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Choosing Yin Yang Gold Pendants for Couples

Sally Painter
Yin Yang pendants are a symbol of oneness.

Ying yang couples gold pendant can be found searching under yin yang. Many people confuse the spelling of this phrase by placing the letter "g" on the end of both words. Yin yang is the proper spelling.

Meaning of Yin Yang Symbol

The yin yang symbol is a depiction of harmony existing between opposites. The yin and yang - female and male energies govern chi energy. The two opposites when joined together form a whole.

Correct Depiction of Tear-Drop Shapes

Many of the yin yang symbols on the market today are incorrect and depict the white and black teardrop shapes moving in the wrong direction. If this is unimportant to you, then you'll have more choices of pendants and most people won't know whether the symbol is correct or incorrect. Still, it's an important point if you are striving to purchase a symbol that reveals your relationship is in harmony and your lover completes you

Tear Drop Placements

To purchase a pendant that is correct in its Chinese symbolism, make sure that the black portion is on the right and the white is on the left. This is just one of the things that is often incorrect in modern depictions.

The significance of this placement is because the white represents the male energy (yang) which is located on the left and the female energy (yin) is black and located on the right. If you find it difficult to remember, you may have heard it said that the division of your physical body has a male and female side. The left side being male and the right side being female.

Ascending and Descending Positions

The two teardrop shapes have specific directions that symbolize the process of achieving harmony or oneness. The white teardrop ascends while the black one descends. That means the tail of the white teardrop is in the lower position while the bulb of the shape is at the top of the pendant. The black side (right) descends with the tail at the top of the pendant and the bulb at the bottom. This creates a clockwise pattern that represents the constant motion of change. The circle that these two opposites create in their search for oneness establishes a balance of energies when working in harmony.

Yin Yang Couples Gold Pendant

You and your lover may have decided to express your love and commitment to each other by buying matching jewelry. Deciding on gold pendants depicting the yin-yang symbol is an excellent choice since it symbolizes the balance of male and female energy.

Matching Wholes Or Halves

Before you begin your search for pendants, you need to decide if you wish to have matching pendants or prefer a puzzle pendant where you wear half and your lover wears the other half. You can find both kinds of these pendants online but locating a puzzle one in gold may prove challenging since most of these are available in steel or sterling silver.

Yin yang is a blending of male and female energies.

Yin Yang Pendants Not Gender Specific

The nature of this sign means most pendants aren't gender specific and can be worn by either a man or a woman. Some pendants, however, maybe be designed with a woman in mind, featuring diamonds and gemstones or created with a feminine design. The majority of those on the market, however, are attractive when worn by either a man or woman. Once you find the pendant both of you like, it's easy to purchase two so each of you has an exact duplicate. If you don't mind that your pendants don't match then you can opt for a feminine one and a masculine one.

Engraving Your Yin Yang Pendant

You may wish to make your pendants extra special by engraving your names on them or a favorite saying or mantra. You could also choose to engrave these in a language other than your own, for instance, you could have your names written in Chinese on the back of the pendants. While giving each other token gifts of matching pendants is an outward sign of your commitment to each other, by engraving the backs of your pendants, you'll be creating unique gifts not found anywhere else, just for the two of you.

Yellow Gold

There are several kinds of yellow gold that you'll find while searching for the perfect yin yang pendants. Some come in gold plated, 10kt and 14kt. You may find a few that are 18kt and 24kt, but be prepared to spend more for these since the gold content is higher than normal.

White Gold

If you prefer silver over gold, but wish to have a gold pendant, then you'll enjoy a white gold pendant. It gives you the silver look but with the weight of gold. The same quality of yellow gold is available to you in white gold. Check the item's description to see if it's offered in white gold.

Buying Your Yin Yang Pendants

There are many places you can go to find your pendants. Below are some options from various stores to get you started in your search.

Making It Special

The yin yang symbol is the perfect one for couples. Whenever you gift your lover with the yin yang couples gold pendant, make it a special moment that each of you will remember.

Choosing Yin Yang Gold Pendants for Couples