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White Zen balance stones, an Orchid flower, a bamboo plant and a candle on a wooden table

You can apply the principles of feng shui for health luck by using various ancient tools and practices. You want to have a healthy life so you can fully enjoy the abundance that feng shui can bring to you.

East Sector for Feng Shui for Health

Feng shui health begins in the east sector that governs your health luck. If the feng shui facing direction of your home is east, then you want to take full advantage of the good health luck this placement can bring to you. The ruling element for the east sector is wood. You can add live plants in this sector to activate this element.

How to Use Feng Shui Health Cures

There are many feng shui health cures you can use in your feng shui applications. Most feng shui health tips are ones you can use every day to ensure good health luck is created in your home or office.

How to Use Feng Shui Healing Objects

In feng shui, you can work with the element energies to attract healing chi energies. There are also feng shui objects that can assist you in the healing process or guard your health against illness and disease. Feng shui guidelines show you where to place these objects, such as the Wu Lou.

Feng Shui Healing Crystals

Feng shui embraces the healing art of crystals. Crystals are imbued with certain Earth energies that are known to affect specific chakra regions of the body. You can use feng shui crystals for this purpose as well as using them to activate specific areas of your home or office. The energies of crystals emit beneficial properties and attract the dynamic yang energy. You can also select a healing feng shui bracelet to wear to benefit from personal feng shui health energies.

Chinese Medicine, Food, and Herbs

In feng shui, you can use the ancient healing arts of Chinese medicine that has been used for over 5,000 years. You can use feng shui to choose the most optimum foods to create good health. Feng shui herbs are used to enhance health, and many are known as good luck herbs.

Advantages of Feng Shui for Health Luck

You will have an advantage when you use feng shui for health luck and incorporate long life feng shui symbols in your décor. When you focus on your health feng shui, the rest of your feng shui applications will fall in naturally to reinforce a good, healthy, and abundant life.

Feng Shui for Optimal Health