World of Feng Shui Stores and Franchise

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World of Feng Shui stores and franchise are part of the feng shui guru Lillian Too's dynasty that includes a magazine, online study course, stores, signature jewelry and personal feng shui readings.

Lillian Too, Feng Shui Master Practitioner

If you've studied or read about feng shui, chances are the name Lillian Too has come up a few times. Lillian Too is a world-renowned feng shui expert who hails from Malaysia. She's considered one of the foremost experts on feng shui and has over a whopping 100 published books under her belt. She's also appeared on many television programs where she's shared feng shui tidbits with viewers.

The World of Feng Shui Beginnings

Lillian Too is the founder of The World of Feng Shui Stores and Franchise (WOFS), which is a retail store of feng shui products and books. She also franchised the stores. Her daughter, Jennifer Too, runs the company and Lillian sits as chairman over the WOFS.

Store Locations

With 23 stores in Malaysia and five in Indonesia, the WOFS franchise moved across the globe. You can find franchise stores in:

  • Australia: Sydney and Melbourne
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Brunei
  • Canada: Toronto
  • England: London
  • India: Calcutta
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines: Cebu and Manila
  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • United States: Las Vegas and Hawaii
  • Vietnam

For those who don't live near a brick and mortar shop, you have the convenience of shopping at the WOFS online store. In fact, Lillian Too declares her WOFS online shop to be the "first online feng shui store." In addition to the books and franchise stores, Lillian Too also publishes Feng Shui World Magazine with online access. As if that's not enough to keep a feng shui expert busy, she also founded the Lillian Too Certified Consultants Institute for becoming a certified feng shui practitioner. This is a correspondence course and certification program, so you can benefit at long-distance.

Bring Feng Shui to the World

If you want to shop online, the Feng Shui Megamall is your destination. The online shop is a great way for you to find feng shui remedies and information.

The mall is divided into six shops:

  • House of Too
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Megamall Shops
  • Courses and Workshops
  • Feng Shui Readings
  • Books and Kits

House of Too

The House of Too features an eclectic mix of feng shui charms and everyday items like double fish embossed wallet or purse. You may prefer a five powerful mantra scarf. All of the items bear the House of Too logo, either directly on the product or as a tag.

Fine Jewelry

Lillian Too's Feng Shui Fine Jewelry Collection is her signature jewelry and comes with documentation of authenticity. The jewelry is forged out of 18 Karat. Some pieces have diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones within the feng shui emblem.

Megamall Shops

The online Megamall is easy to navigate and shop. The store is organized into 28 categories so you don't need to click through hundreds of pages in order to find the products you are looking for. For example, you can find an entire category on Amulets for Luck.

Courses and Workshops

If you want to learn more about feng shui, you may be interested in taking a workshop or course. Five-day courses are offered through the website at various locations.

Feng Shui Readings

If you want to receive a feng shui reading, you can order one online. You'll need to know the direction of your home or building and complete an online form. In exchange, you'll receive a 14-page analysis that will include:

  • Your kau number
  • Eight mansions
  • Remedies and enhancers
  • Fend shui good luck rituals
  • Flying star natal chart
  • Personalized feng shui remedy for your stated problem
  • Books and Kits

You can find Lillian Too's books in this section of the mall. In fact, this section may be the only place you can find some of her older books, so look through the selections to see if that book you've been trying to find is there.

The mall site doesn't utilize quick view features, so you must click on each item to discover the price. This viewing process may slow your browsing time considerably.

How to Start Your WOFS Franchise

If you think owning your own World of Feng Shui Store is your calling, then you'll be happy to know that WOFS is always looking for new franchise owners. There is no criteria given on the website for buying a franchise, but there is a franchise inquiry form on the WOFS website. You're instructed to complete the form with the typical application information such as name, addresses and contact information. In addition, you'll need to give your background and experience. The site states that a WOFS representative will be in touch with you once you've completed the form.

If investing in a franchise is not in your plans, but you have a website dedicated to feng shui, you may want to take advantage of the affiliate program. It's free and you can sign up as an affiliate on the WOFS website.

World of Feng Shui Stores and Franchise

The WOFS is a comprehensive website and retail stores. Any feng shui item, book or information is readily available to anyone interested in feng shui.

World of Feng Shui Stores and Franchise