Best Entryway Colors in Feng Shui

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Beyond the main entrance door color, your entryway color choice needs to be a prominent part of your feng shui color scheme. This color enhances and promote the feng shui applications introduced into your home decor.

Colors by Compass Direction Elements

The best way to choose the color for your feng shui entryway is by compass direction. Each of the eight compass directions used in feng shui are assigned specific colors based on the five elements. Determine the facing direction of your home by taking a compass reading. Use the appropriate compass direction as a guide for selecting the main color for your entryway.

Entryways can be either vibrant or restive, depending on your personal style. Use one feng shui color for the walls and another for the doors and woodwork and bring together with furnishings.

Fire Element Colors

The south (recognition/fame luck) compass direction is ruled by the fire element. The chi energy associated with the fire element is powerful and vibrant. It's best represented by an equally commanding and enticing color. The colors associated with fire include:

  • Red to pink: This color range is the most popular and vivid for the fire element. Choose from a darker value of burgundy or the opposite color scale of a soft pink. You may decide to go with a lighter wall color or simply paint a red accent wall.
  • Other fire colors: Peach, orange and purple are also part of the fire color palette.

Metal Element Colors

The compass directions of west (descendants luck) and northwest (mentor luck) are governed by the metal element. This color palette includes:

  • White: White is the go-to color for the metal element.
  • Gold: The color gold can range from vibrant gold to a soft yellow. A bright yellow is more representative of the fire element, so avoid using this intense color.
  • Silver: The color silver or gray is another great color for a west or northwest facing entryway.

Water Element Colors

Black and blue are the two water element colors assigned to the north (career luck) compass direction. You can use these together if you wish.

  • Black: There are many ways to use black effectively in an entryway. You can paint the inside of the entry door black.
  • Blue: A dark to medium blue further represents the water element.

Earth Element Colors

The earth element colors are yellow (ochre) and brown and are assigned to the northeast (education luck) and southwest (love relationship/marriage luck) directions.

  • Yellow (ochre): This color leans more toward a golden value than a bright sunny yellow that's more of fire element color.
  • Brown: When opting for browns, think of the earth colors and not wood colors.

Wood Element Colors

The wood element governs the east (health luck) and southeast (wealth luck) compass directions with green and brown the two assigned colors.

  • Green: You can use a wide range of color values for green. You may decide to create a monochromatic entryway with brown accent colors.
  • Brown: The browns in this palette should mirror those found in plants and trees.

Making Entryway Color Choices

While color alone cannot activate the power of an element, the use of appropriate element colors give a feng shui decor a powerful boost. All entering your home or business will instantly feel the auspicious effect these specific colors generate.

Best Entryway Colors in Feng Shui