Tips for Incorporating Good Luck Charms Into Your Home Decor

Elephant and baby figure

Incorporating good luck charms into your home décor is easy with the right feng shui guidelines and tips. Feng shui symbols and charms are reminders of the chi energy you wish to attract into each room.

Living Room

The living room is the gathering place for the family. Laughter, music and the interaction of family members generates chi energy, specifically the energetic yang energy.

Aquarium for Good Luck

An aquarium is an ideal good luck symbol to place in the living room where everyone in the family can enjoy and benefit from the yang energy the swimming fish create. Place the aquarium in the southeast or east corner of the living room. You need a minimum of eight red fish and one black for optimum good chi energy of the number nine.

Elephant for Strengthening Maternal Bond

An elephant mother and its baby figurine or painting is an ideal good luck symbol for a family or living room. Choose one with both trunks lifted in a trumpeting pose to herald in the auspicious good luck chi. This excellent symbol of good luck will bestow blessings upon the mother and child relationship(s). Place the figurine or painting so the elephants are in the west sector (descendant's luck) facing into the room, never pointed toward a door or window.

Master Bedroom

There are numerous good luck charms you can use in the master bedroom to bolster your love life, health and even finances. You can use paintings and art objects to bring luck into this sector of your home. Place these in the southwest (love relationships) corner of the bedroom.

Always in Pairs

The rule of two dictates how good luck charms can be used to symbolize a perfect pairing. This includes a pair of Mandarin ducks or two peony blossoms. Anything used in twos especially in the southwest becomes a symbol of love's unity.

Good Luck Charms in Artform

You can use works of art depicting the double happiness symbol, a pair of Chinese characters, to attract twice the amount of luck in love, marriage and happiness. The double happiness symbol is often used to suspend other good luck charms that can subtly hang from a table lamp switch.

double happiness chinese symbol paper decoration

Dining Room

The dining room is a very important room for family fortune and abundance. There are many symbols and charms of good fortune that can be used in this room.

Mirror and Dining Table

The mirror is used in the dining room to double the family's fortune and abundance. This is achieved by reflecting the dining table to increase the abundance of food, so the family is never without what it needs for a happy and well-lived life. Centerpieces of good luck include bowls of food symbols, such as garlic, peaches, lemons and/or apples.

Dining room mirror

Lotus Flowers

The lotus flower is a magnet for good luck and auspicious chi energy to enter your home. You can place this symbol in your dining room as a figurine on a sideboard or buffet. You may prefer to use a painting over a buffet or a figurine as part of a table centerpiece. Choose the east or southeast sector for this charm since it represents the wood element and will attract wealth.

Home Office

Several good luck charms are ideal for a home office. If you're seeking to increase your career opportunities and your wealth, then you should place at least one charm in this room.

Lucky Bamboo

A well-known good luck charm is the lucky bamboo plant. It's given as a gift to celebrate everything from a birth to a housewarming. You can capitalize on the good luck and wealth this plant generates by placing it on the east or southeast corner of your home office desk.

Lucky bamboo plant on table

Ru Yi

The scepter of power, Ru Yi, is a highly prized feng shui symbol of power and authority. This symbol can be a scepter mounted for display or etched onto a crystal globe. Place this symbol of influence on your desk in the north corner for a career booster, especially if you're seeking greater responsibility and authority through a promotion.


The kitchen is another important room since it is where the meals that nourish your family is created. You can add a good luck charm to attract beneficial chi energy.

Jade Plant for Money Charm

The governing element of a kitchen is fire. Add a jade plant (round leaves) to generate greater luck since wood fuels fire. A jade plant's round leaves symbolize money/coins. You can attract greater wealth when you set this plant in the south (fire) corner of the kitchen.

Chinese Coins

Three Chinese coins from a happy Chinese dynasty tied together with red ribbon are used as a good luck wealth charm. This symbol can be placed in the southeast corner of your kitchen to attract wealth.

Three Chinese coins tied together

Front Door Entrance

The front door entrance or foyer is the entry point of auspicious chi energy. You can attract the good luck this energy brings into your home with a couple of good luck charms.

Fresh Flowers

The energy of living flowers attracts and exudes yang energy. You can place these in a vase of water and set on a console table at the front door entrance. This good luck charm will increase the amount of auspicious chi entering your home. Change the water regularly and remove flowers as they die.

Mystic Knot

The mystic knot is used by itself with a tasseled end or to support another type of feng shui charm. This symbol of infinity and happiness brings good luck into the foyer when placed near the front door. You can use it as a tasseled decoration for a pair of table lamps on the entry way console table.

Follow Tips for Using Good Luck Charms in Your Décor

It's easy to take advantage of feng shui good luck charms in your home décor when you understand what the charm means and how to use it. These can be subtle nuances when used as a natural part of the decorations in your home.

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Tips for Incorporating Good Luck Charms Into Your Home Decor