Best Places for Lucky Bamboo in Your Home and Office

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You can place lucky bamboo in your home or office to attract good feng shui energy. Deciding where to put lucky bamboo in your home or office is easy once you've decided what you wish to accomplish with this valuable feng shui tool.

Best Places for Lucky Bamboo

Without question, the best places for a lucky bamboo plant is the wealth luck (southeast) and health luck (east) sectors. Both sectors are governed by the wood element, so plants are ideal activators for these sectors.

Lucky Bamboo on Living Room Tables Moves Chi

living room lucky bamboo

While you can place a lucky bamboo plant in the southeast or east corner of a living room, you can also place it in the south sector. The wood element (lucky bamboo) will feed the fire element ruling the south sector.

  • Set the plant on a coffee table to prevent chi energy from accumulating. A rectangle or square coffee table often becomes an obstacle and prevents chi energy from moving freely around the room. The plant will attract the chi energy to lift above the coffee table and move freely.
  • An end table or a sofa table are also good choices for placement options.

Lucky Bamboo Centerpiece in Dining Room Promotes Abundance

dining room with lucky bamboo plant

Place your bamboo plant as the centerpiece for the dining table so the energy it attracts is doubled. The dining room is the seat of the family abundance. Placing a lucky bamboo plant in this room is an auspicious addition. An appropriate feng shui dining room design will have a mirror that reflects the dining table to double the abundance.

Six Stalk Lucky Bamboo Arrangement in Office Brings Wealth

office with lucky bamboo

An office will benefit from the addition of a lucky bamboo plant.

  • Place the plant in the east corner of the room to ensure your health and the health of your career or business.
  • If you know your kua number, then place the plant in one of your best directions to attract chi energy.
  • You can also place a lucky bamboo plant on the east or southeast corner of your desk.
  • If you require fueling for your recognition or fame luck, then opt for the south section of your desk for bamboo placement.
  • Six stalks brings prosperity and wealth. Place in the southeast sector of your office.

Lucky Bamboo in Kitchen Represents Happiness

lucky bamboo kitchen

A kitchen that falls in the southeast or east sector, is a great place for a lucky bamboo plant.

  • If the kitchen isn't in either of these sectors, determine the room's east or southeast corners and place the plant in one of those corners.
  • You can place this plant in areas where stagnant chi may be pooling, such as above cabinets or even on top of a refrigerator.
  • A kitchen dining table located in either sector can use a lucky bamboo plant for a centerpiece.
  • A three-stalk arrangement works in this room since it represents happiness, long life, and wealth.
  • Both five stalks and seven stalks symbolize health, a great energy for a kitchen.

Lucky Bamboo in Bathroom Neutralizes Sha Chi

lucky bamboo in bathroom

The wastewater of a bathroom generates negative chi (sha chi). Plants in the bathroom can neutralize the water since wood exhausts water.

  • A shelf over the toilet is a great location for the plant.
  • Place the bamboo arrangement on the back of the toilet for the best placement.
  • A clay pot will add more control over the waste water since the earth element destroys water.

Don't Put Lucky Bamboo in the Bedroom

no plants in bedroom

You do not want to put a lucky bamboo plant in the bedroom. Feng shui principles state that the yang energy of plants is too powerful for a room dedicated to rest and relaxation. Avoid placing any plant in the bedroom.

Placing Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui

You can take advantage of the good feng shui energy that a lucky bamboo plant attracts. Select the ideal placement for your home or office based on southeast, east, and south sectors as well as your personal kua number

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Best Places for Lucky Bamboo in Your Home and Office