Feng Shui Bedroom Examples

Bed Placement in Feng Shui


When you make the decision to design and decorate rooms in your home based on feng shui, don't skip the bedroom. Follow guidelines for this room when you are choosing colors, placing furniture, and adding accents.

The design for a feng shui bedroom begins with the bed placement. The position of your bed is vital to good health and a happy life. Feng shui rules and principles are very specific about where to place the bed, which is on the wall diagonally across from the door. This allows you to see anyone who enters the room.

The Coffin Position Is Bad


You ideally want the bed diagonally across the door - but not directly across the door. Don't place your bed directly across from the door, as pictured. This position is feng shui mistake called the "coffin position"; when people died at home, they were carried out feet first.

Place Beds Out of Pathways


The bed in this photo is placed on the correct wall opposite all bedroom door pathways. Never place your bed in the natural pathway of doors or you will have a restless sleep.

Solid Wall Bed Placement


Place your bed against a solid wall, never a window. Chi flows in and out of windows and is too much energy for sleep.

Columns Create Harmful Poison Arrows


Poison arrow is a term used in feng shui for furniture or architectural features that create sharp angles. Wall corners are some of the most common harsh edges and angles that interrupt the natural flow of chi. Other types of poison arrows include pillars and columns; pictured is the square column poison arrow.

Three Cures for Poison Arrows


You can remedy or "cure" a poison arrow by breaking up harsh angles.

  1. A recessed ceiling light or lamp softens harsh angles, as depicted in the photo.

  2. Suspend a multi-faceted crystal in front of a poison arrow.

  3. Hang a metal six-hollow rod wind chime in front of a pillar or column.

Avoid Overhead Beams


It's best to avoid overhead beams since they symbolize cutting across your body as you sleep and cause disease. However, some feng shui practitioners like Lillian Too advise that only unfinished beams have a negative impact.

Three Overhead Beam Cures


Use any of these cures for a bedroom with overhead beams:

  1. Use a canopy bed to interrupt and block poison arrows created by overhead beams.
  2. With red ribbon, suspend a pair of flutes with the open end pointing up from the overhead beam.
  3. Stain or paint beams so they have a finished appearance.

Compass Directions and Elements


Each compass direction is assigned one of the five elements used in feng shui. Introduce appropriate elements based on which sector your bedroom is located. For example, the bedroom pictured is in the south sector. The addition of a candle element helps support the fire element of the south sector.

Sectors and their associated elements include:

  • North (Water): Metal furniture, objects or picture frames
  • South (Fire): Lamps, candles or fireplace
  • East and Southeast (Wood): Wood furniture, floors or objects
  • West and Northwest (Metal): Metal furniture, objects or picture frames
  • Southwest and Northeast (Earth): Ceramics, tile flooring or crystals

Colors Symbolize Feng Shui Elements


Choose colors based on the compass direction of your bedroom and its assigned color. For example, this bedroom is north, so it is bathed in blues and silvers.

  • North: Blue, black and silver
  • South: Red, orange and pink
  • East: Green and brown
  • West: Gold, white, gray and silver
  • Southeast: Blue, red and purple
  • Southwest: Red, pink and white
  • Northeast: Blue, green, aqua and black
  • Northwest: White, gray and black

Keep Bedroom Clutter Free


You aren't limited to Zen-styled bedrooms. You can make your bedroom design as elaborate and elegant as you wish. The most important feng shui rule is no clutter or dust.

  • Make the bed daily.
  • Clean regularly.
  • Don't leave clothes on furniture or floor.
  • Place dirty clothes in laundry room.
  • Close drawers and closet doors.
  • Don't over decorate. Keep it balanced.

Water and Bedrooms Don't Mix


The water element in a bedroom can cause all types of loss in your life.

  • Never place an aquarium in your bedroom, like the photo.
  • Do not use a water fountain in your bedroom.
  • Never display photos or paintings of water scenes in bedroom.

Bedroom Design for Happy Marriages


Feng shui rules to enhance and ensure a happy and faithful marriage:

  • Place happy marriage symbols, such as pair of mandarin ducks, a dragon and phoenix, or a double happiness symbol above the bed, as shown.
  • Place an amethyst crystal in southwest corner of bedroom.
  • You can use mirrors in bedrooms, just never place one so it reflects the bed. This placement invites a third party into the marriage.
  • Many king beds use twin-size box springs. This creates marriage separation. Remedy by placing a fitted pink sheet over box springs to reconnect as one mattress.

Your Best Sleeping Direction


You kua number (based on birth date and gender) provides best sleeping directions for activating areas in your life. For example, to activate your health sector, sleep with your head pointed in these directions:

  • Kua 1: East
  • Kua 2: West
  • Kua 3: North
  • Kua 4: South
  • Kua 5 (female): Northwest
  • Kua 5 (male): West
  • Kua 6: Northeast
  • Kua 7: Southwest
  • Kua 8: Northwest
  • Kua 9: Southeast

Follow Three Major Don'ts Rules


Design features and elements used in other sectors of your home don't always belong in a bedroom. Just a few things to avoid include:

  1. Don't place plants in your bedroom. They create too much yang and sleepless nights.
  2. Don't keep exercise equipment in your bedroom. This creates too much yang energy and overstimulates the body.
  3. Don't sleep with your mattress directly on the floor. You should sleep off of the floor to avoid too much chi movement.

Good Design Example


Feng shui principles are followed in this bedroom design in the following ways:

  • The bed is placed against a solid wall.
  • The sturdy headboard further supports a sound sleep.
  • The bed is not directly beside or underneath the row windows.
  • The dresser with mirror does not directly reflect the bed.
  • No sharp angles from architectural features, walls or furniture create poison arrows with the bed.

Balanced Bedroom Feng Shui


For a north sector bedroom, the use of black and metal elements will stimulate wealth and career. The combination with other colors and elements maintains a balance for auspicious feng shui design.

Design your room to reflect the purpose of the bedroom: rest and making love. This requires a balance of both yin and yang energies. Too much of either can create an imbalance in your life. You can also add yin yang art to your bedroom as a symbol of balanced chi energy and harmony.

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