Yin Yang Definition in Feng Shui

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In feng shui, the definition of yin and yang is the focus on establishing a balance between the opposite male (yang) and female (yin) chi energies. Feng shui principles are applied to assess yin yang energies in your home and then offer remedies and cures to balance the chi energy.

Chi Energy and Yin Yang Definition in Feng Shui

Yin and yang are opposite energies. For example, yin is dark, and passive energy (female) while yang is light, active and aggressive energy (male). These two halves must come together to create a harmonious and complete whole that is known as chi energy.

Using Yin Yang in Your Feng Shui Design

Yin yang theory is one of the governing forces of feng shui applications. You can recognize a room with too much yin energy. The feeling of lethargy is prominent. Clutter is a common cause of too much yin energy. Clutter blocks the natural flow of chi energy and the stagnant chi creates an imbalance of yin and yang energy in the room. Decluttering removes the blockage and allows the chi energy to become balanced once more.

Five Elements and Applying the Yin Yang Theory

The philosophy of yin yang further defines the balancing of energies through the use of the five elements found in nature. When chi energy is no longer balanced, chaos, loss and complications arise. You can add more yin energy or increase the yang energy in your house.

Five Elements and Eight Compass Directions

Feng shui works in harmony with the natural five elements that govern the eight compass directions that in turn rule specific areas of your life. Bringing these energies back into balance can cure challenging life issues you're facing, such as financial loss or a deteriorating love relationship.

Element Yin Yang Energies

Each element has yin and yang energies. The yin and yang energies of an element are easy to understand when the two energies are compared.

Comparison of Element Yin Yang

Depending on use or state of being, water can be either yin or yang. For example, a lake or pond is yin energy since it doesn't have movement. A rushing river, stream or ocean is yang energy since it has movement.

  • Yin earth is dirt, gravel and sand while yang earth is mountains and large rocks or boulders.
  • Yin metal is represented by precious metals, especially those used in jewelry, such as gold, silver, and platinum. Yang metal is raw metal, such as steel that can be forged.
  • Yin fire is represented by flames while yang fire is represented by the sun.
  • Yin wood is flowers, plants and vining plants. Yang wood is trees and large shrubbery.

Lighting and Yin Yang Energy

A home with too much yin creates illnesses and loss. A home with too much yang generates stress and anxiety. You want a balance between the two energies. For example, a bedroom with too much yang energy means poor sleep. A living room with too much yin energy generates lethargy and a lack of motivation.

The Yin and Yang of Lighting

You can reduce yang energy with blinds, shades and heavy drapery to blot out light. Use a dimmer switch to control the ambience of the room. The easiest way to add yang energy is with additional lighting. Set up different layers of lighting to address time of day lighting and to create desired ambience. Take advantage of natural light in each room.

Intentional Imbalance of Yin Yang

The imbalance of yin yang can be intentional due to the desired energy for a room. The dominating yin or yang energy supports the functionality of the room.

Yin Energy in Rooms

A good example of this type of intentional imbalance of yin energy is the bedroom. Yin energy is the desired dominant energy since it is passive and conducive to rest and relaxation. Yang energy is present, but is not the ruling energy force for this room.

Yang Energy in Rooms

There are rooms that need more of the vital life force yang energy than the calm docile yin energy. These are rooms with high levels of activity. The living room and kitchen are family gathering places dominated by yang energy.

Restoring Yin Yang Balance

Feng Shui principles guide you in ways to create a balance between yin and yang energies when desired. You can restore the yin yang balance to your home by introducing specific elements, colors, or symbols. For example:

  • You can add bright energetic colors to your home décor to introduce more yang energy.
  • Softer, calming colors can create more yin energy.
  • You may need to add an element to the room décor to activate the chi energy and create a balance between yin and yang energies.
  • You can use a yin yang symbol to represent the balance between these two energies.
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Fashionable Yin and Yang

You can apply the principles of yin and yang to your everyday life. If you don't have enough yin in your life, you can wear dark colors and colors that are cooling, such as dark greens and dark blues to enhance the energy surrounding you.

Infuse Yang Energy into Your Life

By the same token, if you require more yang energy in your life, you can wear red, pink, or sunshine yellow. Light and bright colors generate yang energy.

Personal Feng Shui Yin Yang

The distinction of yin and yang in elements is used in the Ba Zi School of Feng Shui, also known as the Four Pillars School or Four Pillars of Destiny. This feng shui school is more precisely considered a type of feng shui astrology.

Ba Zi and Yin Yang Elements

Ba Zi uses your birthdate in a formula to determine your ruling birth element and whether it is yin or yang. This information is then applied to your Chinese animal zodiac. For example, for a Chinese zodiac animal, such as the horse might be revealed to be a wood horse with yin energy.

Taking Advantage of Yin Yan Energy

This additional information the Ba Zi provides gives a map of your life. This map allows you to take greater advantage of life's opportunities. It's believed the Ba Zi can help you to increase your life luck factor.

Understanding the Yin Yang Definition in Feng Shui

Once you grasp the concept of yin yang, you can apply feng shui principles to restore a balance between these two opposite energies. When yin and yang are balanced, it creates harmony in your home and office.

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