10 Varieties of Quartz for Use in Feng Shui

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Quartz comes in many colors.

Varieties of quartz can be used to activate certain feng shui elements.

Quartz Mineral

You've probably found quartz while hiking or exploring in woods and fields. You may have purchased hexagon prisms of quartz or even wore a piece of quartz in a necklace. you can find the mineral quartz in various forms. This hexagonal formation is one of the most commonly known and the first form most people associate with quartz. Quartz can be clear, smoky or colored. Many of the quartz you might find are clustered. Some are double terminated which means the crystal comes to a point on each end.

Double Terminated Quartz Crystals

You can use a double terminated quartz crystal for energy work, meditation and for dispersing negative chi in your home. When a crystal is formed with its prismed sides coming to a point on each end, this formation allows energy to move in and out of the crystal from both ends.

Quartz and Feng Shui

This mineral can store and purify energies. The double-terminate formation is an ideal yin and yang balancer. You can use a double terminated crystal in various rooms of your home and also correct the chi flow in your home. You can also wear a quartz pendant to help balance the yin and yang energies in your body.

Quartz in Healing Bodywork

Practitioners use double terminated crystals in healing bodywork. The practitioner places the crystal over a charka and rotates it clockwise in a clearing technique. While clearing the energies of the chakras, it's believed that the crystal also opens the charka to receive energy. The crystal's energies can help to unblock chi. This property makes it an ideal choice for crystal healing bodywork.

Varieties of Quartz

You may be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of different varieties of quartz. In fact, some of the popular gemstones are actually quartz.

Below are some of the most common and well-known quartz varieties.

Clear Quartz

  • This type of quartz is a rock crystal and is clear or transparent in coloration. This clarity makes it an ideal choice for use in optical equipment and electronic applications.

Smoky Quartz

  • Often found in a yellow or brown coloration from light to very dark. Also known as Cairngorm.


  • Amethyst is a transparent quartz crystal with purple to lavender coloration.
  • Ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst had unique properties and that as long as you were wearing Amethyst, you couldn't get drunk.
  • At one time, during the 18th century, amethyst was highly prized almost as much as diamond. When vast deposits were found in Brazil, the stone's value diminished.
  • Oldest gem of the Crown Jewels of England is an Amethyst worn by King Edward, the Confessor around 1042 AD.


  • Chalcedony is transparent or translucent with a gray or milky coloration.


  • This quartz is varied in coloration. You can find it in reds, reddish browns, tan, blues, and black. Its opaque quality allows for a high polish finish.
  • It can have many varied patterns such as banded, variegated, puddingstone or orbicular.
  • People have worn jasper since the Middle Ages to protect health.


  • Agate typically has a banding pattern that comes in unlimited colors and patterns.
  • Marbles were originally made from banded agate and why the word aggie is still used for marbles.
  • You can find agate within petrified wood such as tiger's eye.


  • A yellow quartz that resembles topaz and is classified as a semi-precious gemstone.

Rose Quartz

  • This quartz is translucent with varying hues of pink to rose or red.

Aventurine (Sunstone)

  • This speckled translucent quartz has specks of mica and other minerals embedded inside the crystal.


  • Other varieties of this yellow quartz are called common topaz and false topaz.

Quartz and Crystals

You can use many different varieties of quartz for various feng shui remedies within your home.

10 Varieties of Quartz for Use in Feng Shui