Maximize the Luck of Corners in a Feng Shui Home

Feng shui in kitchen

The corners in a feng shui home are extremely important. There are many reasons why, as well as best ways to utilize this space. These corners can have special significance for three distinct reasons, the ba gua itself, poisonous secret arrows, and the difficult task of rectifying irregular floor plans. Each factor can be explored in depth with many steps of curing them!

The Corners in a Feng Shui Home Explained

The Ba Gua

The bau gua in feng shui is the foundation for the entire decorating art. Octagon-shaped, the bau gua tells the user which section corresponds to each life area. These distinct life areas include:

  • Love/Marriage: Found on the far right hand corner of the ba gua.
  • Career: Found at the door.
  • Helpful Friends and Benefactors: Found in the near right-hand corner.
  • Creativity: Found on the right hand side of the room.
  • Fame: Directly opposite the door.
  • Wealth: Found on the far left-hand corner.
  • Family: Found on the left-hand side of the room.
  • Self Actualization: Found in the near left-hand corner.

By paying special attention to the corners in a feng shui home, one can easily strengthen these pivotal areas of life.

Secret or Poison Arrows

Secret arrows, formed when two walls meet to form a corner, are extremely debilitating in feng shui and they warrant special attention. Not paying attention to these arrows can cause anxiousness, and if you happen to sit with your back to one, can feel like having the proverbial knife in the back.These secret arrows can also be caused, although unwittingly, by a neighbor's house. Anytime a corner points to your front door, or through a window, conflict can arise. Cure poison arrows by:

  • A hanging basket of flowers
  • Potted trees or plants
  • Wing chimes
  • A flag or row of flags if applicable

Missing or Irregular Floor Plans

In an ideal feng shui set up, all houses and rooms would be built in circle, or at the very least a square or rectangle. However, the world is not perfect (and neither are floor plans). Whether it's an irregular L-shaped home or an oddly shaped room, the possibilities for feng shui to go awry are endless.For these types of floor plans, one of the best things to do is to invest in a good, solid mirror. Make sure that the mirror is free of marks or other distortions before purchasing. Once you have the mirror, tack it up on the wall that represents the missing area.

For example, let's say that the floor plan looks good until you get to the creativity area (this can also hold true when first entering the house, as entrances and doorways are usually pretty narrow).

This would be an ideal spot to hang a mirror because mirrors' symbolically reflect what is "symbolically missing from an environment. The only caveat here is to take care that the shape and structure of the mirror reflects the shape that is associated with the area. See the chart below for the separate areas of the ba gua and their corresponding shapes.

Corresponding Shapes to the Ba Gua
Life Area Corresponding Shape
Love/Marriage Square, rectangular, flat, and hollow
Creativity Round, oval, curved and arc shapes
Friends and Benefactors Round, oval, curved, and arc shapes
Fame Triangular, p-pointed, sharp and jagged
Family Tall, narrow, upright and striped
Career Wavy, irregular, and sinuous
Wealth Tall, narrow and upright
Self Actualization Square, rectangular, flat and hollow

A Final World

Obviously, there are many corners in a feng shui home, and trying to cure all of these secret arrows can quickly add up! Don't be afraid to get creative. Potted trees can be expensive, so if the budget is tight, think about hanging a curtain over the area (if the wall is large enough, you might even consider hanging a rod as well and making a fake window).

Another option could be to roll up any tissue paper lying around the house, fastening them with rubber bands or pins, and then nailing them in the corners. The goal is to try to soften these corners as much as possible, so be creative with items you already have>.

Maximize the Luck of Corners in a Feng Shui Home