How Sound Energy May Be Able to Heal

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Tibetain singing bowl used during meditation.

Sound energy is a physical form of energy that moves as a vibrational transmission through matter.

Properties of Soundwave Energy

Sound energy not only moves through matter, but it alsos move through water in what's called compression waves.

Specific Properties of Soundwaves:

  • Frequency - How often a sound repeats within a set period of time
  • Wavelength - Distance between the waves of a frequency
  • Oscillation - Repetition of sound typically in a rhythm
  • Amplitude - Magnitude of oscillating changes
  • Speed - Rate of motion
  • Period - Cycle of time
  • Direction - Ordered set of movement
  • Velocity Vector - Speed and direction combined
  • Wave Vector - Wavelength and direction combined

Brain Waves and Soundwaves

It wasn't too long ago that scientists dismissed the validity of the ancient healing practices of sound therapy, but medical researchers now have the kind of equipment that verifies the effects that sound has on the brain-wave patterns. It's a known fact that during our waking hours and normal daily activities our brains are set in a beta brain-wave pattern. Sound therapy can change that pattern into a restive state of being, known as the alpha state. In some cases, sound alters your brain-wave pattern to a frequency known as Theta.

Healing: Using Sound Therapy

It's believed that sound or more aptly, its vibration plays a vital role in the healing process. If you suffer from chronic pain, sound therapy may be an alternative or additional to your pain management.

Sound Energy Benefits

You can discover long-lasting effects such as an increased awareness, memory improvement, clarity of thinking, enhanced problem-solving skills, and deeper states of sleep.

Healing Your Body

There are several schools of sound therapy used for healing purposes based on the vibrational energy of sound. Sound and light therapy healers work with these sound vibrations as well as light frequencies to transmit the energy with their hands.

The healer manipulates the energies and applies to your energy fields (chakras). When these energy fields become unbalanced, the displaced energy often creates disease (dis-ease) within the physical body.

Healing Your Home

The same kind of displaced, disturbed or interrupted energy in your home can set up an unhealthy living environment that draws more unbalanced energy into your home. Chi energy is the life-force of all energies and feng shui addresses healing the energy fields of your home, the same way a healer would your body.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Buddhists use sound to treat illnesses and restore balance to the body. There are many tools to assist in this kind of therapy one is the Tibetan bowl. It produces a vibrational sound that helps restore inner peace.

The person may experience altered states of consciousness when used with meditation. Sound vibrations assist in the spiritual transformation manifesting in the body an alignment. This creates a state of oneness in mind, body and spirit.

Sound of OM

In Tibetan Buddhism, the vibrational sound of OM is sung in a specific pattern of rhythms. This vibration manifests into an energy of perfection and is captured in the sound frequency.

The vibrational sound of OM matches the vibration of the brainwaves that control your nervous system. When you recreate the perfect OM sound within your body, the soundwave ripples through you to achieve the perfection of balance on a cellular level.

Retraining Your Brain

Tibetan monks use sound to retrain their brains in combination with another practice known as meditation. Chanting while in a meditative state, they're able to change their brain-wave patterns. These monks actually chant three notes simultaneously in the rendition of OM. This chord, Tantric sound, is known as the "One Voice Chord" because one individual is able to sing all three notes at once.

Power of the OM

The significance of singing a chord, specifically the OM chord, is because of its harmonic frequency. This frequency unites all who are participating in its creation. It's believed to be the ultimate healing and spiritual frequency when allowed to vibrate through the physical body.

How To Sing a Chord

The tone is captured and held within the throat and turned over in the mouth. This is called tuning and is a technique a singer uses to create several pitches at the same time. The sounds are set-up in a continuous vibration that is low and high pitches. These are the sound equivalents of yin and yang energy; the marrying of female and male sounds. Some capable singers can create as many as six pitches simultaneously.

Creating Safe Zones and Sacred Places

Music and other sounds can aid meditation to help create a peaceful state of existence. This allows the mind to free itself so the body can carry out its healing duties. Through meditation you can train your mind and body to work together and perform what's often referred to as miraculous healing. You can also dedicate a specific room for your practice and anchor the energy in that room of your home.

Playing musical instruments enhances sound energy.

Yin and Yang of Sound

Like any chi energy, sound has yin and yang principles. Sound can energize your home and surroundings. Adding positive sound vibrations to your feng shui design can optimize or reduce yin and yang energies in your home.Soundwaves can be amplified by the kind of materials it strikes and bounces off. The melodic sound of a water fountain can be accentuated by metal objects surrounding it. In feng shui, metal draws water, so you'll be drawing more of that element to the area. Just be sure you need to attract more water before adding the elements.

Sound Elements: Create Positive Energy

You can ADD other design elements to your home in the form of a sound system, wind chimes, playing musical instruments, drumming, ringing bells, or singing to enhance your home's sound energy.

How Sound Energy May Be Able to Heal