Clear Closet Clutter With Feng Shui

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Fully organised closet

Clearing closet clutter with feng shui principles ensures this often-neglected part of a feng shui design is complete. When you clear clutter, stagnant chi energy is freed to resume the flow through your home.

Step One: Clean Everything Out of Closet

The first thing you need to do is get that clutter out of your closet. A few quick steps can have the chi energy flowing around your closets once more.

  1. Pull everything out of the closet. Don't leave anything inside.
  2. Clean the inside of the closet to get rid of all dust and grime. Vacuum the floor, as well.
  3. In keeping with feng shui principles, if the closet paint is dingy and scuffed, it's time to add a fresh coat of paint. This unkempt look is considered clutter since it is an accumulation of wear and tear as well as grime/dust.
  4. Paint the shelves and/or cover with shelving paper.
  5. Make sure the closet light works.
  6. If you don't have a light, add a battery operated one so there can be light when you need it.

Step Two: Sort Closet Contents

Once you have everything out of the closet, it's time to start sorting through the mess.

  1. Create different grouping/piles for sorting.
  2. Use a large plastic tub/bin or bag for each grouping.
  3. Label the tubs, such as donations, trash, and keepers.
  4. If you're going to redistribute closet contents to other closets in your house, create a bin for each one, such as bathroom closet or master bedroom closet.

Step Three: Tips for Keeping and Tossing

There are a few quick tips that can help you decide what to keep and what to donate or trash

  • Feng shui principles state anything broken or in disrepair should be fixed or replaced. This should be your number one guideline.
  • The rule of thumb for keeping anything is to make sure you have a need for it.
  • When sorting clothes, eliminate anything you don't love or haven't worn in a long time. Some professional organizers suggest anything not worn in a year should be tossed.
  • Be ruthless in assessing what to keep and what should go.

Step Four: Get Organized

Once you've sorted all the closet contents, it's time to reassemble the remaining contents into this storage area. Feng shui dictates the closet be organized. This creates order and frees energy.

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  • Store loose items in a basket, box, or bin on a shelf.
  • The best feng shui designs include bin or box lids for the neatest looking solution for loose items.
  • You may decide to purchase a closet organizing kit or design your own with containers, hangers, and shelving.
  • Create a place for everything in your closet and always return it there after use.
  • For larger closets, set decorative jars on the shelves to hold small items you use often.
  • Arrange clothing by color for a balanced feng shui look.
  • Always keep closet doors closed when not in use.

Feng Shui Closet Tips

Once you have everything sorted and your closet reorganized, turn to other feng shui tips for the best closet set-up. Beauty is a natural goal of feng shui. Just as you want the rooms in your home to bring beauty and harmony into your life, closets can also transcend their utilitarian purpose.

  • Decorate the inside of the doors with wallpaper or a nice stencil design. Use a color that is assigned to the sector where the closet is located.
  • Place a clear crystal on one of the shelves or hang a multi-faceted crystal inside the closet to disperse any chi energy that lingers too long.
  • Select slim hangers to increase hanging space. Be sure to leave space between clothes so chi energy can flow freely.

Closets Free of Clutter

You should notice a difference in the luck sectors where a previously disorganized closet had made it stagnant. Depending on the sector, you should see an improvement in the area of life governed by that sector. For example, a closet located in:

  • The north sector can bring an improvement in your career status.
  • A northeast sector should have a positive impact on education, such as a higher grade or an acceptance into a college that was delayed.
  • The east sector may bring about an improvement in a health-related issue.
  • A southeast sector will see financial issues improving or an increase in wealth.
  • The south sector should result in recognition you may have been struggling to receive no longer being denied.
  • A southwest may bring an improvement in a relationship.
  • The west might see a resolution in an issue you've had with your children.
  • A northwest sector closet now organized could free energy and finally bring a mentor into your life.

Freeing Stagnant Closet Chi

When you clear closet clutter using feng shui principles, you unblocked the chi energy flow in that sector. Maintaining newly organized closets will allow auspicious chi to travel freely throughout your home.

Clear Closet Clutter With Feng Shui