Printable Checklist for Setting Up Your Feng Shui Bedroom

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A printable checklist is helpful for setting up your feng shui bedroom. Go through the checklist to make sure you have included everything and avoided common feng shui mistakes.

How to Download the Printable Checklist

The checklist is a great feng shui tool to help you create the ideal bedroom that is optimum for sleep and rest. You can check off each item as you make important changes to your bedroom layout and décor. If you need help downloading and printing the checklist, you can refer to the Adobe printable guide. Once you make these basic feng shui changes in your bedroom, you'll quickly reap the health benefits of a good night's sleep.

printable checklist setting up feng shui bedroom
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Feng Shui Rules for Bed and Bed Placement

There are specific feng shui rules when it comes to your choice of bed and where you need to place the bed. If you follow these simple dos and don'ts, you'll end up having restive nights of sleep.

Choosing a Bed

The bed you select can determine how well you sleep. To ensure a sound sleep choose a bed with a strong, sturdy headboard. A headboard offers a sense of protection, especially when it is tall and substantial. A wood or upholstered headboard is best. Avoid metal beds unless your bedroom is located in the west or northwest sector ruled by the metal element.

Proper Bed Placement

The proper placement for your bed is diagonally across from the door leading into your bedroom. Never place your bed opposite this door. This is the coffin position referring to the way a dead person who dies in bed is carried out of the home - feet first. Other rules include not placing the bed underneath or in front of a window and making sure you have enough room to get in and out of each side of the bed. You should also follow feng shui rules on what to avoid doing, such as never sleeping with your mattress directly on the floor or sleeping underneath exposed ceiling beams.

Other Pieces of Bedroom Furniture and Object Rules

The other pieces of furniture in your bedroom should also be placed according to feng shui rules, such as mirrors should never reflect the bed. These rules also include matching bedside tables/nightstands so one is placed on each side of the bed as well as arranging furniture, so it doesn't create poison arrows aimed at the bed.

Decorating Tips for Feng Shui Bedroom

A few helpful feng shui decorating tips can add layers to your bedroom design for good chi energy. Bedrooms need more yin energy than yang energy for a restive haven. You can use colors for a harmonious bedroom décor. Yin colors include greens, yellows and blues, as well as light colored browns.

Using the Kua Number for Sleeping Direction

You can calculate your kua number to discover if you're in the west or east group. Each group has four auspicious lucky directions and four inauspicious bad luck directions. The ideal direction for you to sleep toward is called the Tien Yi (health). To reap the auspicious chi energy, you should sleep with your head pointing in this direction.

Sleep Position

In addition to sleeping in your Tien Yi (health) direction, feng shui explains how to find the correct side of the bed for sleeping. By lying on your back, you can determine the right and left sides of the bed. Traditionally, the female sleeps on the right side and the male sleeps on the left side of the bed.

Marriage/Relationship Happiness Luck

Feng shui addresses your love life with helpful bedroom décor suggestions and the use of elements and symbols to support a happy marriage/love relationship. Feng shui also offers ways to improve fertility.

Bedroom Tips for Health

With a clutter free bedroom, you're on your way to a healthier environment. Feng shui provides numerous tips on how to achieve better health as well as symbols you can use to attract positive chi energy into your bedroom.

Use the Free Checklist for Setting up Your Feng Shui Bedroom

You can use feng shui tips to help you create an ideal bedroom décor. In addition, a printable checklist for setting up your feng shui bedroom ensures a healthier and more restive sleep.

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Printable Checklist for Setting Up Your Feng Shui Bedroom