11 Feng Shui Home Office Ideas for Positivity & Prosperity

Published March 18, 2021
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Your feng shui home office can provide you with incredible support for your daily work. When you take the time to apply easy ideas to your feng shui home office, you'll boost your productivity and advance your career.

1. Declutter Your Feng Shui Home Office First

The main concern for a feng shui home office is like all feng shui projects, clutter. Before you begin applying the 9 feng shui tips, take time to declutter and organize your home office. In many instances, this will enable the changes you make to take immediate effect.

2. Importance of Desk Placement in Feng Shui

Place your desk so you have a solid wall behind you. This will give you the support you need in your career. You should never sit with your back to a window. This position won't give you the support you need and leaves you vulnerable to back-stabbing and company politics.

Position Your Desk Diagonally Across From the Door

The command position is diagonally across from the door leading into your office. You want to see anyone who enters your office. This prevents you from being blind sighted in your job. You never want to face a wall with your back to the door. If you can't avoid such a placement, then you need a round mirror positioned so you can see behind you while you work.

3. Best Feng Shui Desk Size and Shape

The feng shui rule for a work desk is bigger is better. The bigger your desk, the more expansive your career will be. You should never work on a small desk, since this will limit your career opportunities.

Bush Business Furniture Studio C Bow Front Desk
Bush Business Furniture Studio C Bow Front Desk

8. Mirror No-Nos

You can place a mirror in your office as long as it is directly across from the door leading into your office. This placement will bounce opportunities out of your office before they can enter. Another placement you want to avoid is directly across from your desk or any placement that reflects your desk. This type of placement will double your workload.

9. Lighting for Your Feng Shui Home Office

It is imperative that you have ample lighting in your feng shui home office. If your office is in the north sector of your home, then natural light will be an issue for most of the day. You can use several types of lighting to address this issue and other lighting needs.

Light Up Your Career and Earning Power

You want all four corners of your office to be well lit. Use a couple of floor lamps, along with table lamps, to ensure you have enough light. You need a task light or lamp for your desk. Recessed ceiling lights on a dimmer switch can provide ambient lighting for dreary rainy days. If possible, you want a light at the entrance into your office, such as a torchiere floor lamp. The lighting in your office will attract yang energy to keep your career energized and stimulate your earning potential.

10. Live Plants to Energize Your Feng Shui Home Office

You want to place a few live plants in your office, preferably in the east and southeast areas of your office. Be sure to select plants that have rounded or curved leaves. You don't want any prickly or pointed leaves that create poison arrows. A lucky bamboo plant or money tree plant are both good choices for a home office.

lucky bamboo plant

11. Bookcases and Open Shelves

Storage is always a prime concern for any home office. In feng shui, books on shelves can create poison arrows that will impact your work, health, and wealth. Feng shui offers two solutions for books on shelves. The first is the easiest, since you invest in a bookcase that has either glass doors or wood doors.

Remedy for Open Bookcases and Shelves

If you are using open shelves or bookcase, there is an easy feng shui solution to poison arrows books can create. The feng shui remedy is to align the book spines so they are even with the edge of the shelf. This will alleviate any irregular placements of books that create poison arrows.

Helpful Feng Shui Home Office Ideas and Solutions

When you explore feng shui home office ideas and solutions, you discover having a feng shui office is easy. You will reap any effort you put into creating a feng shui home office.

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