How to Feng Shui Your Ideal Family Room

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A feng shui family room can energize your family and abundance luck with auspicious yang energy. The most active room in your home, the family room deserves special attention to ensure feng shui principles are followed to the fullest.

Feng Shui Family Room Design for Ideal Living

Before you start designing your feng shui family room, you need to determine its luck sector. You will need to first take a compass reading to determine the facing direction of your home. You can then use the bagua as an overlay of the layout of your home. The bagua will reveal which sector your family room occupies.

Feng Shui Your Family Room Using Luck Sector

Once You've determined the luck sector of your family room, you can use the element and feng shui colors assigned to it. You will need to activate the governing element to stimulate the auspicious chi energy. You will also want to take advantage of the colors for the sector.

Feng Shui Chart

Feng Shui Colors for an Ideal Family Room

You can use the colors chart to select your main color and secondary color(s) for your family room depending on the luck sector your room occupies. Keep in mind the area of life your good luck activates when you add the element to your feng shui décor.

Best Feng Shui Furniture for Elements

You can also use the family room sector's element to help you decide on the material you need for your furniture.

  • East, southeast or south: wood furniture
  • West, northwest or north: metal furniture or furniture with metal accents
  • Southwest or northeast: furniture with stone features, such as marble tops or other stone tops for end tables and coffee table.
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Feng Shui Tips About Furniture Selection

The furniture style is purely personal taste. A few things to consider when shopping for furniture are to avoid choose furniture with hard sharp corners. End tables and a coffee table with sharp corners create poison arrows. Furniture with rounded corners, oval and round shapes will keep the chi energy flowing through your family room.

Ideal Shapes for Your Feng Shui Family Room

You can also use the shapes assigned to elements to further enhance the auspicious chi energy in your family room. You can select upholstery, drapery, pillow and other fabrics that repeat this pattern. You can display the shapes in an area rug design, wall art, and art objects.

Combine Productive Cycle Shapes

You don't want to go overboard with too many shapes in fabrics and objects, since feng shui is always about balance. However, you can combine productive cycle shapes in your family room décor to take advantage of the shapes and elements they represent. The productive cycle is a progression of the elements that feed each other with beneficial energy.

Possible combinations of shapes include:

  • Fire: triangles and rectangles
  • Earth: squares and triangles
  • Metal: circles and squares
  • Water: wavy lines and Circles
  • Wood: rectangles and wavy lines

How to Arrange Your Family Room in Feng Shui

You can arrange the furniture in your family room, the same way you would arrange living room furniture. The ideal family room furniture placement uses a couch, loveseat, and single chair. You want to anchor the couch against a solid wall and avoid placing it against a window.

Tips for Selecting Accessories and Artworks

Once you add various accessories, such as pillows, throws and lamps while following feng shui principles for your interior design, you can select artwork for its color, shapes, and subject matter.

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Artworks to Avoid Placing in Your Family Room

Avoid war images, fierce animals, and stormy seas or weather. This type of artwork sets up inauspicious chi energy that will negatively impact your family's abundance and welfare. Such artwork is inappropriate feng shui and can create conflict and unrest among family members.

Basic Feng Shui Tips for Good Family Room Design

When you undertake the feng shui design of your family room, you want to be sure you follow basic feng shui principles. It doesn't matter what you do to your family room décor if you ignore feng shui rules that guarantee good chi energy flow.

  • Get rid of all clutter.
  • Electronic equipment should be placed on the northwest wall of your family room to activate the metal energy. Keep in mind that wherever you place electronic equipment, it will activate the good luck energy of that compass direction or sector.
  • Aquarium or tabletop fountain in southeast corner stimulates wealth, in east feeds health luck and in north activates career.
  • Energize your family room with sound, such as music, pets, children at play, and TV.
  • Northwest sector or wall in the family room is the ideal location for electronic equipment like a television, stereo and other devices since it will activate the metal chi energy.
  • Don't place furniture or block natural pathway through the room from one door to the other.
  • Use plants in the east, southeast and south sectors or corners.
  • Don't use any plants with pointed leaves since these create poison arrows.

How to Feng Shui Your Family Room for an Ideal Décor

You can follow feng shui principles as guides to designing your ideal feng shui family room. A feng shui family room will nurture and support your family with auspicious chi energy.

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