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Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Living Room Furniture

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Feng shui tips are a great help for choosing the ideal living room furniture. There are several things to consider when considering the size, color, style and materials of your living room furniture.

Feng Shui Guidelines for Furniture

When you shop for living room furniture, you want to find pieces that will fit in your living room space without making it appear cluttered. A matching sofa, loveseat and one chair are the typical feng shui furniture seating combination.

Seating for Everyone

You aren't limited to using just these specific pieces. The overall goal is to provide seating for each member of the family and allow chi energy to flow naturally around the room.

  • L-shaped couches are inauspicious and should be avoided.
  • The best option is the typical three-piece configuration.
  • You can add other chairs to the original combination. Some may be smaller or larger in size and scale.

Other Furniture Pieces

You will also want to add other pieces to complete the feng shui furniture layout. These include end tables and coffee tables.

Modern living room interior

End Tables

A pair of matching end tables can be added to either side of the sofa. If you select round tables or tables with rounded corners, you can avoid creating poison arrows. Rounded tables and corners also keep the chi energy flowing throughout your living room.

Coffee Tables

The feng shui furniture configuration also includes a coffee table or cocktail ottoman, depending on size of table/ottoman and sofa. You can select the style and type that best goes with your décor. Round, oval square or rectangle shaped coffee tables are all auspicious. You need to leave enough space between the coffee table or ottoman and sofa so you can walk around the furniture. This will ensure the chi energy isn't blocked.

Size of Furniture

Sizes of the furniture you select can vary but the sofa should be the largest piece of seating furniture. The other pieces of furniture should be placed around this centerpiece furniture. The furniture should be to scale with the room. Each piece should be an appropriate size in comparison to the sofa to maintain chi energy balance within the room.

Cozy Living Room

Furniture Styles

You can select the furniture style that goes with your home décor and your personal taste. Rounded corners are always preferable over sharp angles that create poison arrows. You can successfully choose any furniture style.

Ideal Furniture Colors, Materials and Fabrics

The colors you select for your furniture should appeal to your personal taste as well as the furniture style. Each compass sector has assigned colors that represent the element governing it. You can use a feng shui color guide for living rooms to help you select appropriate colors for your living room sector.

Materials Wood, Metal and Concrete

The materials for furniture vary. You may want to select one that correlates to the element of your living room compass direction. Furniture made from the appropriate element can activate that luck sector.

  • Wood: Southeast (wood), east (wood) or south (fire) sector locations
  • Metal: West (metal) and northwest (metal) sector locations
  • Concrete: Southwest (earth) and northeast (earth) sector locations

Feng Shui Furniture Fabric Patterns

The fabric choices of furniture are important aspects of auspicious living room designs. You can take advantage of specific shapes that represent the compass sectors. These include:

  • Square (earth): Square shapes make good fabric patterns for the southwest and northeast living rooms.
  • Rectangle (wood): Rectangular shapes are best used in east, southeast and south sectors.
  • Circles (metal): Patterns with circle or oval shapes are excellent choices for west and northwest sectors.
  • Wavy (water): A north sector living room is ideal for wavy furniture patterns.
  • Triangle (fire): A triangle pattern can be used for a south sector living room furniture upholstery.
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Use Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Living Room Furniture

You can implement many feng shui tips to assist you in selecting the right living room furniture. Be sure that your choices provide comfort as well as aesthetic, texture and color balance to your room décor.

Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Living Room Furniture