing to increase, maintain and improve their wealth can activate this sector.
  • Fame/recognition luck (south): If you seek recognition or fame for work or other endeavors, you can activate this sector.
  • Love/relationship luck (southwest): Activate this sector to improve or attract a love relationship.
  • Descendants luck (west): If you wish to assist your children and improve your relationship with them, activate this sector.
  • Mentor luck (northwest): When seeking a mentor to enter your life, activate this sector.

Mankind Luck and Feng Shui

You can take steps to create a better life through the use of feng shui and other life-enhancing tools. Using your kua number is one way to personalize feng shui luck and take advantage of auspicious chi energy.

  • Calculate your kua number and find your best directions to invite auspicious chi energy into your life and actions.
  • You can also find your worst directions and avoid these negative energies that can affect your luck in various sectors.

Changing Life Circumstances

You can tell the difference in your circumstances when you correctly apply feng shui remedies for a specific luck sector.

Negative Change in Luck Sectors

You will certainly know whenever there is a negative impact in one of your luck sectors. It can be a gradual change, or it can feel almost instant. The first thing to assess is what changed in that sector.

  • It could be as simple as having added or moved a piece of furniture that blocks the flow of chi energy.
  • A monthly or annual negative flying star may have moved into the now afflicted sector.
  • Check to see if there is clutter in the sector and remove it immediately to free up stagnant chi energy.

Gauging Success in Positive Luck Change

It's easy to assess your feng shui efforts to change a specific sector and if you've been successful.

  • A career in a downward spiral can be altered when you take feng shui steps to activate your career luck. Depending on the circumstances, you can experience a positive change almost immediately or it can take several days or even weeks.
  • Success in activating a luck sector depends on your circumstances and what you seek to correct.
  • Another factor is how well you apply the feng shui measures for a course correction.
  • Make sure you use the right element for the luck sector you want to shift to a positive effect.
  • Take note of the first signs that a shift in the positive direction have begun.
  • Measure any positive changes against the timeframe when you first applied feng shui remedies or activated an element.

Understanding Feng Shui Luck

When you understand the concept of feng shui luck, you are armed with tools to take advantage of auspicious chi energy. Feng shui principles can be applied to attract chi energy to the luck sectors you need to activate.

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Define Luck as It Applies to Feng Shui