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Dragon figurine holding a bunch of Chinese coins in his teeth

There are many feng shui money applications you can use to increase your wealth. Using feng shui for wealth and prosperity is one of the many reasons people turn to feng shui.

Feng Shui Money Rules and Applications

You can attract feng shui money luck in your home or office when you activate your wealth sector or money corner. There are many symbols and good luck charms that are known to be feng shui money cures. Some of these are also made of specific material that can activate the element responsible for attracting money and wealth.

Feng Shui for Wealth Cures

If you are experiencing money problems, feng shui offers many remedies. When you apply any of the feng shui for wealth cures, you can infuse auspicious chi energy into your wealth sector or other area of your home or office to create abundance.

Symbols for Feng Shui Money and Wealth

Some of the symbols you can use to attract money and wealth luck into your life include the feng shui money tree and jade plants. You can learn where to place money symbols, and bringers of wealth, like the Chinese god of wealth, into your home and office.

Use Color and Music to Invoke Wealth

There are many ways in feng shui to set up the right conditions to invoke wealth luck and money luck. You can use things like color to stimulate prosperity energies.

Play Music in Wealth Luck Sector

Music is another great tool for refreshing and drawing wealth to you. Sounds, especially musical sounds, generate beneficial yang energy. When you play music in your wealth sector, this powerful yang energy is generated. The yang energy attracts wealth luck similar to how a magnet attracts metal objects to it.

Lucky Animal Symbols for Money and Wealth

You can add a good luck animal to your home or office décor to entice wealth to you. For example, you can add a pair of Pixiu figurines to ensure good fortune and wealth luck take up residence in your home or office. If you seek a pay raise or promotion that will bring you greater wealth opportunities and luck, then a horse figurine is a must. You can discover the almost magical power of the closely guarded ancient secret of the wealth vase to keep wealth and money flowing your way.

Make Your Own Feng Shui Money Luck

There are many ways you can create and stimulate feng shui money luck. When you use ancient feng shui symbols of wealth, you tap into centuries of proven feng shui applications and the powerful energies they represent.

Feng Shui for Money and Wealth