Feng Shui Music for Wealth: Types & Tracks

Published February 26, 2021
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Feng shui music for wealth revolves around specific sounds. These can either be played by themselves or in unison for a more powerful boost of yang energy.

Find and Play Feng Shui Music for Wealth

The sounds you want to attract wealth luck into your home or office often are nature sounds. These are the first ones you want to explore when seeking music for feng shui wealth luck.

Feng Shui Sounds of Nature Generate Wealth

The specific sounds of nature that generate wealth fall into a few categories that are related to the elements that govern compass directions. These directions can be found in the bagua of your home as sectors.

Water Element

The water element rules the north. The north compass direction rules over your career luck. This is tied into your wealth luck since it is how you make money for an income that is ideally consistent for a healthy cash flow.

Music that overlays the sounds of nature, such as running water, is usually a good feng shui music to attract wealth. You still want a few other elements represented in the music with the sounds associated with those elements.

Metal Element

The metal element governs the west and northwest compass directions. In the productive cycle, metal attracts water. If your music selection includes the sounds of bells, wind chimes, a gong, a xylophone, or other metal sounds, then you have a stronger composition for attracting wealth luck with music. One musical piece actually features the metallic sound of coins falling onto a surface.

Wood Element

The wood element rules the east and southeast. In feng shui, the southeast sector controls wealth luck. Instruments made of wood can generate another layer of energy that attracts wealth luck simply by being made of this element. Music that features a piano, a wood flute, a cello, or other instrument made of wood adds that important layer of wealth luck generating energy.

Yang Energy for Feng Shui Music

The energy that creates, moves, and attracts wealth luck and other feng shui luck is yang energy. You certainly want the music you play to have some yang energy within its notes. However, you don't want music that is all yang music, like heavy metal. Feng shui is about balance, and chi energy is made up of yin and yang energy. The ideal feng shui music should have this balance.

Music to Attract Money and Abundance

When you put the feng shui elements together, they can become a musical composition just unto themselves. A stream trickling over rocks, a waterfall, the sound of an ocean, the chiming of temple bells, and the metal wind chime blowing in the summer breeze can attract money and abundance.

Musical Instruments and Element Sounds

When musical instruments, such as a piano, violin, cello, a wooden flute or other musical instrument(s) are added, you have a natural symphony. These combinations of sounds that make music together can provide you with very effective feng shui music.

Money Meditation Music With Songbirds

You cannot consider wealth luck without feng shui birds that attract wealth. Songbirds are often layered into instrumental and element soundtracks.

Birds in Feng Shui for Wealth Luck

Birds generate yang energy with their ability to fly and the songs they sing. Birds are an important part of feng shui applications for remedies and as bringers of good luck. Specifically, in feng shui, a peacock is known for its ability to attract wealth energy. Its feather tips are said to resemble the shape of coins.

Birds Bring Opportunities and Expansion

Other birds that bring prosperity and auspicious energy include doves, roosters, cranes, and small birds, like wrens. They are all heralds of auspicious energy and good luck. The singing of birds within a soundtrack of melodic instrumental and nature sounds is a great feng shui music rendition.

Songbird singing

Where to Play Feng Shui Music

The two sectors where you want to play feng shui music include the southeast (wealth luck) and the north (career luck). You should play the music a minimum of six hours each day to ensure you energize the chi energy in those sectors.

Feng Shui Music for Wealth

There are many types of feng shui music you can play to attract wealth. The reverberation of the music helps to draw out the yang energy to attract wealth luck to you.

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