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How to Practice Feng Shui

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Once you have applied feng shui principles to your home, there are a few things you should do on a regular basis to keep the chi energy flowing. If you neglect these maintenance and upkeep guidelines, then the chi energy will once more become stagnant.

1. Make Your Bed Daily

It's easy to let the bed remain unmade until the next time you retire. However, an unmade bed is considered clutter, so take the extra five minutes each morning to make the bed.

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Resets Chi Energy

You can immediately feel the difference in chi energy after you make the bed. This simple act resets the energy in the bedroom.

Healthy Restive Chi Energy

This means auspicious chi energy can enter and refill in the bedroom instead of creating stagnant chi from disheveled bedding. With the chi energy reset, the bedroom is ready for you when you retire that night, ensuring a restful sleep.

2. Close the Toilet Lid and Bathroom Door

Simple things in feng shui can have the biggest impact. Each time you or a family member uses the bathroom, close the toilet lid before flushing and close the bathroom door when you leave.

bathroom interior of a home

Keeping Toilet Lids Closed

Closing the toilet lid is a healthy practice that contains the germs accumulating in the toilet. In feng shui, an open toilet lid is like a sieve or vacuum that sucks the auspicious chi energy out of your home along with your finances.

Closing the Bathroom Door

You can prevent beneficial chi energy from being depleted by keeping the bathroom door closed. This is such a simple thing but is vital to ensure the feng shui health of your family and your finances.

3. Activate Chi Energy When Not at Home

When most people leave the house, they turn off all the lights and sounds like TVs and music. During the time you're absent, the chi energy in your home loses its vibrancy and yang energy.

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Keep Light Turn On

Yin energy overpowers the energy of your home. When you return home, the chi energy is once again revitalized. You can keep the chi energy in you home vigorous by keeping one or two lights turned on.

Sound Energizes Yang Energy

Leave a TV playing or music playing while you're gone. The sound and electronic activity will generate and attract yang energy.

4. Stimulate Wealth Sector

Leave a couple of lights to attract chi energy into those areas of your home. A southeast sector should be lit a minimum of six hours each day. The more time the light is left on the more your wealth sector will be activated.

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Lights Greet You Home

If you'll be returning home in the dark, leave the light at your door turned on. Some feng shui practitioners advise leaving the front door light on 24/7 to ensure auspicious chi energy is always arriving at your front door.

5. Open Windows and Doors to Let in Fresh Chi

Every week, you should open the windows and doors to allow fresh chi energy to enter. If the weather is cold, you can open a door or window for a brief time, just long enough for fresh air to stimulate the inside of your home with yang energy. The fresh chi will energize your home.

Open window in bedroom

6. Face Best Direction

Whatever you do in your home, always face one of your best four directions. Calculate your Kua number and find out your four best directions.

  • Make sure you sleep with your head pointed in the Tien Yi (health) direction.
  • If you can sleep in your health direction, then make sure it is one of your other three best directions per your kua number.
  • Always face your Fu Wei (personal growth) or Sheng Chi (wealth) directions when at work to capitalize on the powerful auspicious chi energy.
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7. Pick Up and Keep Organized

It's easy to discard clothing, shoes and other items when you first get home. Make it a habit to place each of these items where they belong.

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Preventing Accumulation of Clutter

This prevents the accumulation of clutter. It takes less time to do this immediately when you get home than to go back later. The pitfall to waiting later is you may become too tired or distracted. This good housekeeping rule will keep your feng shui efforts optimum.

Clean It Up!

Don't allow spills, trash, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, old magazines, grocery bags, etc to become accumulated clutter. The moment you spill something, clean it up.

  • If your laundry pile is growing and can't wait for the weekend, do a load each night to stay on top of it.
  • Unload the dishwasher each morning so it's ready for the day's dishes. This way you can place dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher and avoid stacking them up in the sink.
  • Sweep or vacuum when it needs it to prevent clutter.
  • Take the trash out before it gets so full that it is spilling over.

Learning How Important It Is to Practice Feng Shui

Doing the simple housekeeping chores on a daily and weekly basis will ensure your home remains in good feng shui condition. When you practice feng shui each day, you'll begin to feel the benefits in all areas of your life.

How to Practice Feng Shui