How to Choose Feng Shui Door Colors

Multi-colored front doors

Finding the right door color to optimize energy flow and good fortune isn't difficult. There's enough wiggle room so you can end up with a shade that has great curb appeal -- and eye appeal for you.

Use Compass Direction for Front Door Color Feng Shui

The direction of the front door is the starting point for feng shui color selection. Find out which way it faces and look for the corresponding colors, elements, and additional related colors. Then give some thought to exterior details of your house you can't change, and the choice becomes obvious.

Find Your Door's Direction

The front door gets the lion's share of attention because it is considered the "mouth of chi" -- the point at which positive energy enters the home. It's an enormously important area to get right, so choosing an auspicious color goes beyond paint samples and matchy-matchy with the roof tiles. Use a compass to find the direction to your front door. Then, get started picking the color magnet to draw prosperity and luck right in through the main entrance:

  • Irish Front Door
    Select a color from the corresponding direction. These are "harmonious" colors -- the colors linked to the element for the direction the door faces. North is water, for instance. South is fire.
  • Note that each harmonized element, the door-facing element, is produced by another element -- the producing element, which corresponds to more colors.
  • Calculate the extended array of hues corresponding to both the harmonizing element/colors, and the producing element/colors.

This expanded spectrum of choices based on the colors and symbols of the five elements allows you to integrate your front door color with the hues and shades on the rest of your house exterior.

colored doors

Black Creates Auspicious Feng Shui for Front Doors Facing North

North's element is water and the main water colors are black, deep blue and purple. Select from values of those harmonizing colors that might include a lighter blue, lavender, blackberry, or a charcoal gray. Since metal produces water, add metal's colors of gold, silver, bronze, metallic gray and white to your choices.

Yellow Is Good Feng Shui for Northeast and Southwest Front Doors

The harmonizing element for northeast is earth, and the colors are clay, beige, yellow, browns and all earthen shades. Fire produces earth so add red, orange, coral, terracotta, burgundy, pink or any hot, fiery shade.

Green Front Doors Face East and Southeast

East and Southeast's common element is wood and those colors are greens, browns, and wood stains. Water produces wood so the producing colors are blues, turquoise, blacks, and purples -- all values, from pastel to rich and dark will work on these doors.

Firey South Facing Doors Enhance Feng Shui

Fire is the harmonizing element of the South. Pick from fire's colors of red, purple, fuchsia, orange, vivid yellow, scarlet, coral, or pink. Wood produces fire and the wood colors for this door include all greens, browns and natural wood colors, including stains.

Metal Colors Benefit West and Northwest Doors

Metal is the harmonizing element for both these directions and that gives you strong feng shui from metallic colors like gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron (including rust), pewter -- all things metallic -- plus gray and white. Earth is the producing element, so add clay, yellow, terra cotta, beiges, or any earthen color.

Choose Garage Door Colors for Auspicious Feng Shui

How your garage is situated dictates how you treat the garage door color.

  • House front of a villa
    If it is a detached building, or the door opening faces a different direction than the front door, apply the compass direction test to the garage and select a hue that complements the front door and the siding, trim and roofing colors.
  • If the garage door faces the same direction as the front door and is attached or visible from the street, consider a different color value of the front door color -- lighter or darker -- or a neat, identical color treatment to present a uniform facade.

Consider Doors for Home Office Public Access

country cottage office

An exterior door to a home office may be treated as a main entrance as clients or customers will use it to enter your space.

  • Use a compass to determine the door-facing direction and select from your optimum color choices, based first on harmonizing elements and then producing elements.
  • Since the door may be visible from the street, along with the main house entrance and the garage door, try to find a common color or color family for all the doors to create strong curb appeal.
  • If your main home entrance is a vivid splash of color, tone down the exterior office and garage doors with a lighter or darker hue so they complement, not compete with, the "mouth of chi."

Avoid Selecting the Wrong Color

There are no "bad" colors in feng shui, but the wrong color can give mixed or negative results. Avoid painting a front door black unless it faces North, Southeast, or East. Bright red is brilliant on a South-facing door but not on doors that face North.

Select Feng Shui Colors for Interior Doors

Interior doors do not require the same consideration as the exterior of your front door. Inside a home or office, the unimpeded flow of energy or chi is the objective. In almost every case, harmony trumps show-stopping pops of color, and the flow of colors throughout the space is the best design choice. Reflect on the room's use and the qualities associated with the feng shui colors for each room. Then let space and layout determine whether you paint the doors and trim to match the walls.

  • living room interior
    In some homes, a contrasting hue or shade on the door will keep a space from being bland or highlight an architectural feature. White or off-white trim and door may contrast with and define deep wall colors in a room or hall, or create a calm and clean welcome to a pastel or white room.
  • If that room is your modern, white home office, located in the south or fame/reputation area of your home, the jolt of fire energy from a red door could enliven the space and attract positive chi to your endeavor or career.

Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

A doorway is an invitation in feng shui, so pay attention to the entire space as you are selecting auspicious colors. Clutter, lighting, approaches, and general maintenance affect the flow of benevolent chi. Choose your optimum color for good fortune and an attractive appearance. Then reinforce that careful choice with welcoming access for people and for positive energy.

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