Yin Yang Definition in Feng Shui

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The ying yang definition correctly states that yin and yang is a complex and enlightening philosophy and state of being. In yin and yang, opposites energies are balanced to complete a whole.

Yin and Yang Energy: The Complete Whole

Yin yang is widely known as the two opposites that complete the whole. Yin is the shady place (north - feminine energy) while yang is the sunny place (south - male energy). Each relies on the other.

Understanding Yin and Yang Philosophy

The theory of yin yang helps define the inner workings of nature. It offers a concise explanation of why there is night and day, light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong, male and female, etc. In other words, it creates a framework so chaos has order. Without this concept, life would seem sporadic, and it would be difficult to see the patterns and logic behind the functions of life.

Spirituality Cycle of Yin and Yang

Yin yang easily becomes a case of which came first, the yin or the yang? Do yin yang define spirituality, or does spirituality give purpose to yin yang? Unlike many philosophies, yin yang has a practical application to nature and spirituality.

Energies of Yin and Yang

The two energies of yin and yang are direct opposites. They feed each other the energy the other lacks. It is through this interchange that they transform from the inside out and become each other, creating the perpetual cycle of from life to death to life again.

Yin Energy Defined

Yin energy is considered passive. Water is a yin energy, and its passive nature allows you to easily move your hand through it. Yin energy accepts and gives over to its surrounding energy. Earth is also yin energy. When yang energy is added to yin energy, it becomes either a creative or destructive element. The nature of passivity appears to be weak, but its strength comes in its ability to transcend other energies.

Yang Energy Defined

Yang energy is aggressive. The power of yang energy is what drives creativity. Passion and fire fuel yang energy. Fire and air are yang elements.

Yin Yang Is in All Matter

It's easy to understand how the world functions within the patterns of yin yang energy. The concept of your body and yin yang is not so easy to grasp.

Yin and Yang Is a Balancing Act

The energies within your body, within each organ, operate on the same premise of yin yang energy. There is a need for the energy system in your body to function in harmony. If there is an imbalance with the body's systems with either too much yin or too much yang, there will be disharmony or disease. Chinese medicine and acupuncture apply the principles of yin yang in restoring health.

Yin Yang in Your Home

Feng shui is dedicated to ultimate harmony of yin yang within your home. It is one of the governing theories of feng shui applications.

  • Yin - The governing energy of your bedroom is yin but that's not to say yang energy is missing. This is a space for rest and receiving healing and nurturing energies.
  • Yang - The dominant energy of your den and kitchen is yang energy. It is the creative and vital life-force energy.

Tao: Ying Yang Definition

Taoism defines yin and yang as two polar energies that fluctuate and interact in constant motion. If you observe the yin yang symbol of two curved teardrops with the black, right side descending while the white, right side is ascending. There is also an inner circle within each of the opposite color. There is an intentional depiction of movement in the symbol to convey that whenever yin and yang come together, they separate only to reconnect and join as one. Descending into life and ascending in death completes the circle of life.

Using Yin Yang Energies

You can apply the principles of yin and yang to your every day life. If you don't have enough yin in your life, you can wear black, blue, silver, and other colors considered yin to enhance the energy surrounding you. The same is true of your environment.

Quiet Contemplation

The essence of the ying yang definition can be experienced whenever you reach a meditative state of balance.

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Yin Yang Definition in Feng Shui