Yin and Yang Designs in Fashion

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Choose yin yang for a fashion statement.

Yin and yang in fashion is a mixture of clothing with the yin yang symbol and a fresh approach to your wardrobe.

Logo On The Move

The popularity of feng shui and the Chinese philosophy of balance and harmony has ushered in a new-aged style of fashion that uses the yin yang symbol. Designers often discreetly place the symbol on the hem of a sleeve or on a shoe amid other symbols. Other times the logo is bold and in-your-face with stylistic artist renderings that mix animals with the yin yang symbol of oneness.

Clothing With Yin Yang Symbol

Perhaps you seek a piece of clothing that makes a statement without the billboard-style of advertising so often found on t-shirts and tops. Yin Yang logos can reflect your longing to achieve that state of oneness where the unity of opposites finds balance and harmony. Maybe you want to purchase a yin yang logo top to wear during your yoga practice or when you meditate. Perhaps you want a yin yang symbol t-shirt because you simply like the logo.

The popularity of yin yang sign in fashion gives you many choices. You can select from a large array of t-shirts and tops with various styles of the ancient symbol. Designers often stylize many of the drawings with additional symbolism such as the combination of the yin yang with koi.

Yin Yang Sign: Good Focal Object

Whether you're in the process of learning to find balance within yourself and your home or just starting to learn about feng shui, the yin yang message is a powerful one. Having the emblem where you can readily see it serves as an excellent focal point during meditation. It can serve as a reminder throughout the day when you're dealing with the stress of every day life that yin and yang makes up the energy of life -chi. The way to utilize its power is by achieving the balance of those very opposite forces.

The Art of Symbolism

The ancient yin yang symbol is a concise depiction of male (yang) and female (yin) energies. When these two dynamic forces are in balance, it achieves harmony. This oneness is the ultimate state of being.

White and Black

The yin yang energy flows in a clockwise pattern with the white (yang) on the left and the tear drop ascending to the top of the circle. The black teardrop (yin) descends to the right with the tail at the top and the bulb shape at the bottom. This creates a clockwise movement of the two teardrops. Each has a smaller circle of the opposite color that resembles an eye to complete the symbol of oneness.

Yin and Yang In Fashion

There's a new wave of applying the philosophy of yin and yang to your wardrobe as a way to achieve several goals when it comes to your fashion sense.

Closet Clutter: Bad Wardrobe Feng Shui

When applying feng shui principles of yin and yang energies to how you and your family dress, start with the closets. The first thing any fashion buff needs to do is declutter and reorganize. This doesn't just make your life easier when it comes to getting dressed, it also frees up the stagnant chi trapped in your disorganized closet.

Make feng shui principles a lifestyle change.

Balancing Your Wardrobe

You want to bring harmony to your wardrobe so you feel better and you reflect the inner balancing act you've managed to achieve. Color plays an important part to how you feel about yourself and so does style and comfort. Go through your clothes and donate anything that doesn't fit to your favorite charity Faded colors or clothing in disrepair should be repaired or recycled. Use the same feng shui principles you apply to your home as guidelines for your wardrobe. Remember, you want to achieve that perfect balance between function, form and design. That means colors, textures, and fabrics need to blend in a final look of harmony. It's simplistic, like all feng shui principles and just as effective when you practice on a consistent basis.

Finding Yin Yang Symbol in Clothing

One of the unique ways the yin yang symbol is sometimes used is by substituting the traditional black and white colors with other colors. One remains a lighter hue to depict yang and the other is darker for yin energy to lend authenticity in the overall style of the symbol.

T-Shirts For Everyone

T-shirts are a comfortable casual article of clothing and the addition of a yin yang sign can transform a plain piece of clothing into something special.


Yin Yang symbol.



Symbol and Animal Combination

Some clothing items have a symbol with an animal superimposed within the sign to make an interesting and unique way to display the yin yang sign.

Fashion Statement

The symbol of yin and yang in fashion makes a statement about your interest in feng shui principles through which you can create a balanced life.

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Yin and Yang Designs in Fashion