What Is a Polarity Totem?

Polarity totem bestows animal energies

What is a polarity totem? You'll find this term used in Native American astrology when discussing totem animals and the energies each embodies.

Understanding Native American Astrology and Polarity Totems

You may be surprised to learn that there's a Native American astrology. Native Americans believe each person born is joined with the spirit of an animal. This animal serves as your spiritual guide throughout life. By observing your animal spirit, you open doors to greater wisdom and tap into the energy of your animal totems.

Concept of Totem Animals

The common belief system of Native American tribes is that all things are connected. There is a natural order or flow to life. You can learn many lessons and gain great wisdom by observing or even mimicking the animals found in your astrological chart of totem animals.

Native American Zodiac Totem Animals

The Native American zodiac assigns totem animals similarly to how the Chinese zodiac has animals representing the twelve months of the zodiac calendar year. Your totem animals characterize and symbolize various aspects of who you are and the lessons that life has set before you. Most of the zodiac animals are the same throughout the various tribes; however you can find a few contradictions from tribe to tribe.

What Is a Polarity Totem?

A polarity totem is the opposite of your Native American zodiac sign. This sign represents the animal spirit assigned to you at birth.

Purpose of Your Animal Totems

The purpose of your polarity totem is to provide you opportunities to align the two opposing energies within you in order to create spiritual balance and harmony. Just as Chinese philosophies advocate balancing the yin and yang energies, Native American philosophy assigns an animal opposite to your birth sign as a way to bring balance within you.

Finding Your Polarity Animal

Your polarity totem animal is the opposite of your birth animal.

Native American Zodiac
Birth Animal Dates Element Polarity Totem
Falcon or Hawk March 19 - April 19 Fire Crow
Beaver April 20 - May 20 Earth Snake
Deer May 21 - June 21 Wind Owl
Woodpecker June 22 - July 21 Water Goose
Salmon or Sturgeon July 22 - August 21 Fire Otter
Bear August 22 - September 22 Earth Wolf
Raven or Crow September 23 - October 22 Wind Falcon
Snake October 23 - November 21 Water Beaver
Owl November 22 - December 21 Fire Deer
Goose December 22 - January 19 Earth Woodpecker
Otter January 20 - February 18 Wind Salmon
Wolf February 19 - March 20 Water Bear

How To Use Your Totem Animal

Your totem offers you valuable insight and lessons. It's through delivering opposite energies to you that your animal totem challenges you to find a balance between the negative and positive aspects of your life and yourself. Your polarity totem can help you do this.

Native American Five Elements

Like Chinese philosophy, especially the principles of feng shui, the Native American culture and philosophy are based on five elements that are the manifestations of energy into physical form.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Spirit

Understanding Your Animal Messenger

Your polarity totem animal is a messenger sent to reveal certain areas of your character and life that are either missing or need improving. To gain a deeper understanding of this message, you need to meditate on the animal by observing how it lives and behaves.

Native American eagle totem


Brings a message to be open and more adaptable to the changes of life. You're being encouraged to take on more leadership roles and even to be impulsive occasionally.


Learn to plan for life. You need to learn determination so you can achieve your goals. Steady working toward a goal requires the skill of patience.


Peace and serenity are elements lacking in your life. Study yoga and learn to meditate.


You need to become more nurturing and acknowledge your feelings. A more gentle approach to life is warranted.


Lessons in generosity and determination to accomplish your goals are being brought to you through this totem animal.


You need to become stronger, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Learn to stand up for yourself.


Your totem animal is asking you to learn to be fair and diplomatic in your dealings with others. You need an infusion of energy into your life. You should think of others more and not be so dogmatic in your decisions.


Learn to keep a secret. You have creative energies you aren't using and snake is asking you to become self-disciplined so you can tap into these energies.


It's time to break out of your shell and become adventurous. Develop your intuition and latent psychic powers.


You need to take a lesson from the goose about hard work. Develop a strong work ethic and above all learn to be loyal to others. You need to find a balance between fun and work.


Life shouldn't be so serious. Learn to have fun and play like the otter. Seek high ideals and turn back to cherishing the truth.


Take the initiative in situations and learn to trust others. Stop being afraid to love and step out from the shadows. Learn to enjoy life to its fullest.

Working With Your Polarity Totem

The question is no longer, what is a polarity totem, but if you can meet the challenge your totem presents to balance opposite energies.

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What Is a Polarity Totem?