Feng Shui Room by Room

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When you add feng shui elements to the rooms in your home, it requires careful consideration of where each object is placed in order to maximize the flow of chi. Follow simple feng shui rules for placement, such as decluttering, to get started. However, when you're ready to take a deeper dive, use feng shui room by room to create optimal energy flow throughout your entire home.

Begin With Feng Shui in Outdoor "Rooms"

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The inside of your house isn't the only thing that's important in feng shui. Consider your outdoor space its own room so you can create auspicious energy as it moves from the outside world into your home. There are some things outdoors you can't control, such as poison arrows pointed at your house and inauspicious land formations, but you can and should implement feng shui cures to remedy these in order to minimize negative chi flowing into your home and life. Make sure your yard is free of clutter by keeping it well maintained and tidy.

Create an Attractive Entrance

Front entrance to the house

Consider your front porch and front door an outdoor room that sets the stage for chi energy as it enters your home. Keep it clutter-free and tidy. Additionally, make sure the decor you use and the color you paint support positive energy flow. Doormats, knockers, wreaths, and furniture near the door all affect how energy enters your home.

Keep an Uncluttered Entryway

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Your entryway or foyer is where you first invite energy into your interior living spaces. Therefore, it's essential you choose colors for your foyer that support positive energy. Keep this space neat and decluttered. Avoid making foyer feng shui mistakes such as hanging a mirror facing the front door because the reflection will bounce any energy right back out from where it came instead of allowing it to flow in your home.

Maintain the Heart of Your Home in the Kitchen

Kitchen with good feng shui

The kitchen is considered the heart in many homes because it is where family and friends gather to socialize and for nourishment. How you place items and appliances in your kitchen affects how the energy flows throughout. For example, you don't want your range located in the Heaven's Gate (northwest) sector of your kitchen, which is where good luck resides, and using a heating appliance could destroy or dampen that luck. Kitchen colors are also important to support auspicious chi and moderate or feed the fire element that comes from your stove and oven.

Support Health and Prosperity in the Dining Room

Feng shui dining room

In the dining room, support auspicious health luck and abundance by choosing a dining room table in the right shape. The shape of the table supports different types of energy. For instance, a round table supports abundance while a rectangle supports growth of the family. The color of your dining room and the objects you use there, such as dishes and decorations, can all support or detract from these energies.

Create Family Harmony in the Living Room

Feng shui living room from above

Creating an auspicious living room is essential because families and guests gather here and usually spend a great deal of time in the space. Living room color supports auspicious feng shui. Choose wall and accent colors for your living room that your whole family enjoys that will support the social and family elements of the room based on where the room is located in the house.

Strengthen Love in the Bedroom

Serene feng shui bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you relax and rejuvenate. In a marriage, it is also a place where you explore physical intimacy. Therefore, bedroom arrangement and color are both essential in creating love, harmony, and balance in this vital space. Use a feng shui bedroom map to help you find the right bed placement and height.

Give Your Baby a Good Start in the Nursery

Baby's nursery

You can also feng shui your baby's nursery to improve chi and give her a good start at life. Issues such as lighting, storage, furnishings, color, and object placement can all work together to help create the ideal environment for your new baby.

Keep Kids' Bedrooms Clutter-Free

kids bedroom

Kids come with clutter, so it's important to have a place for everything in your children's bedrooms. Auspicious feng shui can help improve your children's grades and allow them to be happier and healthier.

Minimize the Negative Impact of Your Bathroom

Bathroom with auspicious feng shui

Bathrooms are considered inauspicious in feng shui, but everybody has to have one. Many believe they are a drain on energy and prosperity because of the sink, shower, tub, and toilet drains. So while bathrooms are never going to be considered great luck, you can add some feng shui elements to your bathroom to make it as lucky as possible. For example, one of the cardinal rules of bathroom feng shui is to always keep the toilet lid down so you aren't flushing money or luck down the toilet. You can also choose auspicious colors for your bathroom decor that balance and minimize the overabundance of the water element found in every bathroom.

Keep a Tidy Laundry Room

Tidy, uncluttered laundry room

Often, laundry rooms are where chi goes to die (or at least stagnate) because they tend to get cluttered with baskets of dirty laundry, piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded, and storage of laundry items. The energy of the laundry room is also similar to that of a bathroom because you dispose of things there, and it has a lot of the water element. Fortunately, there are simple feng shui rules for laundry rooms you can follow to help keep your laundry room tidy and minimize the impact it has on the chi in your home.

Support Productivity and Prosperity in Your Office

Tidy home office

Set aside a space for your home office that supports prosperity and productivity. The right office layout and colors creates auspicious energy to make your business a success.

Let Energy Flow Freely on Stairs and in Hallways

Girl on colorful staircase

Stairs and hallways direct chi because they tend to be narrow and directional. Stairways move chi to other levels of your home, so you need to make sure you follow vital feng shui rules for staircases. In hallways, use feng shui lighting and doorway tips to keep the energy flowing freely.

Keep Storage Areas Tidy

Tidy closet

Anyplace in your home where you store things, such as closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, or even your garage, must be kept neat and clutter-free in order to allow auspicious chi to flow freely throughout. Consider using items such as baskets, drawer organizers, and closet organizers so everything has a tidy space where you can keep it.

Better Luck in Every Room

From the entryway, to the center of your home, to the back door, you can optimize the flow of chi to create auspicious energy. By following crucial feng shui rules, you can have better luck in every room of your home.

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