Sandy Door Colors to Use in Feng Shui

Front Entrance

Sandy colors for doors can be good feng shui choices and more for a home facing a specific direction. You can use the colors assigned to feng shui sectors to determine if sandy colors are ideal for your home.

Sandy Colors and Facing Direction

Sandy colors can range from very light cream color to a medium tan value. You can choose a sandy color for your front door by matching it with the facing direction of your home.

Compass Direction for Sector Colors

The compass direction known as a feng shui sector has an assigned element as well as assigned color(s). This is your guidepost for deciding if a sandy-colored door is the best feng shui choice for your front door.

East Facing Home

If your home facing direction is east (wood element), sandy colors are excellent choices for your front door. A color combination of green and tan makes a great feng shui choice. You may prefer to paint your home a darker sandy color with a light tan door or a lighter sandy colored home with a darker tan door.

Bedroom interior

Southeast Facing Home

If your home faces the southeast, it is also governed by the wood element. You may decide to paint the exterior of your home a medium green with a light sandy colored door. You have many available color combination choices.

Northeast Facing Home

The northeast is ruled by the earth element. The assigned feng shui color for the earth element is ochre. Some practitioners also use sandy colors for this sector. If you're home faces northeast, a sandy colored front door can be a nice contrast to an ochre colored (or lighter value) home. Use sandy colored trim to repeat your door color choice.

Southwest Facing Home

Another sector ruled by the earth element, a southwest facing home can use a sandy colored door. Select the color value of ochre that best fits your personal style.

West Facing Homes

Since the west is ruled by the metal element and is created by earth in the productive cycle, it's auspicious to use a sandy color for the front door of a west facing home. The metal colors to consider for the exterior color include, gold, copper, silver, white, and brass.

Northwest Facing Home

Another metal governed sector is the northwest. Just as the west facing home, you can use a sandy colored front door for a northwest facing home. Consider the varying values of metal colors when selecting your exterior house color.

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South Facing Home

If you choose a fire color to paint the exterior of your home, a sandy colored door may be an option. The southeast wood element feeds the fire element (south). You may be able to skirt past the destructive cycle earth energy from the southwest. It could be that the two elements cancel each other out, but since there are better color/sector choices, you may decide to bypass this color combination.

North Facing Home

The last facing direction to consider is north (water). The earth element destroys the water element in the destructive cycle. The wood element weakens the water element in the exhaustive cycle and should be avoided.

Sandy Colors for Interior Doors

You can use a sandy color for the interior doors and trim of your home when your home faces one of the compatible directions, such as northeast, east, southeast, southwest, west, or northwest. If your home faces any other direction, you're better off selecting a color that is either assigned to that sector or is compatible with the sector.

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Sandy Colors and Doors in Center of Home

The center of your home is also ruled by the earth element. This means you can paint interior doors with a sandy color for a southwest or northeast home.

Instances Sandy Colors Aren't Ideal for Interior Doors

While it stands to reason that a house facing a compatible direction, such as east, southeast, west, northwest, southwest, and northeast is a candidate for sandy colored interior doors, there are always exceptions.

front door entrance

North Sector Interior Doors

A north sector is ruled by the water element. The colors for this sector are blue and black. You don't want to paint the interior doors of this sector in a sandy color. The earth element destroys water in the destructive cycle. The wood element weakens the water element in the exhaustive cycle. A water or metal color are ideal choices for the north sector doors.

South Sector Interior Doors

Just as the south facing home isn't a great candidate for a sandy colored front door neither are the interior doors. In fact, the interior doors should be painted a color more compatible with the south sector colors.

Consider Each Sector of the Home

Regardless the facing direction of your home, the interior will be divided into compass sectors. If you wish to play up the colors of a particular sector, you could paint the inside of the door for that room to match the sector. However, from an aesthetic perspective most interior doors look better when painted the same color. You should also consider that in feng shui, aesthetics is vital to good chi energy flow and harmony.

Deciding on Sandy Colors for Doors and More

There are several things to consider when deciding if you can use sandy colors for your exterior and interior doors. The facing direction, the sector elements and the assign sector colors all come into play to determine if sandy colors are a good choice for your house doors.

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