Feng Shui Ideas for a House Facing East

east facing front door

A feng shui house facing east is like an open front door inviting healthy chi inside. In classical feng shui, the east sector governs your health and an east-facing house can generate auspicious energy for not just health good luck, but also wealth luck.

Great Ideas for a Feng Shui House Facing East

Wood is the east sector element. You can use the wood element at your front door and front side of your home to activate your health luck as well as your wealth luck. You can start by installing a wood door.

Not All Facing East Houses Are Front Doors

While most of the home facing east will be the front side of the house, this isn't always the case. For example, you may live where the side street is busies than the front of your house.

Yang Side of House Important

In classical feng shui, the side of the house with the most yang energy is considered the facing direction of the house. Even if the facing side of your house isn't the front of your house, you can consider use feng shui rules to treat that side of your home the same way as a front door.

Wood Element Colors for East Facing Front Door

You can paint the front door in one of the feng shui wood element colors. Some of the green and light brown color choices include emerald green, fern green, olive, shamrock, moss, basil, macaroon, oat, shortbread, sandy, fawn, biscotti, camel, and others.

green front door

Water Element Feeds Wood

The colors for the water element can also be used for your front door since the water element feeds the wood element. These colors include black, navy blue, midnight blue,

Colors to Avoid for a Feng Shui House Facing East

You don't want to use colors from a destructive or weakening element. These include colors for fire and metal. In the exhaustive cycle, fire burns and weakens wood. In the destructive cycle, metal cuts wood and destroys it. The colors for these two elements include crimson, lavender, lilac, orange, deep yellow, gold, bronze, pewter, white, silver, brass and other fire and metal colors.

More Feng Shui Ideas for a Home Facing East

You can further fortify the wood element for your front by choosing decorative objects, such as opting for wood furniture for a front porch, patio, or deck. You may use potted flowers and plants to repeat the wood element as well as wooden art objects or plaques.

Add a Water Element to Nurture Wood Element

You can use a water fountain but need to be certain to place it on the correct side of the front door. To place your fountain correctly, stand looking out from your doorway and place your water fountain to the left of your door. Never set a water feature to the right of your door. In feng shui, this placement is considered an invitation to infidelity in a marriage or romantic relationship.

Decorate with Water Element Shape

You can also use the wavy shape that represents water in feng shui shape. Choose a blue or black wavy fabric pattern for throw pillows, an outdoor rug, welcome mat, or wooden yard art.

Feng Shui House Facing East and Good Luck Directions

Classical feng shui offers you valuable information about your east facing house. The east health direction is ideal for anyone with a kua number 9 since it matches the eight aspirations of an east facing house.

Sheng Chi Wealth Direction

In a house with the front facing east, the sheng chi (wealth) is located at the front of the house. If your door is centered on the front side of your home, then the wealth sector is at the front door. Other kua numbers also feature this direction as a good luck direction.

Step One: Find Your Kua Number

You can calculate your kua number using a simple formula. This number will reveal if you're in the east group or west group of Eight Mansions.

East Group Kua Numbers

West Group Kua Numbers

1, 3, 4, 9

2, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Step Two: Best Facing Directions for Kua Numbers

If you are in an east group, then an east facing house is auspicious for you. The chart below reveals your kua number and the facing direction.

Kua Number

Best Facing Directions



Southeast facing direction



Northeast facing direction



South facing direction



North facing direction


5 (male)

Northeast facing direction


5 (female)

Southwest facing direction



West facing direction



Northwest facing direction



Southwest facing direction



East facing direction


Step Three: Feng Shui House Facing East Chart

The east-facing grid below can help you determine the four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions for an east-facing house. You can use your kua number for an east group to analyze how your good luck directions and bad luck directions match up.

East Group Kua Numbers

Only kua number 9 will be an exact match. However, you will still have the same good luck directions, just different areas than the east facing grid. For example, a kua 3 will have nien yen (love) in the southeast instead of tien yi (health). It is still an auspicious direction; you just use it for a different type of good luck.

Step Four: Superimpose Bagua Over Layout

You want to superimpose the east-facing, nine-grid bagua over the layout of your home. East will be positioned at your front door (or door on yang side if different from front door).

East-Facing House Bagua Grid

Lui Sha (Six Killings)

Bad luck direction


Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts)

Bad luck direction


Chueh Ming (Total Loss)

Bad luck direction


Fu Wei (Personal Growth)

Good luck direction


Kua Number 9
(East Group)

Nien Yen (Love)

Good luck direction


Tien Yi (Health)

Good luck direction


Sheng Chi (Wealth)

Good luck direction


(Front Door)

Ho Hai (Bad Luck)

Bad luck direction


Step Five: Discover Rooms in Good and Bad Directions

You will superimpose the grid over your house layout, placing the east direction of sheng chi over the side of your house designated as the east facing side. In most cases, this will be the front side. You can now see which rooms in your home fall into your good directions and bad directions. These are determined using the Eight Aspirations Theory and known as Eight Mansions.

East Group Match for East Facing House

The east facing house is part of the east group, so anyone with a kua number of 1,3, 4, or 9 will find this an auspicious home. The sheng chi (wealth) is located in the center of the front (or other side of the house).

Best Front Door Location for Sheng Chi

For a front door facing direction, the best location for the door is centered on the front of the house. This ensures the chi energy can reach the door easily. You want auspicious chi energy to enter your living room, kitchen, dining room, and these are best directions for your four good directions when possible.

How to Minimize Bad Luck Directions

One of the best ways to minimize your bad directions is to place them in inauspicious chi areas, such as a garage, bathroom, closet/storage area, or kitchen. A kitchen can have a mix of auspicious and inauspicious chi energy and can handle a bad luck direction easier than a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Modern bathroom interior

Feng Shui Remedies for East Facing House Bad Direction

There are many ways to weaken the negative energies of a house facing east when it doesn't match well with your kua number. The first thing is to lessen the use of that area. The easies solution is to use a different door to enter and leave your home.

Weaken the Wood Element

You can use the exhaustive cycle to weaken the wood element. This requires introducing either a metal or fire element. This can be with done with lights, a metal decoration, metal planter, metal plaque, or a metal door knocker. You don't want to overload in fire and metal elements, since you need the auspicious chi energies to survive. You just want to weaken them a little.

Don't Worry About Bad Luck Direction

You shouldn't panic if your home is in one of your bad luck directions. Keep in mind that other factors are taken into consideration in classical feng shui. You don't want to make a conflicting kua number the most important aspect of your feng shui design. Always keep in mind that it is just one of several things to consider for bringing balance and harmony to your home.

Easy Feng Shui Ideas for Living in a House Facing East

You can use feng shui ideas to decorate a house facing east. It's easy to assist the chi energies to enter your home and flow freely to create a harmonious environment for your family.

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