Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

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The answer to the question, can feng shui change your life is a resounding yes! The practice of feng shui uses several divination tools and mathematical formulas to evaluate your property, home, and life to offer practical remedies and solutions to create harmony and balance.

Can Feng Shui Get You That Promotion?

Yes. You can use the water element to activate your career luck and give you an added boost you may need to gain that promotion. The energy that governs this area of life (career) may be missing or weak in the north sector of your current office and/or home office. By adding the water element in the compass north area of your office, you ensure the chi energy is activated to infuse your career with auspicious chi energy. You'll feel this surge of energy in your work and work-related activities. The chi energy will give you greater confidence in your abilities and job performance.

Will Decluttering Really Help Your Life?

Yes. The basic feng shui principle of decluttering can instantly change the direction of your life. Stagnant chi energy creates obstacles and blockages. Getting rid of clutter is the easiest feng shui application you can do to initiate drastic changes in your life. Cluttered sectors can negatively impact your health, wealth, income, job, marriage and various relationships. When these blockages are removed, the chi energy will flow freely and brings auspicious energy to these areas of your life.

Can Feng Shui Make You Confident and Happy?

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Yes. The Eight Mansions Lucky Map calculates your best four directions and your worst four directions. Once you know the best direction for sleeping, eating, working, studying and other activities, you can then face the appropriate direction to receive the auspicious chi energy. You can also avoid facing your worst directions that aren't in sync with your energy. When you use this valuable feng shui tool, you'll feel more confident and happier while performing these activities. This, in turn, will assist you in achieving specific goals and undertakings.

Do Feng Shui Good Luck Charms Work?

Many people claim excellent results. Depending on your intent and the element of the charm, you can attract or activate good luck. Feng shui good luck charms are symbols of specific attributes and energies that draw your attention each time you see them. This causes you to focus energy on the symbol that in turn attracts more energy. You can also use a charm to activate the element of a specific sector when you place good luck charms in your home. Make sure the charm is made of the appropriate element, such as metal for west (descendants' luck) or northwest (mentor luck), or a symbol of health (east sector) made of wood (sector element).

Can Activating Elements Change Your Life?

Yes. If you have a specific area in your life that is in chaos, disorganized on a downward spiral, adding the appropriate element to the ruling sector will draw auspicious chi energy to this area. If you decluttered and things haven't changed enough, you may have another problem, such as an inactive sector. This requires introducing the appropriate governing element. Once this element is added to the sector, you should see a positive change in your circumstances. It may happen instantly or take several days or even weeks to manifest. It depends on how long the energy has been blocked and if other feng shui issues exist.

Will Creating a Bright Hall Make Your Life Better?

Yes. Lillian Too discusses how to create a Bright Hall and the benefits it will bring to your life. This is an open space that you locate in the center of your front yard. This area should be well manicured and inviting. You can plant lush shrubbery and brilliant flowers. This plant vitality will attract auspicious chi energy. The cleared open area you create will allow auspicious chi energy to accumulate and then enter your home. The Bright Hall will pool chi energy and keep a constant supply to feed into your home. You'll see an increase in opportunities, abundance, wealth and overall positive changes in your life.

Can Living Below Road Level Have a Negative Impact?

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Yes. If you live in a home below road level, your life will be negatively impacted. A home below the road level creates a lack of support for your home and life. This location means you constantly fight to get uphill in life but always slip backward for each step forward you make. Finances will suffer greatly in this type of house location. You'll face constant financial issues often related to the upkeep of your home. When you move to a home that is street level or above street level, you will see an immediate change in these negative circumstances.

Can Feng Shui Change Your Destiny?

No. Feng Shui is used as an enhancing tool to correct and optimize earth energies that impact your life. Feng shui philosophy states you cannot change your destiny, but you can smooth out the rough spots and attract helpful chi energy to boost the positive aspects of your life. In effect, you can drastically change and improve your life, but your path is set before you. While you may not be destined to be a millionaire, you don't have to be poor. Feng shui can ensure that you have wealth enough for a comfortable lifestyle through various theory applications.

Feng Shui Can Change Your Life

When you understand the logic and practical applications behind feng shui rules and principles, you'll realize how feng shui remedies work to remove obstacles. By keeping feng shui rules in mind when making life-changing decisions, you can ensure auspicious changes in your life.

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Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?