Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Bathroom Colors

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Feng shui bathroom colors can be selected by using assigned feng shui colors for compass directions. Feng shui bathroom color schemes governed by specific element colors can counter the inauspicious energies generated by a bathroom. Specific element colors of the exhaustive and destructive cycles make ideal décor choices for any feng shui bathroom.

Auspicious Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

The colors for the exhaustive and destructive cycle elements can either be used for a monochromatic color scheme, or you may wish to combine two or more colors for a stunning feng shui bathroom design.


In the exhaustive cycle, wood depletes the water element. Brown is one of two colors assigned to the wood element. Use light to dark values of brown to give your design depth and reflect the variety of brown found in the wood element.

Brown bathroom with marble counter

For a brown bathroom décor:

  • Use a dark brown for the flooring with a tan marble featuring light to dark brown veining.
  • Select a light ecru color for the walls.
  • Choose a medium to dark brown color for the cabinetry.


Green is another wood color that represents the wood element. There is a wide color palette of choices for greens. These can include something as simple as a pale green to a rich forest green.

For a green bathroom décor:

  • Select a soft green for the cabinet and a slightly darker green for the walls.
  • Continue the cabinet color for the trim and doors.
  • Choose a green patterned tile floor that repeats the wall and cabinet/trim colors while introducing a darker green to the palette.
  • Select a white marble countertop with green veins or a stunning Connemara marble. You might prefer an eco-friendly green glass countertop.

Combine Wood Colors

Another color palette for your bathroom inspired by the wood element includes using a brown and green combination.

For a green and brown bathroom:

  • Select a medium green for an accent color with a rich dark brown floor.
  • Pepper in various values of lighter greens and browns to add depth to your bathroom décor.

Earth Element Colors

In the feng shui destructive cycle, earth destroys water. The colors assigned to the earth element include yellow, brown, and tan.

Earth Element Bathroom Colors

For an earth element colored bathroom:

  • Select various values of browns and tans for surface treatments.
  • Add yellow accent colors.

You may decide to reverse this design by featuring yellow as the main color with brown and tan accents.

  • Select yellow, tan and brown pottery and ceramics to repeat the earth element and its colors.

Accent Colors

Add greater color depth to your feng shui bathroom with various accents.

For example:

decorative bathroom set with orchid
  • Roll-up light to dark spa towels and place in a woven basket and set on the counter or shelf.
  • Choose a colored toothbrush holder, decorative soap pump dispenser, or soap dish.
  • Colorful decorative soaps, spa toiletries, bath fizzies, and bath bombs can be displayed in baskets or apothecary jars.
  • Use bath mats/rugs, shower curtains, window shades, and curtains to introduce feng shui colors.
  • Wall art, such as a vibrant green bamboo forest or a metal wall relief in a silver finish, add depth and colors.
  • Green plants with round or oval leaves add color and element values.

Two Colors to Avoid

Fresh water enters the bathroom but leaves as waste water. Many feng shui practitioners advise against using any color that boosts the water element. For this reason, the two feng shui water colors black and blue are usually avoided in a bathroom décor.

Element Colors for Bathrooms Feng Shui

The colors assigned to elements can aid you in creating an auspicious bathroom. For a feng shui wow factor, combine any these colors in your bathroom design.

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