9 Beautiful Koi Fish Drawings

Reviewed by Karen Frazier

Powerful Feng Shui Symbol

Whether you have a koi fish pond in your backyard or a koi fish drawing on your wall, koi fish are powerful symbols in feng shui for attracting abundance and prosperity.

Koi Fish Drawings

The color of a koi fish also has a specific meaning and has an effect on its symbolism.

Two Koi Fish

When koi fish are represented in pairs, it symbolizes a marriage filled with happiness and good luck.

The Balance of Yin and Yang

The small black and white teardrop shapes inside the yin yang symbol represent two koi, a male and a female, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang energies.

A Long Life

An ornamental carp (koi fish) can live for more than seventy-five years and is a symbol of a long life.

Koi Fish Attract Happiness and Wealth

Whether you have a koi fish drawing, painting, statue, or living fish in an aquarium, it will attract auspicious chi to fill your home with good luck and prosperity.

Positive Energy

Koi fish energize the area with a strong positive energy.

Eight Koi for Prosperity and Wealth

Having eight koi fish, seven red and one black, draws wealth and prosperity into your space. The single black koi absorbs all the negative energy from the surrounding area.

Koi Fish

If you have koi fish, always keep their pond or aquarium very clean.

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Reviewed by Karen Frazier
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9 Beautiful Koi Fish Drawings