Different Types of Yin Yang Art

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There are all types of yin yang art you can incorporate into your home or office. You may also find fashion statements in clothing and jewelry to enjoy. Perhaps you'll find the perfect yin yang tattoo to express your desire for balance and harmony in life.

Double Dragon Yin Yang Shape

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Artist Maxine Miller features the alchemy dragon and other feng shui symbols in her dragon yin yang interpretation. This beautifully sculptured wall plaque will instantly become a conversation piece when you place it in your office or home.

Modern Art Yin Yang Interpretation


For a modern touch in a chic décor this yin yang interpretation can be placed in a dining room or kitchen. The white and black halves of the wine glass contrasts with the opposite black and white background for a stunning art piece.

Yin Yang Jewelry

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Yin yang jewelry is a great way to use this symbol. The artist for this hand blown glass orb creates a traditional black and white yin yang symbol. A purple peacock mandala against a blue background fills the circle around the symbol.

Yin Yang Abstract Art

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This abstract wall hanging features splashes of colors. The yang part of the symbol is created using the fabric as its background. The yin (darker) half of the symbol is highlighted in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Mosaic Stone Art


You can use dark and light stones in art mosaics. A very creative way to work this symbol of harmony into your outside patio or front entrance way is with mosaic stone work.

Food Art With Berries


Food art is always popular and is a fun way to represent the opposite sides of yin and yang. Blueberries and raspberries form the yin and yang sides and are embellished with lemon balm leaves. This art could be framed or printed on a canvas then placed in a dining room.

Bath Salt Art


You can create art using bath salts or a photo of a yin yang symbol created with colored bath salts. This example features a teal and white yin yang symbol created against broken tile. Place this yin yang art in a bathroom for a cool addition.

Fun Jewelry Yin Yang

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This piece of jewelry offers a stylized depiction of a black and white cat. The artistic interpretation reveals the positive and negative halves of the yin yang symbol.

Yin Yang Male Female


The couple in this artwork depicts how both male and female are energized while in the yoga pose that opens the heart chakra. The balance between the two energies is achieved and represented by the yin yang symbol. This type of art is ideal for a yoga or meditation room.

Koi in Balance


The black and white koi are swimming in the perfect yin yang pose. The teardrop shapes of the yin yang symbol often referred to as a pair of koi. The small eye shapes of the larger teardrops are always depicted as the opposite color to signify the unity of the whole.

Coffee Beans


This work of art is created using coffee beans. The lighter and darker teardrop shapes feature coffee cups for the koi eyes. This is a great work of art for a coffee shop, bistro, coffee station in a business, or home kitchen.

Yin Yang Meaning Love


If you're looking for a yin yang work of art that represents the yin yang meaning of love, look no further. This drawing replaces the koi eye dot with a heart shape. Place this art in the southwest corner of a master bedroom for the ideal love representation.

Yin Yang Tattoo


Tattoo art is ideal for a yin yang symbol. You can choose a stylized artistic rendering or stick with a more traditional version. This tattoo features lotus petals extended beyond the circle that represents the world.

Different Types of Yin Yang Art

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The practical, artistic and different ways the yin yang symbol can be depicted in art is endless. Art offers individual expression and can be used in any space you wish to attract the energies of balance and harmony.

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Different Types of Yin Yang Art