Where Can I Buy a Chinese Bagua Coin Pendant?

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Colorful bagua pendant

Where can I buy a Chinese bagua coin pendant? You may want to find a bagua pendant, but haven't had much luck. If you follow specific steps you can find more choices than you thought possible.

What is a Bagua?

The Bagua (Ba Gua) is a feng shui practitioner's main tool that is used in conjunction with the Lo Pan (compass). These tools assist the feng shui master in determining the best positions for each individual in your family within your home. These positions include wealth, fame, love, health, marriage/relationships, career, and other beneficial sectors.

Ba stands for eight and gua means trigram or xian tian ba gua. The bagua (also known as Pa Kua or Pakua) is an octagon with eight sections (gua or trigram) that are composed of yin and yang energy symbols. Yin (female) energy is represented by two short hyphens while the yang (male) energy is a single long hyphen. Like modern binary code, the symbol for yin is a zero and the male is a one. The center piece is the symbol for yin and yang the two composing male and female sides of chi energy.

Why People Wear Bagua Pendants

The feng shui philosophy clearly understands the power of chi energy and the bagua role in deciphering it. In addition, it's believed that a bagua exists within the physical body that's known as the nature xian tian ba gua. By wearing a bagua pendant, you evoke protection of your internal bagua against negative energies (shar chi), especially those of malevolent entities that may wish to possess your body.

Your Inner Bagua

The way a bagua pendant achieves this process is by reinforcing your inner bagua that may be too weak by itself to prevent you from losing positive energy and succumbing to possession.

In addition, the bagua pendant can generate heat that's collected from the heart chakra and disperses it throughout your body. A feng shui master and other spiritual leaders are able to assess an individual by the heat (temperature) that's emitted by an individual. This is a good tool so the spiritual advisor can determine what course of action you would need to take in order to restore yourself.

Traditional Bagua Pendants

Traditionally, a bagua pendant was requested from a temple by parents to give to their child to wear at all times for spiritual protection. The correct length for the pendant to be suspended was vital so that the pendant fell onto the chest over the internal bagua. This tradition is still practiced among those who follow the feng shui philosophy and principles of the bagua. In China, the ideal bagua pendant is carved out of the revered jade stone. Jade is believed to hold protective properties within the stone and makes the perfect stone for a bagua pendant.

Where Can I Buy a Chinese Bagua Coin Pendant?

It might surprise you to learn of the many places you can find Chinese bagua pendants. You can find authentic bagua representations as well as artistic interpretations. Which pendant you ultimately select is a matter of individual style and taste.


One of the first places you may wish to browse is Amazon.com. You can find some very unique pendants made from jade and quartz that fortify the protective energies of the bagua that's etched into the jade pendant stone. The quartz is a faceted bagua shape without the trigram and yin yang symbol cut into the stone and encased in rhodium-plated sterling silver.

With both pendants, you have the option of purchasing a leather or sterling silver necklace. If you want a more stylized pendant, you may prefer one of the three metal choices that are representative of a bagua as an artistic interpretation. Each pendant is metal-plated in an antiqued-finish in pewter, gold or copper plated. Expressions of what might be trigrams are created with beaded metal. The center where the yin yang symbol would appear is cut out. Overall, you have several attractive choices for bagua pendants.

Feng Shui Specialty Stores

If you're still wondering, "Where can I buy a Chinese bagua coin pendant?" One of the best places to find a bagua pendant is at a feng shui stores.

  • Feng Shui Supply: This online shop carries a jade bagua that's moderately priced. It comes with an attractive necklace that's made of stout Chinese silk cord with tiny carved jade beads.
  • Feng Shui Import: At this onlilne shop, you can choose between a hand-carved jade bagua pendant and a colorful enameled bagua pendant. You may decide to purchase both pendants.
  • Jade Jewelry Store: You'll be the envy of your friends with this light green jade bagua. The pendant comes with red silk cord with carved jade beads.
  • Lucky Cat: You may decide that old-fashioned is more your style and buy this antique, brown jade bagua pendant. It comes with a silk cord necklace and tassel.

Bagua Pendants: Intentions and Purpose

While it's not necessary that you feel a connection to a feng shui item in order to reap the benefits of positive chi, many times your intent and purpose receives an extra boost of chi energy when you're able to establish such an affinity to the item.

Where Can I Buy a Chinese Bagua Coin Pendant?