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Understanding Feng Shui and How It Can Help You

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Understanding feng shui gives you insight on how it can help you improve your life. Using basic feng shui principles you can ensure chi energy, the life-giving force, moves freely about your home.

Feng Shui's Ancient Art of Placement Can Help You

The words feng shui have specific meanings. Feng means wind and shui means water. The lifeforce of all living things is called chi energy. It is a balanced energy made up of two opposing types of energy. These are defined as yin (female) and yang (male) energies. Chi energy travels along the wind, spreading across the world with the water that falls from the heavens.

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

The concept of feng shui first appeared in Chinese writings around 4,000 years ago and was kept as a guarded secret that only the emperor could be used. Feng shui ­principles were used to place buildings to be auspicious with the chi energy flow.

Evolution of Feng Shui

This began as an artform for placing tombs in cemeteries and evolved to be used for the living to site palaces and temples. Feng shui was introduced in the West during the late 1980s.

Schools of Feng Shui

There are several schools of feng shui that fall under the umbrella of Classical Feng Shui which are based on Compass and Form schools. The Western feng shui version, Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) feng shui is also called Black Hat and is a modern one-size-fits-all feng shui. Anyone who studies feng shui should review both types of feng shui to determine which one best suits their lifestyle.

How You Can Use Feng Shui

The value of feng shui to the average person is the art of placement of not just buildings, but landscaping and furniture placement. The correct placements allow the chi energy to flow uninhibited to deliver its auspicious benefits in all areas of your life.

Cures and Remedies for Chi Energy Afflictions

Feng shui principles provide you with cures when that energy is blocked or weakened. You can introduce of specific elements to activate the beneficial chi energies in your home or office. There are five feng shui elements. These include, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Instant Application and Results for Beginners

Feng shui offers many immediate uses for anyone just starting out. These feng shui principles give you tangible results and benefits with their application. You will instantly feel the change in the energy flow of your home or office. The ambience in rooms will transform from heavy or depressing to light and energized.

Many Ways Feng Shui Can Help You

Some of the ways feng shui helps you directly is to identify afflicted areas in your home where chi energy isn't reaching. Cures and remedies can then be applied to a staircase directly across from front doors, a bathroom at the top of a staircase and other challenging placements.

Furniture Placements

Feng shui guides you in the best furniture placements for each room. You can make immediate changes to important furniture placements, such as bed placement to ensure a healthy sound sleep or where to place your desk in a home office for a career boost.

Remedies and Cures

You can also implement remedies and cures that address obstructed chi energy flow. You can activate specific areas in your life that may be on a decline, such as wealth, health or a love relationship.

Correcting Inauspicious Architectural Features and Room Locations

There are simple cures for inauspiscious feng shui placement of architectural features and rooms, such as the placement of a staircase across from the front door or a bathroom above to assist the free flow of chi energy.

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Test Drive Feng Shui Now

You can easily test the benefits of basic feng shui by implementing a few simple rules. You will see and feel immediate results.

Remove Clutter

The very first rule of feng shui is to declutter your home. It may sound so simple, but clutter is your worst feng shui enemy. Clutter blocks chi energy. Bottlenecked chi energy becomes stagnant and transforms into negative energy. The moment you remove clutter, you can feel the change.

Stop Endless Siphoning of Money

There are a few things you can do right now to stop the endless drain on your finances. These are simple fixes you can implement.

  • Repair dripping faucets: The constant dripping of water depletes your flow of money, sending it down the drain.
  • Repair constantly running toilets: The constant running of water in a room dedicated to waste water puts a strain on financial energy, setting up a continuous draining of wealth.
  • Keep toilet lids closed: Prevent chi energy from rushing down a toilet, taking auspicious chi with it by keeping the lid closed at all time.
  • Close bathroom doors: Stop auspicious chi energy from being siphoned from your home by keeping the bathroom door closed.

Increase Wealth Immediately

There are a few feng shui remedies you can apply to increase your flow of wealth. Implement these feng shui wealth cures for an upturn in your finances.

  • You can use a water feature, such as a water fountain or aquarium placed in the southeast corner of your office or living room to activate wealth luck (avoid water in bedrooms).
  • Business owners wishing to increase sales can place three Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon near their phones, computer or cash register.
  • Place a red envelope with a Chinese coin inside in your purse, billfold or wallet.

Easy Understanding of Feng Shui and How It Can Help You

There are simple and easy to understand feng shui rules that offer immediate help for life challenges. Once you implement basic feng shui cures and remedies, you begin to see the significant role feng shui can have in your daily life.

Understanding Feng Shui and How It Can Help You