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Avoid These Major Feng Shui Foyer Mistakes

Sally Painter
Foyer in luxury home

There are several feng shui foyer mistakes that can stop and even kill the chi energy when it first enters your home. Take a few steps to ensure there are no obstacles preventing it from flowing deeper into your home.

Things to Avoid in Your Entryway

In feng shui, you should view your home as needing to be constantly fed auspicious chi energy. The foyer is the mouth where that energy enters. Mistakes are often made, but they can be easily remedied.

Cluttered Foyer

People often use the foyer as a catchall, and before they know it, it's overflowing and cluttered. When this happens, the flow of chi energy becomes stagnant. Fresh energized chi can't enter the home and all areas of your life can suffer.

Cluttered Foyer
  • Don't kick off your shoes at the front door and leave them there. Pretty soon, your foyer will look like a closet. This is one of the worst feng shui mistakes people make.
  • If you take off your shoes at the door, carry them to the bedroom closet or foyer closet for storage.
  • Muddy boots or shoes should be removed outside and taken to the area, such as a laundry room, where you intend to clean them. Don't leave them outside in front of the foyer since these become obstacles and clutter.
  • The same thing goes for backpacks, jackets, mail, and other items. Put everything back in its designated space or storage.

Water Fountain Warning

When adding a water fountain in the foyer, never place it so the water flows out of the home through the front door or a window. Never place a foyer water fountain so it flows toward a fireplace.

Foyers and Sector Colors

There are several colors that are great for foyers when you base these selections on the sector elements. Don't use a color that represents an exhaustive or destructive element for the foyer sector. For example:

  • Don't use tan and/or green in a southwest or northeast sector foyer. Both sectors are ruled by the earth element and in the destructive cycle, wood destroys earth.
  • Don't use metal for a southwest or northeast sector foyer, since in the exhaustive cycle earth, metal exhausts earth.

Mirrors on the Wall

You can hang a mirror in the foyer, but there are two placements you should avoid.

Mirrors on the Wall
  • Don't place a mirror so it is directly across from the front door. All chi energy will bounce out of the house before it has a chance to enter.
  • Never hang two mirrors directly across from each other so they reflect each other. This inauspicious placement will trap chi energy, forcing it to bounce between the two mirrors and never travel inside your home.

Art in the Foyer

Be selective about the type of art you place in the foyer.

  • Don't place art that depicts violent ocean scenes or destructive natural forces, such as volcanoes, tornadoes, or wildfires.
  • Never decorate with art showing wild ferocious animals - this includes statues and sculptures.
  • Don't use art from known sources of turmoil or war, such as showcasing war artifacts or photos of war scenes.
  • Skip using art that was created out of suffering or pain.

Keeping Chi Energy Alive

When decorating the foyers, consider the amount and type of light that enters daily. Is it diffused or does direct sunlight enter the area?

  • Don't set plants in the foyer that don't meet the sunlight available in this space.
  • Don't allow plants to remain if they die.
  • Remove any foliage that turns yellow or dies.
  • Deadhead flower blooms as they are spent.
  • Don't place plants with pointy leaves; these create poison arrows.
  • Avoid using any plants that can be poisonous if eaten.

Furnishings for Foyers

When choosing the furnishings for your foyer, think in terms of the foyer sector element and colors.

  • Don't use rug or doormat shapes that are in conflict with the shapes that represent the element.
  • Avoid using furniture materials that are destructive or exhaustive the foyer sector element.
  • Don't leave burned out light bulbs in light fixtures. Replace immediately to ensure the lighting attracts auspicious chi energy.
  • Don't neglect the lighting in the foyer. If you need more lighting, add floor lamps, table lamps, buffet lamps and wall scones.
  • Never overcrowd the foyer with furniture. This creates clutter and obstacles for the entering chi energy.

Avoiding Costly Feng Shui Foyer Mistakes

You want to avoid making feng shui foyer mistakes since they can cost you in wealth, career, health and other areas of your life. With these tips, you can tighten up your feng shui design to let more auspicious chi energy into your home and life.

Avoid These Major Feng Shui Foyer Mistakes