Yin Yang Symbols in Art and Photos

Yin Yang Symbol on Drum


The yin yang symbol represents the philosophy and religion of Taoism, living in harmony, and balance. The female yin energy is represented by the darker color, typically black. Yin energy is passive, receptive, and dark to symbolize fall, winter, and the moon. The male yang energy is represented by the lighter color, typically white. Yang energy is active, aggressive energy and symbolizes spring, summer, and the sun.

This yin yang symbol is embossed on the skin of a drum. The Taoist orientation of the light and dark teardrops is depicted correctly in this graphic.

White and Red Yin and Yang Pictures


This stylized yin yang computer generated graphic uses white and red colors. It is flanked by the eight trigrams used in I Ching divination.

Unlike Western culture that orients everything to the magnetic north, the Chinese orient everything to the magnetic south. It is the direction best suited for the growing cycle of foods and other plant life.

In feng shui, south is placed at the top of the compass. South is also placed at the top of the yin yang symbol. The yin energy flows downward in a west to north direction, while yang energy flows upwards in an east to south direction. This movement of energy creates a clockwise rotation.

Graphite Yin Yang


Use this graphite depiction of yin yang to help yourself visualize how the Taoist yin yang symbol represents the cycle of life. It begins with the spark of life. The light, creation energy transforms spring into summer that blossoms and swells with life. At the end of that cycle, the energy begins to diminish as the aging process advances and grows.

The process of life represents the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter that are a never-ending cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

The two dots represent not only seeds of opposite energy (yin energy living in yang energy and yang energy living in yin energy), but also the philosophy that chi energy is perfect balance of negative (yin) and positive (yang) energies.

Sunrays and Yin Yang Symbol


This yin yang graphic shows a north compass orientation instead of the Taoist south compass orientation. While yin and yang energies are opposite each other, one cannot exist without the other. They complete each other to form a whole chi energy.

Yellow Street Sign


This unique street sign graphic depicts a counterclockwise rotation of a yin yang symbol set against a brilliant blue sky and white clouds. Many fun versions of this cycle of life symbol exist. The symbol has universal appeal, regardless of how it's depicted.

If you live below the equator, this symbol would be a correct depiction of the magnetic north being the best facing direction for growing crops.

Hand Stenciled Yin Yang Picture


Hand stenciled on a highly textured and vibrantly colored canvas board, this blue and white yin yang art depicts calmness and reassurance.

The ancient symbol of yin yang is a popular subject of artists working in various mediums. From paintings and digital artworks to sculptures and jewelry making, yin yang art is a rich source of symbolism and meaning.

Yin and Yang Leaf Art Picture


This artwork gives a stunning representation of the versatility of artists designing yin yang art in natural elements. These elements include wood, cloth, and rope. They contrast one another, but also reveal how chi energy lives in these materials, as well as the natural leaf form. The diagonal line enhances the division of light and dark energy.

Yin Yang Collage Painting


This lovely red and tan yin yang collage was created by Anegada Arts. Consider hanging a yin yang design in your house. In feng shui, hanging a yin yang symbol in your home helps to maintain harmony and balance since it draws chi energy into your home.

When there is too little yin or yang energy an imbalance of chi energy occurs. This imbalance can cause all manner of destructive forces seen in nature. When your home suffers from too much yin energy or too much yang energy, you can suffer loss, illness, arguments and various disruptions to your life. The principles of feng shui address these disruptions of chi energy and offer ways to correct chi imbalances.

Yin and Yang Earth and Moon Painting


This painting further demonstrates the magnetic relationship between the earth and the moon in a highly stylized work of art. It is a striking rendition of the yin yang symbol, with the earth and moon represented in the eyes of the chi.

Eight Trigrams and the Yin Yang


This graphic beautifully illustrates yin yang surrounded by the eight trigrams. Trigrams are used in I Ching divination and also in a feng shui tool, the bagua.

The outer graphic that resembles a spiderweb frames the trigrams and yin yang symbol.

The artist chose to use brown and yellow for the yin yang colors, while still observing the use of opposite colors for each dot.

Light and Dark Yin and Yang Earth Graphic


This computer generated yin yang graphic is superimposed over a picture of the Earth. The yin (dark) side is composed of shadows that represent nighttime when the sun has disappeared and the moon (female) dominates the night. The yang (light) side reveals a daylight view of the Earth bathed in the light from the sun (male).

Dramatic Yin Yang Artwork


This three dimensional rendering of light and dark is a marvelous symbol of the movement and fluidity of yin yang energy.

The yin yang symbol is a counterclockwise rendition of T'ai Chi. Instead of a colored dot, the artist chose to leave the eyes cut-out and void of any color. The emptiness of the dots relays a feeling of incompletion and imbalance. Since it's a work-in-progress piece, the art conveys a sneak peek into the creative process not yet finished.

Concrete Yin Yang Carving


This sideways yin yang symbol is carved into concrete and painted on a large boulder in China. It is framed by the eight trigrams.

The tear drops of the yin yang symbol are believed to have been inspired by the koi fish. The two shapes symbolize a male and female koi. The dots are actually the eyes of the fish. The koi are considered to be good luck symbols. The yin yang depiction of the pair means the koi keep a watchful eye over those they protect.

Yin Yang of Leaves


This pretty graphic uses contrasting colored leaves to form a yin yang symbol.

The bright green spring leaves are symbolic of yang energy. Spring is the time of new beginnings and rebirth. Yellow and orange leaves symbolize the end of the leaves' life cycle as death approaches. The cycle continues and once more, green leaves spring forth in a rebirth of life.

Blue and White Batik Yin Yang Symbol


The truly beautiful and complex process of batik is used in textiles. Wax is painted over the design where color isn't desired. This art form reveals an amazing design not just within the yin yang symbol, but also the background of the cloth.

To create the veining effect, the wax is dried and then cracked by folding the cloth onto itself. The more cracks there are, the more veining the material accepts during the dying process. Tinges of yellow give the fabric design further depth.

Yin Yang Fashion Statement


This yin yang patch shows how many artists incorporate different elements into this ancient symbol. Wearing this symbol is believed to bring you luck and assist in balancing your personal energy fields.

Whether it's a dragon, a tiger, or in this case, a rose, other symbols can be added to the yin yang symbol for a personal touch. Use pictures and other depictions of the symbol in your life to bring balance.

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Yin Yang Symbols in Art and Photos