7 Feng Shui Tips for Small Living Room Layouts

Published February 16, 2021
Colorful Modern Living Room Design

A feng shui small living room layout can provide you with several design choices. Feng shui principles offer great solutions for small spaces.

Feng Shui Small Living Room Layout

Chances are, you won't have much choice about where to place your furniture in a small living room. However, there are certain feng shui tips that can help you choose the least disruptive placement for your furniture.

1. Avoid Clutter

It is easy to end up with a cluttered small living room. However, the number one feng shui rule of no clutter can keep you on track and prevent you from overcrowding your living room.

2. Sofa in a Small Feng Shui Living Room

Instead of a sofa, you will most likely only have space for a loveseat. You will treat this the same way as a sofa in a larger living room layout by placing it against a solid wall.

Living room couch with pillows

3. Best Way to Arrange a Small Living Room

You can add a small square or rectangle coffee table in front of the loveseat. If you have enough room, place a side chair on one side of the loveseat, so it faces the coffee table. Avoid using a round or oval coffee table since these shapes can create a circular pattern for the chi energy. This circular pattern is especially inauspicious for a small living room and can result in hyperactivity and even arguments.

Vintage Style Living Room

4. Add a Ceiling Crystal Chandelier

With a small living room, you want to ensure the chi energy is moving easily about the space. You can encourage the chi to enter and move around your living room when you hang a crystal chandelier from the ceiling. Pay attention to size and make sure that you select a chandelier that is proportionate with the room size. Leave the light on for a minimum of six hours every day to attract chi energy.

Luxurious living room in modern style with sofa, armchair and crystal chandelier

5. Hang a Family Photo on the Wall

You can hang a family portrait or photo of your family engaged in a fun activity on the living room's largest wall space. You can then add smaller photos around this large one. This placement will encourage your family to spend time together in the living room.

Man hanging family photo in living room

6. Energize Corners of Feng Shui Small Living Room

You want to activate the five elements in your living room to ensure you take advantage of auspicious energy and the good luck it brings. The compass directions of each corner in your living room can be used to determine what element you need to add in order to activate the luck it governs. A few examples of objects you can use to activate these elements, include plants (east, southeast and south), metal picture frames (west and northwest), wall art, decorative ceramic objects (northeast and southwest), a small tabletop water fountain (north, southeast) or fish bowl (north, southeast).

Hexagon shelves wooden design on wall and arm chair Japanese style

7. End Table and Wu Lou Lamp

You want to provide lots of ambient lighting. If you have room for an end table, you can set a Wu Lou shaped table lamp on it. The Wu Lou is a symbol of health luck and gives you just the right touch for your small feng shui living room.

Cozy living room with couple and dog

Small Space Feng Shui Small Living Room Layout

The feng shui guidelines for a small living room layout are similar to larger living rooms. The overall feng shui rules remain a helpful tool for planning your small living room layout.

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